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Broker consultants work on building and maintaining business relationships with clients. scheduling and attending meetings. discussing and assessing clients’ current and future insurance needs. researching insurance policies and products.

What Does a Broker Consultant Do?

A broker consultant partners with independent insurance agents to form a consulting business that advises business owners and individuals on how to best protect themselves.


Broker consultants must take into account a variety of important factors when advising clients, including a client’s industry, type of business, industry trends, and any special needs. In addition, they must appear and act in a professional manner at all times.

Specific duties range from developing business plans for clients to directing the review and analysis of unemployment, liability, property, auto and life policies. Some responsibilities also include developing marketing strategies, such as writing press releases and marketing proposals for clients.

Required Skills

Broker consultants must be able to identify potential clients and meet with them to present their services. They must also be able to convince potential clients that they are qualified to represent them. They need to be excellent listeners and be able to empathize well.

Also, they must be able to think on their feet and be willing to share information about the benefits of insurance. Additionally, they must to be attentive, detail-oriented and hard-working.

Potential Employers

Broker consultants normally work in the offices of independent insurance agents. However, some have opted to found their own brokerage business.

Salary Potential

The salary potential of broker consultants depends on the size of their employer as well as their industry and sales aptitude. It is possible, however, for a broker consultant to earn a salary in the high $30,000s.

Career Outlook

Many large corporations are reducing the number of human representatives in their customer service departments and replacing them with automated ones. This is a good thing for brokers consultant, as it will make with the minimum of job competition.

People interested in this career should have the ability to build and maintain customer relations. Since they are often self-employed, they must have a strong work ethic and a competitive spirit.

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