In a recent study, 80% of all American suffered from back problems at one point in their lives. Although there are many contributing factors arguably the most important of them all is the time spent sat incorrectly in desk chairs at work and bad posture at home. To achieve correct seating position at work, the most important thing is to have a modern adjustable ergonomic chair. This allows you to correctly set your seating position which is as follows: 1. Push your hips as far back in the seat as possible, 2. Adjust your seat height so your feet rest flat on the floor and your knees are hip height, 3. Recline your seat to 100o, 4. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed by adjusting arm rests (if required), 5. Make sure your wrists and arms are straight when using a keyboard and mouse. Ergonomic chairs are so important to your back that UK law requires all offices to have chairs that have height and backrest adjustability by law and a quick tutorial on how to set up your chair in your workplace.
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