Ways To Improve Your Brewery’s Facility

Ways To Improve Your Brewery’s Facility
3 years ago

Just like anywhere else in the food and drink industry, your brewery’s top priority should always be the sanitation and quality assurance of your final product. After all, selling contaminated drinks is a quick way to lose your customer base’s trust and potentially drive you under. Here are some ways to improve your brewery’s facility to ensure you stay on top of providing the greatest quality.

Sanitation Standards

Raising the sanitation standards of your brewery doesn’t have to mean making it more difficult for yourself. One of the best ways to improve your brewery’s facility is by investing in stainless-steel equipment and components because of the unique qualities they possess in regard to sanitation. Beyond that, however, establish good sanitation practices that are completed daily in order to comply with laws surrounding the safety of food and beverages. For example, every area of your brewery requires a sanitary drainage system to improve both wastewater management and reduces how much water your facility uses in its day-to-day processes.

Invest in a Lab

While you might not associate breweries and labs, it’s still a good idea to invest in a small lab in-house. Having a laboratory on hand is beneficial for testing the quality of your products and examining individual ingredients, so you have a better understanding of your own creation. This will help you fine-tune and improve upon your existing recipes or develop new ones, leading to a greater final product that will help you find greater success.

Organize Your Data

Keeping detailed records and well-organized data of your brewery will help you keep tabs on how well your brewery’s facility is operating. You’ll be able to identify problems as they crop up before, and they become much more difficult issues. Every beer your facility brews should have a unique identification code that keeps track of the product from production to packaging. While the product is being tracked, record key metrics to better understand how well your processes perform and equipment operates. This will help you adjust as needed and recall specific information much more quickly if you have detailed records.

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