Why Refael Edry Is the Unlikely Hero Every Small Business Owner Needs

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2 years ago

Who’s your role model? Ask that question to any business owner, and they’ll declare a list of world-renowned public figures like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Warren Buffet. Given their outstanding achievements, it’s natural to look up to them.

But growing your business isn’t all about chasing goals and accomplishments. You have to constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone and overcome several obstacles. When you’re struggling to stay motivated in such situations, Refael, aka Rafi, Edry’s story of turning his life around, is just the inspiration you need.

Rising Against All Odds

To the world, philanthropist Refael Edry is an accomplished entrepreneur from Israel. Named after his warrior uncle, he runs several successful companies in Africa and Israel with his younger brothers, Eyal Edry and Moshe Edree. What many people don’t know is that his life hasn’t always been a smooth sail.

Early on in his childhood, Refael Edry and his brothers had to overcome severe financial hardships. Their father was a building contractor whose earnings weren’t enough to support the family. With many mouths to feed, Refael Edry had to start working at a young age.

But that didn’t stop him from fulfilling his dream of building a better life. Every time the going got tough, he drew motivation from the life of his fearless uncle, after whom he was named.

Refael Edry z|l (the uncle) valiantly fought in Israel’s War of Independence and sacrificed his life at the young age of 24. But tales of his bravery continue to inspire the youth in his hometown, Safed.

Rafi Edry (the nephew) has inherited traits like courage and fearlessness from his uncle. That’s why he joined hands with his brothers to fight every adversity and launch and grow their business. And it’s what makes him the perfect hero for today’s entrepreneurs. His grit, perseverance, and resilience can be just the inspiration you need to survive in a competitive business ecosystem.

Looking at the Larger Picture

As a well-to-do businessman, Refael Edry could’ve settled for a life of comfort. But he doesn’t want his professional achievements to define him. Instead, he equates success with his contributions to the development of those around him. He strives to ensure that his efforts lead to the upliftment of society.

That quest led him to establish the Ahinoam Association for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities. Through the organization, Refael Edry and his brother have launched several social initiatives to support children and youngsters in the Israeli periphery.

Through mentoring programs and scholarships, they want to ensure that children from low-income households get the resources and opportunities they never had in their childhood. The organization also runs various development projects to improve the infrastructure of social welfare organizations in Safed.

Fundraising for a Cause

Moreover, when schools in Israel started online classes during the pandemic, Refael Edry and his brothers realized that more than 400,000 students didn’t own personal computers. They had no choice but to give up schooling.

But is it right to let the government’s apathy and inaction deprive these children of a brighter future? Would it be fair to let an entire generation grow up believing that their government and fellow citizens don’t care about them? What impact would it have on Israel’s future?

These questions prompted Refael Edry to launch a fundraising campaign, inviting donations from ordinary citizens and local businesses. That helped provide computers to thousands of students and restored their faith in the power of humanity.

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Refael Edry’s endeavors highlight the importance of giving back to society. When you work toward the community’s development, it boosts the spending power of your customers and creates newer opportunities to grow your business. It also highlights the causes and values your organization stands for.

Moreover, nurturing the youth builds a culture of creativity and innovation. When these youngsters join your workforce, they’ll bring fresh ideas to the table and help your business reach newer heights. The key is to prioritize long-term gains over short-term wins.

Also, Refael Edry’s story of overcoming economic hardships in childhood is an inspiration for every business owner stuck in difficult circumstances. If he could turn his life around and work toward a better future, so can you. All you have to do is take control of every situation instead of letting fate decide the course of your life.

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