Tips for Building Websites That Can Convert

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2 years ago

A website serves various purposes for a business, one of which is informing customers about your product. It also helps you build an online presence and expand your customer base. With around 2.14 billion buyers online, you stand to lose a lot by not making the maximum use of the marketing opportunities in the digital space.

However, in order to do that, you must invest in building websites that convert and ensure customers visiting your website carry out the intended action, i.e., purchase. Your website must engage the audience when they see it the first time, perhaps within the first few minutes itself. What are some ways of doing that? Read on to know more.

Keep the design simple and attractive

It’s understandable if you want to provide as much information as possible about your product to your customers, for that is the main reason behind building the website. But you must resist the temptation of cramming excessive information on a single homepage because that can be unappealing.

It is better to create a simple design that is user-friendly and provides only the necessary information. You could consider including several headlines while including a functional menu bar. A call-to-action or CTA section is mandatory while building websites that convert. It is also helpful to select colors that make the text easier to read and understand.

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

Statistics show that around 4.32 billion people worldwide use their mobile phones to access the Internet, and that number will grow in the coming years. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you will be missing out on this sizable section of the population.

You could try optimizing your homepage for tablets and smartphones, with a two- to three-minute loading time. Before your website goes live, create a checklist to ensure it meets all the requirements. Along with a faster loading time, ensure the buttons on the screen are large enough to be tapped by a finger, and the website has a green lock (indicating a secure website with encryption).

Pay attention to micro-conversion techniques

Even the tiniest details go a long way in ensuring your customers fulfill a specific action you want, and that is why you must pay attention to micro-conversions. You could persuade visitors to join your email list, sign up for a free trial of your product, or even ask them to fill out a contact form.

Placing your CTA icon in some parts of the web page, such as the sidebar, footer, and popup, is a guaranteed way to attract the visitor’s attention.

Opt for A/B testing

A/B testing, in digital marketing terms, is an experiment where you divide the audience into two segments, showing each of them a particular version of your website to assess the traffic rate.

You might show the “A” version to one section and the “B” version to another. Carrying out this type of testing will help you understand the visitors’ online behavior, adapt, and improve your content accordingly, avoid making mistakes, reduce the risk of losing visitors, and increase your sales in the long run.

You can use these tips for building websites that can convert and ensure the visitors perform the action you want them to, such as a purchase. But for that, your website should be attractive, mobile-friendly, highly functional, and engaging.

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