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If you have those devoted tech lovers around you, you surely know that finding a gift for them is quite a challenge. They often are on top of everything tech-related, and surprising them might not be possible, but finding a gift is not always about surprising.

We looked around the internet and located 10 gifts that your tech lovers will surely be grateful for. Some of them look like from the back to future scenario, while others will be simply practical and very useful, so here we go, 10 gifts just waiting to be gifted.

AirFly Pro

Wireless this, and wireless that, everything now seems to be wireless, and those headphone jacks seem to be forgotten… But If you want to watch a movie on an airplane or a bus – you need those old-fashioned headphones. Being a tech lover, it seems to be blasphemous, so AirFly comes to the rescue. Attach it to that outdated headphone jack and enjoy using your beloved wireless headphones.

Philips Sleep and Wake-up Light

Waking up was and will never be easy if you are not superhuman. That alarming sound making you jump out of bed is not a great start to your day. Now you can gift an easier way to start the morning to your friends. With this Philips light alarm. The light gradually becomes brighter over 30 minutes, simulating a sunrise – no more shocking screams of the alarm clock.

Protective Phone Cases

Your tech lovers indeed are the first ones to get the latest phones, and the latest phones cost money, and usually, they cost a lot. But once they have their hands on that phone, a lot of new issues start to arise. Phones nowadays come with big screens, and big screens require protection, as one fall might be fatal. So gift your friends the feeling of safety with protective and durable phone cases.

HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer

If your friends love to snap a lot of pictures with their latest phones, they will surely love to have a portable photo printer. No need to keep the memories on Instagram. With a photo printer in your pocket, you can make keepsakes and share them with a group of friends. Yes, tagging them all on social is great, but having a physical reminder is even better.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

If they love coffee, this is the perfect gift. Having a cold coffee is just great when you want one, but nothing breaks the heart more than making a hot cup and getting too involved in a task and forgetting it. But with this cup, you can set the exact temperature for your coffee, and it will stay this way for up to 80 minutes! No more heartbreak!

Apple AirTag

If they tend to lose things out of their sight and have an iPhone or an iPad, an AirTag is precisely what they need. Keep track of your belongings with a simple one-step setup you can connect your AirTag with your device. Finding keys, backpacks, or other items that tend to run away from your sight has never been easier.

LG PuriCare Mini Portable Air Purifier

What can be better than a gift of fresh air? This will be a valuable gift for those allergic, as this air purifier holds a British Allergy Foundation certification. Say no to allergens with an 8 hours battery life and lightweight and easily transportable purifier. You will easily show how much you care about your friends by gifting them the ability to carry allergen-free air with them.

Petcube Bites 2 Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

If they have pets, they will love PetCube Bites 2. This treat-dispensing device allows you to keep an eye on pets, give them treats easily by using a smartphone and tell them how cute they are! Leaving beloved animals alone at home is not easy, especially when you can see those betrayed looks when going to work.

Bose Frames

Something straight from the future: Sunglasses with headphones. That UV protection was never more futuristic. Oh, and also, they come with an included microphone, so your friend can absolutely make a phone call with them, looking like a James Bond with no earphones in sight.

ORAL-B iO Series 9 Toothbrush

The gift of a perfect smile is a fantastic choice. An informative and interactive screen and a two-minute brushing timer will ensure that time is taken and no rushing in brushing is made. Also, the smart sensor will show if too much force is used while brushing, no need to harm those gums. It is time to be gentle for them, but not the germs.

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