Top Influencers: 13 UK Managing Director, EMEA’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Managing Director, EMEA play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Managing Director, EMEA role. We have selected these Managing Director, EMEA’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Managing Director, EMEA’s. The list is in no particular order!

Ian Evans

Managing Director, EMEA @ OneTrust

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Ian Evans is vice president and managing director, EMEA, at AirWatch. He is responsible for growing AirWatch’s business in the European, Middle Eastern and African regions. Evans brings more than 20 years of experience in the software industry to AirWatch, with more than 10 years in direct and channel sales. He has been successful in helping companies achieve forecasted goals by structuring sales and operation processes and coaching sales teams to deliver multi-year, multimillion-dollar contracts. Learn more about Ian Evans on Crunchbase…

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Nigel Bowdery

Managing Director, EMEA @ Thales e-Security

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Nigel Bowdery is a Managing Director, EMEA at Thales e-Security. Learn more about Nigel Bowdery on Crunchbase…

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Mark Howe

Managing Director, EMEA Agencies @ Google

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Andrew Tobin

Managing Director, EMEA @ Evernym

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Andrew Tobin is the Managing Director, EMEA at Evernym Inc. Learn more about Andrew Tobin on Crunchbase…

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Olivier Choron

Managing Director, EMEA @ Impartner

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Olivier Choron joined Impartner in June 2018, when Impartner acquired Tremolo Software. Olivier was the CEO and Founder at Tremolo, the provider of News on Demand and Social on Demand, products which have now been added to the unique Impartner PRM portfolio. With 25 plus years of channel marketing expertise, gained in Europe and in the US, at companies such as 3Com and Nortel Networks, Olivier is a well-recognized figure in the channel. Having run global channel marketing programs for these companies and having run UK-based purechannels, a channel marketing services firm he founded 12 years ago, Olivier has advised many organizations on how to best structure their channel programs and how to best enable their partners, including Adobe, Vodafone, Trend Micro, Zyxel, and Samsung, among others. Learn more about Olivier Choron on Crunchbase…

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Matthew Eaton

Managing Director, EMEA @ GrayMeta

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Debra Ward

Managing Director, EMEA @ Condeco

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Oliver Brough

Managing Director, EMEA @ Trusona

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Olly Brough serves as the Managing Director of EMEA at Trusona. Learn more about Oliver Brough on Crunchbase…

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James Allum

Managing Director, EMEA @ Kitewheel

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James is a marketing software veteran, having started his career at DoubleClick Software. His first foray into the world of campaign management took him to various clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Malaysia – a trend that was to continue while helping to build the Asia Pacific partner network for Alterian/SDL. After moving to Pitney Bowes, James met Neil Skilling and Mark Smith – joining them for the last 4 years at Kitewheel. James mixes detailed technical knowledge with sound business acumen to support existing Kitewheel partners as well as providing support for new partners to flourish. He has over 20 years of experience in a distinguished career covering marketing automation, campaign management, predictive segmentation, database marketing and real-time engagement platforms. An all-rounder, James is comfortable in a range of roles from client relationship management, architecting systems, building business cases, briefing analysts or providing thought leadership through publishing his own thoughts on the Kitewheel blog. In his spare time, James is a keen ultra-runner, cook, gardener and father. He is married and lives on the banks of the Thames in Berkshire. Learn more about James Allum on Crunchbase…

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Keith Stonell

Managing Director, EMEA @ Guidewire Software

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Keith Stonell joined Guidewire in January 2013 as the new Managing Director of EMEA. Keith is based in our London office and has the very important task of leading the next phase of investment to further develop the EMEA business for Guidewire. Keith joined Guidewire from Temenos Software where he led a portion of their European and Emerging Markets Operations. Previous to Temenos, Keith acted as the managing Director for EMEA for the Financial Services Division of Misys PLC. Both Temenos and Misys are large enterprise software companies selling core systems to the financial services industry. Prior to this, Keith has run Software operations in Asia Pacific. He has a BSc Econ from Southampton University. Learn more about Keith Stonell on Crunchbase…

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Robert Baker

Managing Director, EMEA @ First Orion

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Robert has been at the forefront of telecom technologies for over 30 years, creating a vision for open networks via APIs that is now widely adopted. He brings First Orion’s cool new applications and services to the European market. Learn more about Robert Baker on Crunchbase…

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Christopher Hogg

Managing Director, EMEA @ Lotame

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Chris Hogg leads Lotame’s EMEA operations where he is responsible for maintaining and increasing existing business and overseeing new customer acquisition. Chris has more than 17 years of experience in digital ad technology and operations for Independent News and Media, France Telecom – Wanadoo / Orange UK and Unanimis. Chris has held senior management roles for the last 9 years, successfully recruiting, training and leading large teams to deliver commercial results. Learn more about Christopher Hogg on Crunchbase…

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Jim Richards

Managing Director, EMEA @ Cash Processing Solutions

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Jim joined CPS in September 2016 and is responsible for the EMEA region. Prior to this, Jim held the position of Global Business Development Director, where he was responsible for all sales, business development, marketing and commercial related activities as well as our software solutions. Learn more about Jim Richards on Crunchbase…

Cash Processing Solutions is a global provider of an integrated range of hardware and software solutions, consultancy and support services. Read more aboutCash Processing Solutions on Crunchbase…

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