Two-Way SMS: What Is It And Why Should You Test Your 2-Way Bulk Text Campaigns?

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2 years ago

SMS marketing is one of the most efficient business strategies. If you want to keep in touch with your customers, sending a quick SMS will ensure that they get informed about your offer almost immediately.

Short Message Service (SMS) is ways more efficient compared to other ways of marketing since there is a higher chance that people will notice your message. We check our phones a few times on a daily basis. Plus, if the offer is reasonable and you grab the customer’s attention, they will likely be happy to check other deals from you in the future.

We suggest you try 2-way SMS bulk messaging to make the communication more convenient. When you set up an average bulk SMS campaign, your customers will not be able to reply to you. But to make the communication more convenient, two-way SMS comes in really handy.

What is a 2-Way SMS?

First of all, let’s take a look at what two-way text messaging actually is. This way of marketing implies that you are using a service that allows you not only to send SMS but also to receive the answers to them.

If the customers are really interested in your deal, they may want to know more details or express their gratitude. So, in this case, 2-way MO SMS marketing is handier.

What Are the Advantages?

One of the main advantages of 2-way mobile-originated SMS over the campaigns without the reply option is that these texts seem more genuine and engaging to the customer. Otherwise, if you claim that you care about the connection with every person you want to work with, why wouldn’t you provide them with an option to reply to you?

The next great thing is that thanks to the customers’ responses, you will be able to track their perception of your offer and see the consent rate. If the customers are mainly not happy with your deal, due to the 2-way conversation possibility, you will be able to find out what the issue is and avoid the same mistakes in your future campaign. This is a key advantage and the reason it is becoming increasingly common to see businesses opting for marketing strategies like Shopify SMS campaigns.

On top of that, thanks to such an option, you can get a general image of how many leads are actually happy to accept your offer. Thus, you can now know what to expect from your future sales.

How to Use 2-Way SMS

Launching a 2-way campaign is not really a cumbersome procedure. To make it as easy for you as possible, you just need to find a decent two-way SMS service. If the service is good, there will be not a lot of work from your side required. You just need to choose API for text message testing, add your texting list with the numbers of your clients, write your text message and schedule the sending.

Why Should You Test Your 2-Way SMS Campaigns Before Launch?

Same as with 1-way SMS campaigns, testing your 2-way bulk SMS will be a good idea. It is also not too different from your average SMS testing. MO message testing is necessary if you want to see how many users from your phone number list actually received the message and how many opened it. That way, you will be able to understand how successful your marketing strategy is.

Testelium is the Tool You Need!

In our humble opinion, Testelium is a perfect service that may satisfy all your needs. Offering a new advanced feature of MO testing, tracking the efficiency of your campaign and checking the SMS flow will become a breeze. You also will be able to check how many SMS were delivered and opened, plus to check how well your incoming SMS traffic actually works.

To Conclude

So, if you want to establish closer connections with your leads, we highly suggest giving 2-way SMS marketing a go. And with a convenient testing tool for 2-way SMS testing like Tesetelium, you can be sure that your campaigns will bring the best results!

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