Valencia’s Wireless Innovators: Revolutionizing Communication in Spain

5 months ago

The wireless industry is one of the most rapidly evolving sectors within the realms of technology, with companies working relentlessly to redefine how individuals and businesses access and use the internet. Today, businesses in the wireless industry are contributing significantly to the growth of the digital economy, and the same trend continues in Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain. Innovation comes from high-impact firms operating within the region, redefining how businesses interact within the digital landscape.

The leading companies within this sector are keen on delivering cutting-edge technologies encapsulating Internet of Things, real-time analytics, software development, supply chain management, customer service, home automation, smart city services, augmented and virtual reality and more. They continue to develop new technologies with a strategic focus on solving challenges businesses confront in the digital ether.

The following are some of the forward-thinking companies in Valencia, moving the needle within the wireless industry. By staying ahead of technology trends and responding rapidly to market needs, they are helping businesses harness the power of digital transformation.


Founded by Javier Ferrer and Jose Pons, WITRAC is an innovative, technology-driven company at the intersection of artificial intelligence, hardware, Internet of Things, real-time analytics, software, supply chain management, and wireless. WITRAC, offers a disruptive Track&Trace Platform + Infrastructure based on IoT-AI-5G technologies, providing critical insights into optimizing the industry supply chain processes. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Capeta System

Capeta System is an internet service provider delivering powerful solutions that promote the use of data for problem-solving. The company enables data transfer from internet servers to computers, creating a robust network for efficient wireless communication. Visit their
Facebook page to learn more about their services.


Since 1998, DOMODESK has been dedicated to home automation, building automation, and control. Their work encompasses sectors like automotive, mobile, SMS, and Wireless. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more updates about their business operations.


SOZIAS specializes in internet, telecommunications, and wireless technologies. They help businesses leverage technology to facilitate effective communication and streamline processes. Connect with them on LinkedIn to know more about their offerings.


E3Tcity develops wireless electronic devices adapted to the internet concept of things (IoT) to offer Smart City services. The company sees the Smart City as the opportunity to manage an eminently urban future efficiently.


Specializing in events, information technology, messaging, SMS, and wireless technologies, Alvento is primed to offer cutting-edge, technology-driven solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of businesses.


Focused on broadcast and multicast communication enablers for the fifth generation of wireless systems, 5G-Xcast is a company working to deliver future media technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality, and more. Follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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