Why Do Programmers Need Good Chairs to Sit In? 2020

5 years ago

If you work in an office, you know how much a bad office chair can affect your daily work experience.  Neck pain, back pain and a myriad of other issues are all increasingly being linked to poor ergonomics in the workplace. Most of these issues can be tied back to a person’s office chair and correcting issues related to the chair they are sitting in all day can vastly improve their work day and overall health.

Why is a Good Chair so Important?

Programmers work long, excruciating hours testing, planning and working with their team.  Programmers are also less likely than other employees to take breaks for stretching and moving around. Additionally, programmers are more likely to work from home in a home office or to work in a shared workspace in a generic office building designed for many working styles and types of work. Most of the spaces that programmers work in will not be designed specifically for their needs.  Due to work preferences and work style, programmers are very likely to need a high-quality chair compared to other workers working the same hours.

Studies have shown that comfort equates directly to increased productivity. Since most programmers work for themselves, being able to function at a high level all day is crucial to their ability to make money and support themselves.

What Kind of Chair do I Need?

There are tons of different chairs on the market to suit the needs of essentially any user. When picking a good chair, you always want to consider your height, weight and what type of desk you will be sitting at. Chairs come with as much or as little padding as you will need and a good chair will be easy to adjust in many different ways.  Always make sure that you check out the ratings from other users and you consider that sometimes you DO get what you pay for so picking a cheap chair will likely not be as beneficial to you as buying a good quality chair.

Which Chairs are Best for Programmers?

The best chairs for programmers are often the most expensive chairs on the market. It is important to remember that you will be spending 8 to 10 hours in the chair that you select, so spending some money for your daily health and comfort is a good investment. 

An example of a great office chair for a programmer that is on the high end cost-wise is the Herman Miller Ergonomic Chair. While this one is expensive, it is easy to see how comfortable it can be if you are going to be seated at a desk all day. The many adjustments, the breathable fabric and the high-quality materials all add up to a great chair.  If you are looking for something on the lower end, you can check out this great Smugdesk Chair.  It offers great support but has less in the way of adjustments.

In this modern age of long working hours and computer-based work processes, it is good for everyone to remember that their health and wellness is of primary importance to your ability to work effectively and to enjoy your job. You wouldn’t dream of cutting corners in your work and you shouldn’t dream of cutting corners when selecting an office chair either.

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