20 Best Clinical Trials Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about clinical trials ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best clinical trials podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Clinical Trials Podcasts 2021

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  • Publisher: John Bossaer
  • Total Episodes: 185

OncoPharm is a podcast dedicated to all things oncology pharmacy. Most episodes cover updates and recent publications concerning the use of medications in caring for patients we cancer. Periodically, episodes drop devoted to Landmark Clinical Trials in oncology and Fundamentals of Oncology Pharmacy.

Random Musings From The Clinical Trials Guru

  • Publisher: Dan Sfera
  • Total Episodes: 528

Dan Sfera aka "The Clinical Trials Guru" shares his thoughts on the clinical research industry, business, entrepreneurship, sports and really just about anything he feels like at the moment

Thinking Nutrition

  • Publisher: Dr Tim Crowe
  • Total Episodes: 75

Thinking Nutrition is all about presenting the latest nutrition research in plain language and then translating this into what it means for your health. Dr Tim Crowe is a career nutrition research scientist and an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian. Tim has over 25 years of research and teaching experience in the university and public health sectors, covering areas of basic laboratory research, clinical nutrition trials and public health nutrition. He now works chiefly as a freelance health and medical writer and science communicator.


  • Publisher: MedPage Today
  • Total Episodes: 32

The race to a COVID vaccine has become a global effort — and fight. There are more than 200 vaccine trials currently worldwide, 29 of those in clinical trials with a handful in large-scale/phase 3 trials. Track the Vax is a weekly podcast from MedPage Today and Everyday Health to keep you informed on the development of a covid-19 vaccine, from trials to distribution and everything in between. We take a science-driven look at what’s going on behind the scenes. Hosted and produced by medical correspondent Serena Marshall, with Executive producer health journalist Lara Salahi this podcast will bring you interviews and conversations with all the key players — from leading researchers to pharmaceutical companies to distributors, and even those in line to get the shot.

Live Long and Master Aging

  • Publisher: HealthSpan Media
  • Total Episodes: 151

The Live Long and Master Aging (LLAMA) podcast is a weekly series of extended, one-to-one interviews, about human longevity. Hosted by Peter Bowes, leading scientists share their latest research into living a long and healthy life. We delve into the clinical trials and challenge new ideas. We also feature some remarkable people who have already mastered the art of aging. Hear about their insights into growing old, without feeling old, and the secrets of their longevity.

Focus on Neurology and Psychiatry

  • Publisher: ReachMD
  • Total Episodes: 301

New research and clinical trials yield frequent developments in neuroscience and mental health. ReachMD welcomes an array of leading thinkers who lend their focused expertise to these principles, central to human function and ability.

The Niche Pod

  • Publisher: Noah Goodson, PhD
  • Total Episodes: 55

Join Dr. Noah Goodson every Monday for a summary of top news in the biotech, clinical trials, and life science industries.

CanadiEM Podcasts: CRACKCast, ClerkCast, CarmsCast, First Year Diaries

  • Publisher: The CanadiEM.org Team
  • Total Episodes: 275

CanadiEM aims to improve emergency care in Canada by building an online community of practice for healthcare practitioners and providing them with high quality, freely available educational resources. Our podcasts are found on this channel and include: CRACKCast (Core Rosen’s and Clinical Knowledge) helps residents to “Turn on their learn on” through podcasts that assist with exam prep by covering essential core content. ClerkCast: A podcast focused on clinical clerks and their time in emergency medicine. It provides an overview of key topics that help you to rock your EM rotations. First Year Diaries: A podcast focused on the first year of independent clinical practice in emergency medicine and all of its trials and tribulations. Physicians as Humans explores the struggles that physicians face and how they have overcome them. From addictions, mental health issues, and all manner of personal crises will be discussed to help let those who are currently struggling know that they are not alone.


  • Publisher: Pharma Talk Radio
  • Total Episodes: 262

PharmaTalkRadio is an internet radio podcast platform organized and supported by the Conference Forum to give easy and free access to industry professionals, patient advocacy and students in medicine development. PharmaTalkRadio features industry insiders on the latest strategies, business models, and new innovations to advance clinical research with emphasis on clinical trials, patient- centricity, drug delivery, Immuno-oncology, digital, mobile and other technologies as well as leadership topics and emerging biotech challenges. Also featured on PharmaTalkRadio are podcasts covering a wide range of topics from Conference Forum events.

Laboratory Considerations for Clinical Trials

  • Publisher: Q Squared Solutions
  • Total Episodes: 13

This podcast from Q Squared Solutions looks at factors sponsors should consider when preparing for clinical trials.

trialsitenews’s podcast

  • Publisher: TrialSite News
  • Total Episodes: 82

TrialSite News Podcast Series is a segment where we talk with patients, doctors, CROs, nurses, clinical researchers and investigators, and clinical site representatives, to give you a full view of healthcare. We want our audience to know the good and the bad happening with clinical trials and research, and to see what is working and what is not.

UK HealthCast

  • Publisher: UK HealthCare
  • Total Episodes: 65

UK HealthCast is a podcast featuring interviews with UK HealthCare experts on a variety of health-related topics, from how to recognize stroke symptoms to what patients need to know about clinical trials and more. Subscribe to UK HealthCast today wherever you listen to podcasts!

