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MSP® (Managing Successful Programs®) is a proven framework that organizes complex programs into manageable, interrelated projects. The MSP training teaches you better program management skills, improved adaptability, and flexibility when working in a volatile, ever-changing program environment.

MSP is a program-management methodology developed by IBM. It is a program-management framework for developing large programs. It is one of the leading programs in strategic alignment and program-management methods. So far, over 1,500 MSP courses have been conducted in IBM with more than 30,000 participants being certified.

The MSP training is appropriate for any audience working in project management, program management, and product management.

This article attempts to describe what is MSP training and what skills you can improve by going through this training.

What the Certified MSP® training is all about?

We have already discussed the fundamentals of MSP in one of the previous articles. In that article, we worked on one of the common frameworks is PMBOK®, and one of the most advanced program frameworks IBM MSP®. MSP® is an interrelated system of concepts, organization, training, and training forms. Although many organizations have embraced MSP® as a primary approach, some organizations enter MSP® with some reluctance. There are some common reasons for this.

One reason is that MSP® is a highly technical framework. Another reason is that its required skills are not easy to snatch. In that situation, you do not want to miss the training of CSP® and learn more about this training. You can get a better picture, and if you have decided to undergo the training, you can get one step closer to the MSP® certificate.

MSP® Training Objective

The primary objective of MSP® training is to provide you with a systematic, common approach for managing a broad range of programs and projects from the beginning to the end. MSP® will focus on many things, such as it will

  • Improve your overall program decisions,
  • Improve the interactions between the various numbers of programs,
  • Improve the ability to deal with interrelated links in overall programs and projects.

Unquestionably, MSP® is one of the most advanced strategic frameworks for managing programs. You see, programs are not a simple enough thing. In fact, some of them are fairly complex.

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