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Slot machines have been in existence since the mid-’90s and have grown to become some of the most popular gambling devices globally. All players need to do is insert a coin and press the spin button to trigger a symbol combination that determines whether they win or lose. It means that slots rely on luck, just like playing any games at Vulkan Vegas. However, there are over 200,000 variants distributed across various casinos in different cities. So, where can you find the best slots for your needs?


Excalibur is owned by MGM, meaning its slot variety is vast. For gamers interested more in payback percentage than glitz and glamour, Excalibur is your go-to zone. However, the casino made renovations to ensure it accommodates everyone, even non-gamblers. It also caters to high rollers as well as low rollers. Here, you can wager with as little as $100 a spin while the maximum stake is $5000. Its slot variants include:

  • Double Blessings
  • Monopoly Hot Shot
  • Super Charged 7’s
  • Wonder Woman Golden Lasso.

Besides its fantastic games, M life is exceptional in terms of rewards as it allows you to enjoy its hotel dining, entertainment, spa, and games while earning rewards for every dollar you spend at this casino. Once you become a member, Excalibur offers you its ‘Holiday Gift Shoppe’ for a great shopping spree. You can get the offer from M life Reward Destination across Vegas, where you earn 1 Gift Point for every slot point. The promotion goes throughout the year and helps you rack even more during their bonusing programs. As a result, customers get to maximize their stopping power. Even better, Excalibur delivers its gifts to your door, especially during holiday promotions.

Aria Resort and Casino

Aria is among the most luxurious casinos in Vegas. Here, you find fantastic slots surrounded by bucket seats, top-notch sound systems, amazing graphics as well as special effects to keep you entertained. Besides, the property is approximately 150,000 square feet and holds more than 2000 machines, including slots, multi-game, and video poker. Some of the popular games include The Walking Dead and Wheels of Fortune. Most people consider $100 per spin to be the highest limit, but everything is bigger and better in Aria casino. Here, you get to play with as high as $5000 per spin. Even better, slot enthusiasts get entertained with slot machine tournaments more often.

To non-gamblers, this architectural marvel has numerous amenities to cater for you. Aria has separated its casino cage from other rooms, and its washrooms are all private. Finally, they keep everyone coming back for more since their butlers are dedicated to catering to everyone’s needs while playing at the casino.


Besides Bellagio being the best place to play poker, the casino offers some unique slots in the Las Vegas Strip. Here you will find more than 2,300 slot machines to choose from as well as exciting tournaments. They include video poker, progressive jackpots, and reels. More importantly, the slots cater to both high and low rollers. When it comes to progressive jackpots, you get a chance to win up to $1million or more from a single reel spin. Bellagio also caters to non-gamblers with its unending entertainment as well as fantastic cuisine. Once you sign up for slot membership at Bellagio, you become a member of its M life Rewards loyalty program since MGM owns the casino. The program allows its members to win prizes ranging from $1 million to $2 million.

The Venetian

The moment you visit the Venetian casino, you get to select the machine you want from its wide variety. The casino has two floors full of slot machines and allows its customers to join a loyalty program. Besides, the Venetian has some of the latest games to keep you entertained on their floor. Additionally, the casino has engaging themes and offers monthly tournaments, which come with tremendous rewards. Here you get to play exciting, fast-paced games on the Spinferno slot machines, where you rely on skill and luck to win.

For high rollers, the casino offers a section called ‘The High Limit Slots Salon’. The area is relatively quieter, and players can stake up to $5000 a spin. Even better, you can request a branded machine in advance for a more personalized experience. The casino also offers a lounge where you can take a break away from their slot machines. Finally, becoming a Gold or Platinum member at the Venetian Grazie loyalty program can see you enjoy complimentary transportation to and from McCarran Airport.

The Golden Nugget Casino

The Golden Nugget has been in existence since 1946 and is one of the oldest casinos in the Las Vegas Strip. Besides its superiority, Golden Nugget offers slots with higher payback percentages compared to its peers. Here, you get to choose your favorite game from over 1000 machines. Some of its popular games include Buffalo Grand, Wheel of Fortune 3D, and Top Dollar. It even gets better with the Buffalo slots since customers have a wide variety of games to choose from. Amazingly, gamblers can play over 1000 new slot machines for as low as one cent. Besides its exceptional progressive jackpot slots, the Golden Nugget casino offers some of the best steaks from Vic and Anthony’s, one of the best steakhouses in the city.

Sam’s Town

Opened in 1979, Sam’s Town offers slot machines with higher payouts compared to other casinos of its caliber in Vegas. Impressively, Sam’s has been catering for more than 200,000 people in Sunrise Manor Las Vegas. The casino is estimated to be 120,681 square feet of gambling space and has around 646 rooms to cater for its visitors every night.

Since different slot games come with varying percentages of payback in Sam’s Town, the rule of thumb here is that the average number of slots on the floor is almost equal to the payback percentage from the casino. For instance, you might be playing a slot with a 70% payback percentage while your friend next to you is playing an identical game with a 95% payback percentage.

Once gamblers are in Vegas, they usually get overwhelmed as they try to find the best ones since they seem similar. However, these variants vary from one to the other, as stated above. For instance, some come with better customer service, while others are located in exceptional gambling environments. Some will even attract gamblers and non-gamblers with good spas, foods, and beverages. But with the list above, you cannot fail to find the one that tickles your fancy.

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