Top Influencers: 39 UK Head of Research’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Partner | Head of Research play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Partner | Head of Research role. We have selected these Partner | Head of Research’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Partner | Head of Research’s. The list is in no particular order!

Tom Wehmeier

Partner | Head of Research @ Atomico

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Tom is a Partner and Head of Insights at Atomico. Tom’s mission at Atomico is to share data and insights with the team to help us to make better, data-driven decisions and to have more insightful conversations with their key stakeholders. Tom is also the author of Atomico’s annual State of European Tech report. Prior to joining Atomico, Tom was a telecoms analyst for eight years during a period of huge change in the industry. Tom assures us that telecoms is fascinating, despite the reputation, and often reminds their team that without connectivity and smartphones so much of what is happening in today’s tech industry simply wouldn’t be possible. One summer, Tom decided to try his hand at teaching English and, after qualifying with distinction, went on to teach English in Oxford to students from all around the world. Fortunately, his English is much better than his French, German and Spanish, although he claims to get by in all of them. Learn more about Tom Wehmeier on Crunchbase…

Atomico is an international investment firm that focuses on helping disruptive technology companies scale globally. Read more aboutAtomico on Crunchbase…

Gilles Haiat

Co-Founder and Head of Research & Development @ YOOBIC

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YOOBIC is an all-in-one platform for the deskless workforce to optimize communication, training, and process management. Read more aboutYOOBIC on Crunchbase…

Gillian Burgess

Head of Research @ Vertex Pharmaceuticals

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Gillian Burgess joined Vertex in 2016 as Vice President, Site Head and Head of Research at Vertex’s Oxford Research Site in the U.K. where she is responsible for discovering new medicines for serious diseases such as Polycystic Kidney Disease. Prior to her appointment at Vertex, she worked in a variety of roles at UCB-Celltech, Pfizer and Novartis helping to bring several compounds to clinical development and to the market. At Pfizer, she was Chief Scientific Officer for the Pain Therapeutic Area, served as Global Therapeutic Area Head for the Gastrointestinal Therapeutic Area and also led Pfizer’s Urology Therapeutic Area. At Novartis she was part of the Neuroscience group. Dr. Burgess is a member of the MRC DPFS Translational Panel, the MRC Translational Oversight Group andthe Wellcome Trust Grant Interview Panel. She is also a member of the British Pharmacological Society Industry committee and sits on the board of the Science Industry Partnership. Dr. Burgess received her Ph.D. from University College London in Pharmacology. Learn more about Gillian Burgess on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVertex Pharmaceuticals on Crunchbase…

Liam Gray

Head of Research @ Startupbootcamp InsurTech London

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Read more aboutStartupbootcamp InsurTech London on Crunchbase…

James Kettle

Head of Research @ PortSwigger

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James Kettle is head of research at PortSwigger Web Security, where he designs and refines vulnerability detection techniques for Burp Suite’s scanner. Recent work has focused on techniques to detect unknown classes of vulnerabilities, and the new Burp Collaborator system for identifying and exploiting asynchronous blind code injection. James has extensive experience cultivating novel attack techniques, including server-side RCE via Template Injection, client-side RCE via malicious formulas in CSV exports, and abusing the HTTP Host header to poison password reset emails and server-side caches. He has spoken at numerous prestigious venues including BlackHat USA, OWASP AppSec Europe, and 44Con London. Learn more about James Kettle on Crunchbase…

PortSwigger Burp Suite is the leading toolkit for web application security testing. Read more aboutPortSwigger on Crunchbase…

Tom Rowlands Rees

Head of Research, North America @ BloombergNEF

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BloombergNEF provides industry information, analytics, and research services for the clean energy and carbon markets. Read more aboutBloombergNEF on Crunchbase…

Robert McKean

Head of Research and Development @ The Electrospinning Company

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Rob holds a PhD from the University of Sheffield and gained post-doctoral experience working in world-class electrospinning laboratories at the University of Sheffield and at the Micro and Nanotechnology Centre based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. His research activities focused on the development of 3D polymer scaffolds for a variety of regenerative medicine applications including full thickness skin reconstruction, degradable patches for cornea repair, orthopedic implant coatings, and nerve guide conduits. He joined TECL in 2010 as Head of Research and Development and is responsible for all R&D, Quality Management and regulatory aspects, product development, intellectual property protection, production and collaborations with industry and academia. Dr McKean is also the sole inventor of patented multi-well plate technology for 3D cell based assays that has received two awards for ‘Most Innovative New Technology’ by delegates of the ELRIG Drug Discovery conference. Learn more about Robert McKean on Crunchbase…

