Contributor Guidelines

Welp Magazine underpins our mission: At Welp Magazine we provide decision makers and businesses with knowledge, insight and the resources to make informed choices for themselves and their companies.

As such, Welp Magazine aims to reflect and report on the efforts of those readers and members who are interested and associated in the multiple subjects concerning business and strategy. This is achieved by having a range of articles in each category, where possible, written by industry professionals, qualified individuals and institutions. We are looking for news, features, opinion pieces and biographies of prominent individuals. We are particularly interested in contributions that:

  • Provide in-depth insights based on real life examples or experiences
  • highlight inspirational role models from members of different niches
  • profile important reader achievements
  • recognise the contribution made by volunteering activities and other business ventures
  • communicate the subject areas of interest to the readership

For more information on how you could be featured on our site, please see our advertising oppurtunities.

Length and Style

News stories or articles are to be around 150-250 words long. Extended news stories or news features, with added comment and perspective, are in the region of 300-500. Features can be anything from 500 to 800 words.

Biographies are around the 200-300 word mark and draw on an individual’s life and career, including achievements and any Institution activities with which the member is engaged. A high-resolution photograph with a concise caption should also be supplied where possible.

Longer articles should try to remain direct and to the point, introducing comment in the form of direct and paraphrased quotation to illustrate and substantiate points raised.


Before starting any submission, please contact Welp Magazine at [email protected]

Welp Magazine is part of the Larger FP Media group and is registered as a Business in England & Wales (no. 11439478).

Articles should be submitted by email in Microsoft Word or a compatible word processing format. Welp Magazine reserves the right to reject articles.

The Editing Process

If accepted, your article will be edited to suit the style of our platform and to fit the space allocated, if necessary. Please also note that Welp Magazine reserves the right to change the headline, stand first and paragraph headings of articles. In addition, stylistic changes may be made to the text without your consent to ensure that it conforms to house style and reads appropriately for our audience. In some cases, it may be necessary to shorten (summarise or delete) parts of the article to fit into the space it is allocated during the design process.


Welp Magazine requires that, wherever possible, the copyright in articles accepted for publication shall be owned by Welp Magazine in order that it can be reproduced online and in other publications. This is in line with common publishing practice. While this formal requirement may seem somewhat intimidating, authors can be assured that their rights over articles, other than copyright, will remain unaffected. In particular, authors are able to reuse all or portions of the article in other works, with appropriate acknowledgement to Welp Magazine. Authors also retain the right to re-work the intellectual content of the material for other purposes. By writing an article for Welp Magazine, the author is agreeing to the above conditions in full.

About Welp Magazine

At Welp Magazine we provide decision makers and businesses with knowledge, insight and the resources to make informed choices for themselves and their companies.