People Always, Patients Sometimes

  • Publisher: Spencer Health Solutions
  • Total Episodes: 32

The “People Always, Patients Sometimes” podcast is presented by Spencer Health Solutions. We look at the evolution of drug development, clinical trials, and healthcare to recognize the important role that patients should have in the process. We talk with the innovators and disruptors in clinical research organizations, patient advocacy groups, pharmaceutical companies and independent thought leaders calling for healthcare transformation. Hosted by Janet Kennedy.

The CoVax Files

  • Publisher: Surani Fernando
  • Total Episodes: 11

The CoVax Files is a podcast hosted by investigative healthcare journalist Surani Fernando that dives deeper into the Covid-19 vaccine race with top experts from around the world. Surani has probed this industry for over a decade and this podcast aims to take an unbiased view to explore how the vaccines work, their clinical trials, efficacy and safety results, manufacturing processes, logistics and distribution to the world. Is a vaccine really the magic potion for a better future? Tune in and get the info you need to make your own conclusions. Disclaimer: This podcast is not linked in any way to the COVAX facility, which is co-led by the Gavi Alliance, WHO and CEPI. 

The Pancreatic Cancer Podcast

  • Publisher: Jonathan Brody/Jordan Winter
  • Total Episodes: 12

Have any connection and interest in understanding not only pancreatic cancer, but to cancer in general? Listen to a surgeon scientist and a Ph.D. scientist, both in the middle of their careers and leaders at their respective institutions, who have combined 50+ years of experience in the field–discuss with thought leaders in oncology the politics, the landscape, the science, the clinical trials, the challenges, and the opportunities within the field of cancer research.

Project Oncology®

  • Publisher: ReachMD
  • Total Episodes: 221

Showcasing major breakthroughs in cancer care from worldwide clinical trials, Project Oncology® educates and assists the healthcare professionals who dedicate their lives to helping patients fight cancer. Here you’ll find leading oncologists discuss and share essential cancer care strategies for all different types of cancer. And as worldwide clinical trials continue to explore new screening tests and discover novel treatment options, you can rest assured that you’ll always catch the latest in cancer research with Project Oncology®.

I’m Aware That I’m Rare: the phaware® podcast

  • Publisher: phaware global association
  • Total Episodes: 740

I’m Aware That I’m Rare: the phaware® podcast is devoted to raising global pulmonary hypertension awareness with dynamic stories from PH patients, caregivers and medical professionals from around the world. Through this series of impactful, insightful and, most importantly, hopeful stories from members of the global pulmonary hypertension community, we hope to further the global #phaware conversation as well as to capture, engage and enable misdiagnosed and undiagnosed PH patients because early diagnosis and treatment can mean the difference between life and death. Topics range from the importance of early diagnosis and global PH awareness, to the impact of clinical trials to how patient support and advocacy are paramount to battling this disease. Learn more about PH at www.phaware.global

Taking Cancer On

  • Publisher: Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Total Episodes: 3

In an effort to simplify the science behind our ambition to ‘drug the undruggable’, this podcast draws back the curtain on cancer research and takes a look at its complex inner workings. Hosted by Sebastian Hermelin (co-founder of the War On Cancer app), each episode welcomes a new expert guest who takes the listener through one of the many stages of cancer research and drug development; from early discovery efforts, through to clinical trials and drug approval.

Marrow Masters

  • Publisher: The National Bone Marrow Transplant Link
  • Total Episodes: 45

This podcast series educate patients, caregivers, and health care professionals regarding important topics as they relate to bone marrow/stem cell transplant and Car-T cellular therapy. Our newest addition, Season 5 covers all things related to Survivorship with 9 NEW episodes. Season 5 is sponsored by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Seagen and the Omeros Corporation. Season 4 covers the incredible Caregiver Perspective with 8 episodes. Season 4 is sponsored by Incyte Pharmaceuticals and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Season 3 covers the Patient Perspective with 8 episodes which include 5 patient inspiring experiences, a beautiful donor experience, a valuable chat regarding Oncology Clinical Trials, and a timely episode on Pain Management. Season 3 is sponsored by Jazz Pharmaceuticals and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Season 2 featured 7 episodes. Join us as we take on some popular marrow myths and BUST them. Whether its CAR-T cell Therapy questions, a need for a better understanding of clinical trials, cGVHD concerns, relationship/love issues, donor/age options or the truth on palliative care, we’ve got you covered. Our interviews with the nation’s leading doctors, social workers, and health care professionals will feature advice and expertise sure to help. Season 2 is sponsored by Seattle Genetics and our esteemed Link Partners. In Season 1 (sponsored by Incyte Corporation), we focused on all things related to Chronic Graft Versus Host Disease, or cGVHD. Check them all out and let us know what you think! ([email protected])

The Problem

  • Publisher: Regenstrief Institute
  • Total Episodes: 42

The Problem is a podcast dedicated to fighting the Hydras of Health care – those complicated, big hairy issues that impact health care on the societal level. Every season, you’ll hear about a different big, massive problem, and each episode within that season will feature a different discipline or industry’s take on that problem – how it’s being addressed, how it’s being talked about, and the trials and triumphs of those involved — clinically and personally. This is a podcast for anyone who might be interested in how these problems have developed and how they’re approached. You don’t need a PhD to be affected by them, so you shouldn’t need a PhD to learn more about them.

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