The Electrospinning Company is a provider of electrospun nanofibre innovations, developing solutions to industrial challenges. Read more aboutThe Electrospinning Company on Crunchbase…

Chris Lowe

Head of Research Operations @ Horizon Discovery

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Chris has a PhD in Medical Genetics from the University of Cambridge where he engaged in research on Type 1 diabetes in the Diabetes and Inflammation Laboratory headed by Professor John Todd. Afterwards, he performed Post-Doctoral research in the laboratory of Professor Sir Steve O’Rahilly at the University of Cambridge Metabolic Research Laboratory. Chris’s work at these two laboratories has resulted in numerous publications. In 2011, Chris Joined Horizon to work within and then develop and lead the Cell Line Validation team before merging and taking responsibility for the Cell Line Production group. Learn more about Chris Lowe on Crunchbase…

Horizon is a gene editing company that designs & engineers genetically-modified cells, applying them to advance human health. Read more aboutHorizon Discovery on Crunchbase…

Alex Palladini

Head of Research – AI and Machine Learning @ MUSIC Tribe

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Alex Palladini is the innovation leader at Music Tribe UK, where he oversees the research in various areas like human-computer interaction, machine learning, and AI, as well as the development of new products based on AI. His research in the field of AI is focused on the user experience of intelligent systems for complex and creative applications. Learn more about Alex Palladini on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMUSIC Tribe on Crunchbase…

Simone D’Amico

Head Of Research And Development @ TrueLayer

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TrueLayer is a fintech platform utilized to build financial apps that connect to bank data, verify accounts, and access transactions. Read more aboutTrueLayer on Crunchbase…

Eve Bird

Head of Research and Innovation @ Celtic Renewables

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Eve is a post-doctoral microbiologist who has over 10 years’ experience culturing solventogenic clostridia. She was involved in the development and promotion of The Biofuel Research Centre at Edinburgh Napier University since its establishment in 2007. She has critical domain expertise in bacterial sugar transport and metabolism. Eve has acted as a research consultant for the Biofuel Business Programme and taken on teaching and supervision roles at the University. She designed and oversaw the technology requirements of the Celtic Renewables bespoke ABE process, which grew from laboratory development to industrial scale. Learn more about Eve Bird on Crunchbase…

Celtic Renewables is a biofuel startup focused on the renewable energy and whisky sector. Read more aboutCeltic Renewables on Crunchbase…

David Kelnar

Partner and Head of Research @ MMC Ventures

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David has eight years of entrepreneurial leadership experience in early stage companies, having served as the founding CEO and CFO, respectively, of two consumer service technology companies, and is an advisor to a range of early stage ventures. Previously, David was an equity research analyst and investor in the European technology sector, at Goldman Sachs in London and a hedge fund in New York. David graduated with double First Class Honours in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge. Learn more about David Kelnar on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMMC Ventures on Crunchbase…

Mike Ferguson

Founder, CEO, and Head of Research @ Intelligent Business Strategies

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Intelligent Business Strategies is an independent IT analyst and consulting company specialising in business intelligence. Read more aboutIntelligent Business Strategies on Crunchbase…

Christopher Hooton

Chief Economist & Head of Research @ The Internet Association

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Christopher Hooton is Chief Economist at the Internet Association. He is an economist and policy expert specializing in economic development, spatial analysis, and evaluation. In his role at the IA, he leads economic analysis and research on a wide array of topics related to the internet including sector identification methodologies, the sector’s economic contributions, and more, while also supporting policy efforts through data and figures. Prior to joining the IA he served as a consultant to the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank as well as other leading organizations and was formerly a Lecturer at the Social Science Research Methods at the University of Cambridge. His work has been featured in several international news organizations including the Financial Times, Reuters, the Financial Post, the Huffington Post, and more. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Chris holds degrees from the University of Miami, the London School of Economics, and his doctorate from the University of Cambridge. Learn more about Christopher Hooton on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutThe Internet Association on Crunchbase…

Ashish Patel

Investment Manager, Head of Research @ Mercia Asset Management PLC

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Ash serves as Head of Research at Mercia Technologies, where his team delivers data-driven insights to support investment and strategic decision-making. He is also an active investor focusing on early and growth-stage healthcare, biotech and life science companies. Learn more about Ashish Patel on Crunchbase…

Mercia is a proactive, specialist asset manager focused on supporting regional businesses to achieve their growth aspirations. Read more aboutMercia Asset Management PLC on Crunchbase…

