Valencia’s Flourishing Women-Focused Businesses: Trendsetters in Spanish Fashion Industry

5 months ago

Located on Spain’s eastern coast, Valencia has firmly established itself as a hotspot for various industries, including those focusing on women. With a vibrant business climate and a proactive entrepreneurial spirit, the Women’s industry in Valencia is seeing consistent growth and innovation. Whether it be in fashion, health care, or e-commerce, companies in Valencia are making a significant impact. This series recognizes companies that have established their headquarters in Valencia, Spain, providing a fascinating insight into the Women’s industry landscape within this vibrant city.

These companies demonstrate an impressive range of services, products, and initiatives, all aiming to improve, empower, and inspire women. Across various sectors, these companies are pushing boundaries, reimagining possibilities, and setting new standards for what’s achievable in the Women’s industry. Without further ado, let’s get to know these companies better.

Whilst exploring each company, the reader will find comprehensive information on each listed. This includes a brief description, direct links to their websites, social media profiles, and more. Just click on the company names to visit their respective websites.


ALE-HOP operates in consumer goods, E-commerce, toys, and women’s industry. They offer an extensive range of products, including electronics, stationery, children’s home furnishings, toys, wooden toys, and much more. They specialize in designing unique products that make for perfect gifts for all kinds of occasions (Facebook | LinkedIn).


Operating in the realm of fertility, health care, hospital, and women’s industry,
IVI provides essential medical services and solutions through its establishment (Facebook).


Espinela, founded by Beatriz Espinosa and Laura Espinosa Garcia, is a luxury footwear brand for women. The Spain-based company designs and manufactures shoes, boots, sandals, accessories, and provides customized luxury footwear services (Facebook | LinkedIn).


Miabamba, co-founded by Carla Sanchez Postigo and Leticia Lorena Puertas, crafts accessories for today’s modern woman (Facebook | LinkedIn).

Etnia Cosmetics

Etnia Cosmetics offers a variety of cosmetic products for women (Facebook | LinkedIn).

Ms & Miss York

Ms & Miss York offers trendy clothes for moms and toddlers, allowing them to share style statements. (Facebook | LinkedIn).

Fresh Cotton

Fresh Cotton offers an extensive collection of comfortable, organic fabric women’s clothing online.

La Vidriola

La Vidriola, co-founded by Blanca Calabuig and Pablo Nieto Martinez, creates one-of-a-kind accessories that combine graphic and product design to offer a unique fashion statement (Facebook).

By Morgana Italy

By Morgana Italy is an online fashion store offering an array of chic attire such as knitwear, kaftans, jeans, skirts, pants, t-shirts, and more (Facebook).

Candela’s Closet

Candela’s Closet offers a wide array of clothing, shoes, and accessories, providing ample choices for fashion-forward women (Facebook).

Team Juana Crespo

The Team Juana Crespo fertility clinic specializes in reproductive medicine, offering a range of treatments to help women in complex fertility cases (Facebook | LinkedIn).

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