Kyla Grimshaw

Head of Research Operations @ Fluidic Analytics

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Kyla was formerly at Astex Therapeutics where she was responsible for the cell biology on a number of different oncology projects and targets at various stages of the drug discovery process. Before that she was at Millennium Pharmaceuticals and GSK. Kyla’s focus has been in drug discovery and cell-based pharmacology within the oncology therapeutic area. The projects she has been involved with have ranged from assay development and generation of cell lines as a tool for new target projects, to in vivo biomarker development and compiling biology data packages to support IND submissions. Kyla obtained her PhD from Cambridge University and as Director of Assay Development & Screening has been responsible for the successful delivery of over 250 client projects in the CRO sector. Learn more about Kyla Grimshaw on Crunchbase…

Fluidic Analytics designs, develops and manufactures tools that seek to revolutionise the way proteins are characterised. Read more aboutFluidic Analytics on Crunchbase…

Brunello Rosa

CEO and Head of Research @ Rosa & Roubini Associates

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Rosa & Roubini Associates provides high-end, independent, macro-financial research and advisory services for a variety of clients. Read more aboutRosa & Roubini Associates on Crunchbase…

Mark Masterson

Head of Research and Development @ NTT DATA UK

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Mark Masterson is the Head of Research and Development of NTT DATA UK. Learn more about Mark Masterson on Crunchbase…

NTT DATA UK is a consulting and IT service provider to manufacturing, banking public sector, telecom, and financial services. Read more aboutNTT DATA UK on Crunchbase…

Sander van Dijk

Head of Research @ Parkopedia

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Sander van Dijk PhD is Head of Research at Parkopedia – the world’s leading parking service provider. Parkopedia provides information on 60 million parking spaces in 75 countries and can be accessed online, as a mobile app or inside the car navigation systems of some of the world’s most recognized car brands. Based out of Parkopedia’s London, UK, office, Sander is responsible for leading the team developing parking predictive models using machine learning, deep learning and computer vision. In his spare time, Sander is team leader at Bold Hearts: the University of Hertfordshire’s humanoid robot football team which participates in the yearly RoboCup world championship.Sander joined Parkopedia in 2013 and holds both an MSc and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Learn more about Sander van Dijk on Crunchbase…

Parkopedia allows drivers to find and pay parking online, on mobile or in their car navigation system, in over 15000 cities around the world Read more aboutParkopedia on Crunchbase…

Philip Kunovski

CTO & Head of Research @ KYMIRA Sport

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KYMIRA Sport is developing a range of performance and recovery enhancing sportswear. Read more aboutKYMIRA Sport on Crunchbase…

Philip Kunovski

CTO & Head of Research @ KYMIRA Sport

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KYMIRA Sport is developing a range of performance and recovery enhancing sportswear. Read more aboutKYMIRA Sport on Crunchbase…

Lesley Males

Head Of Research (Industry Analyst Relations & Research) @ Capita

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Capita plc provides customer and business process management, and professional support service solutions primarily in the United Kingdom. Read more aboutCapita on Crunchbase…

Sarah Kocianski

Head Of Research @ 11:FS

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Kocianski leads BI Intelligence’s Fintech team and covers all aspects of the industry, including funding, the regulatory environment, and the most innovative emerging segments. Her research includes reports on alternative finance, insurtech, regtech, robo-advisors and the global fintech ecosystem. Prior to joining BI Intelligence she worked at a global technology company, specialising in working with Financial Services. Learn more about Sarah Kocianski on Crunchbase…

We build digital banks. Digital Banking is Only 1% Finished but we’re there for the 99%. Read more about11:FS on Crunchbase…

Alexandra Darmon

Head of Research @ Fospha Marketing

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The Direct to Consumer Growth Platform Read more aboutFospha Marketing on Crunchbase…

Simon Migliano

Head of Research @ Top10VPN

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I lead the digital privacy & cybersecurity research for Top10VPN, the world’s biggest VPN review site. I’m responsible for public advocacy and for original research that raises awareness of cybersecurity and digital privacy issues. I also act as company spokesman. Key research that I’ve authored includes the Dark Web Market Price Index that’s been reported on worldwide and the Top10VPN Smart Toys Privacy & Security Report that was featured in the New York Times. As a former journalist and current tech professional with experience of both working in China and remotely leading a Shanghai team, I am a passionate supporter of a secure internet free from state interference. Learn more about Simon Migliano on Crunchbase… is a leading VPN (Virtual Private Network) review website. We provide unbiased reviews and advice about VPN services. Read more aboutTop10VPN on Crunchbase…

Bertrand Bru

Head of research and development @ Progressive Sports Technologies

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Bertrand Bru has been serving as head of research and development at Progressive Sports Technologies since October 2017. Learn more about Bertrand Bru on Crunchbase…

Progressive Sports Technologies maintain a highly skilled research and development team, at-hand to support your project requirements. Read more aboutProgressive Sports Technologies on Crunchbase…

Paul Lee

Global Head of Research, TMT @ Deloitte

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Paul Lee is a UK Partner and the Global Head of Research for the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) industry at Deloitte. In his global role, Paul has authored over 80 TMT reports including Deloitte’s 15th annual Predictions for the Technology, Media and Telecommunications series. In 2016 Predictions launched in more than 50 countries and its points of view are featured in broadcast, online, and published media around the globe. Paul also leads the Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey, now in its sixth year, which tracks usage of mobile around the world, based on a 53,000 user survey fielded in 31 countries. Paul comments regularly on the TV market, and has been invited to author the companion reports for the Royal Television Society’s Cambridge Conference, the IBC Leaders’ Summit, and the Guardian International Television Festival. He is a frequent commentator on television, radio, online, and press. Paul has published 32 columns in the Financial Times, specializing in analysis of current trends in the TMT sector from a numerical perspective. He is a frequent speaker at industry and closed door conferences and was on the organizing committees of the Royal Television Society’s Cambridge and London conferences. In addition to running the TMT research team globally, Paul manages the industry research team for Deloitte UK. He has written five books, including Convergence Conversations and Digital Dilemmas. Prior to his role with Deloitte Research, Paul was Director, Gartner Consulting, leading work in the telecommunications sector. Learn more about Paul Lee on Crunchbase…

Deloitte provides audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and other related services. Read more aboutDeloitte on Crunchbase…

David Fergusson

Head of Research Services @ University of Edinburgh

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Read more aboutUniversity of Edinburgh on Crunchbase…

Edward Houghton

Head of Research and Service Design @ DG Cities

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We are urban innovators. We deliver practical solutions to improve urban living. Read more aboutDG Cities on Crunchbase…

Nathan Roberts

Head Of Research And Development @ Rainbird Technologies

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Previously a DNA Intelligence Officer, mechanic, door-to-door salesman, barman and banker while secretly training to be a developer. Nathan is a mad triathlete. Learn more about Nathan Roberts on Crunchbase…

Truly intelligent automation for complex decisions and scenarios Read more aboutRainbird Technologies on Crunchbase…

Sarah Elison-Davies

Head of Research @ Breaking Free Online Limited

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Breaking Free Online Limited is a digital health company focused on solutions for substance misuse. Read more aboutBreaking Free Online Limited on Crunchbase…

Herman Chan

Head of Research @ AppAttic Ltd

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AppAttic’s games engage users for positive behaviour change and provide data for research, potentially saving the health economy billions. Read more aboutAppAttic Ltd on Crunchbase…

Mark Weedon

Head of Research @ Property Partner

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Mark has more than a decade’s experience in property investment strategy, research and analysis. He leads functions including market and asset class insight, performance analysis and reporting of the Property Partner portfolio. He also supports the delivery of new property type and product solutions which best suit the needs of our clients. Mark is a seasoned squash player, and likes sampling local ales on his travels. Learn more about Mark Weedon on Crunchbase…

Property Partner is a technology-backed property investment platform. Read more aboutProperty Partner on Crunchbase…

Marcus Dixon

Head of Research and Data Analysis @ LonRes

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LonRes is the premier data source and network for top property professionals who do business in London. Read more aboutLonRes on Crunchbase…

Seb Beloe

Partner, Head of Research @ WHEB

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Seb is Head of Research and leads the integration of sustainability analysis within the investment process, as well as overseeing engagement activities. Previously, Seb was Head of SRI Research at Henderson Global Investors where he led on the identification and analysis of sustainability themes and company-level corporate responsibility analysis. Prior to Henderson, Seb was the Vice President of Research and Advocacy at SustainAbility. He has published several reports on sustainable business, and has been a member of numerous corporate advisory boards and awards panels. Seb has two degrees in environmental science and technology, from the University of East Anglia and Imperial College and is a Chartered Environmentalist. Learn more about Seb Beloe on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutWHEB on Crunchbase…

David Land

Head of Research @ Clarite Research

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Mass qualitative research software Read more aboutClarite Research on Crunchbase…

Daniel Plant

Gaming Editor & Head of Research @ Chipper

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A company based on happiness and brightening everyone’s day with multitudes of content. Read more aboutChipper on Crunchbase…

Helen Seabrook

Head of Research @ Maven Ventures

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Maven is an executive search and assessment firm catering to the technology, media and telecom ecosystem across the EMEA. Read more aboutMaven Ventures on Crunchbase…

Chris Kropielnicki

Head of Research & Intelligence @ Sportcal

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Sportcal is a sports market intelligence Company. Read more aboutSportcal on Crunchbase…

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