20 Best Machine Control Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about machine control ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best machine control podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Machine Control Podcasts 2021

With thanks to ListenNotes, Crunchbase, SemRush and Ahrefs for providing the data to create and rank these podcasts.

Highley Invested

  • Publisher: Jordan Highley
  • Total Episodes: 87

Brought to you by Jordan Highley, the mind behind Make More Capital and the author of Grown Money and Create Your Own Passive Income Machine. Tune in for stories, education, perspective, investing tips and topics around business, financial literacy and personal growth. What have been some of the best investments of money, time or energy that you’ve made that has helped you get to where you are now? Find out as I interview entrepreneurs to get answers. Take control of your resources, it makes life easier 🙂 New Episodes drop every Thursday, 8 AM EST.

MoneyBall Medicine

  • Publisher: Harry Glorikian
  • Total Episodes: 62

The power of data is remaking everything in healthcare—not just the way doctors diagnose patients, but the way pharma companies develop drugs and the way hospitals and insurers control costs and create value. Here at MoneyBall Medicine, host Harry Glorikian talks with the executives, entrepreneurs, physicians, and scientists who are pushing that high-tech revolution forward. Harry’s 2017 book “MoneyBall Medicine” offered an inside look at the ways genomics, machine learning, and other trends are improving healthcare delivery and efficiency. And now he brings you intimate conversations with industry pioneers—like Mount Sinai’s Joel Dudley, N-of-One’s Jennifer Carter, Semeion’s Massimo Buscema, Genetic Alliance’s Sharon Terry, and many more—who share their hard-won experience in the surprising, exciting, untamed world of data-driven healthcare.

Control Intelligence

  • Publisher: controldesign
  • Total Episodes: 5

Welcome to Control Intelligence, a ControlDesign.com podcast that goes deep inside the automation and technology that machine builders, system integrators and end users rely on to keep production humming efficiently

The Adam McBride Show

  • Publisher: Adam A. McBride
  • Total Episodes: 482

Fed up with big government, big tech, and the mainstream media machine that supports their attempt to grab power and control every facet of your life? Adam gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s issues plus interviews with leaders who are taking control of their personal freedom.

Content With Media

  • Publisher: Content With Media
  • Total Episodes: 43

Our podcasts focus on bringing you insights from the construction and plant sectors, sharing knowledge and information from those working across the spectrum of this important industry sector. The podcast is hosted by Peter Haddock, with individual series or episodes sponsored by organisations like Leica Geosystems, the surveying and 3D machine control equipment specialists, Ritchie Bros the auctioneers, and leading equipment manufacturer, Liugong Direct UK You can get in touch with Content With Media by emailing [email protected]. We hope you enjoy listening

Cribl: The Stream Life

  • Publisher: Cribl
  • Total Episodes: 11

Welcome to Cribl: The Stream Life, a podcast for IT pros trying to take control of their machine data with a no-compromise approach. With each episode, our hosts will cover the latest insights, trends, and emerging technologies to help IT organizations achieve observability in their operations. We’ll also address specific challenges we’ve seen with hundreds of enterprises over the last several years and sketch out the fundamental capabilities required to overcome them.

Data in Depth

  • Publisher: Mountain Point
  • Total Episodes: 24

Data in Depth explores the world of advanced analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning within the context of the manufacturing industry. In each episode, we talk with industry leaders and analytics experts to help manufacturers gain a 360-degree view of the shop floor, their business processes, and their customers. We dig into the concepts of descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics to help solve modern manufacturing problems. From MRP to quality control, from field service to customer experience, our conversations are designed to spur innovative, data-driven thinking for those working to build the factories of the future.


  • Publisher: Ryan Lanser
  • Total Episodes: 4

A Podcast about up and coming technology in the earthwork and excavation industry, including software, machine control, drones, and takeoff software.Interviews with up and coming go getters in the industry, that are building there companies and crushing it utilizing the latest tech.

Empathetic Machines

  • Publisher: William Thomas & Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz
  • Total Episodes: 19

This is a podcast about a sort of “enchantment” our tech has cast over us. We want to get under the covers a bit. What are the boundaries set around technology? Who sets them and why? We will explore how much we should trust these boundaries setters to make good decisions for us. We ponder where machines ‘’quantify us” in great detail for extraordinary insight. And we consider where this quantified human exhibits directed or even controlled behavior. With a dab of irreverence, we’ll conduct this investigation through a series of discussions, thought experiments, and rich examples.

Gary Garver- ‘Controlled Chaos’

  • Publisher: Talk 4 Radio
  • Total Episodes: 353

Gary Garver has now ventured out and has created a new morning show on KCAA 1050am, www.w4cy.com and www.k4hd.com (Hollywood Talk Radio) in the Inland Empire called ‘Controlled Chaos’ with Gary Garver and Jigga Jones. Garver’s talk show is hip cool and unpredictable. ‘Controlled Chaos’ has a unique, truthful, take on life and the world today, which is innovative and sure to make you laugh. He has the famous and infamous on the show and you never know who or what will happen on the show. Gary likes to think of his show as the new wave of terrestrial radio. Garver states, ‘Radio has been killed by the corporate suits that have run the radio industry into the ground in the last decade with the same personnel and same song playlists. ‘Controlled Chaos’ will be the resurrection of radio and the wave of the future for all broadcasters, who will be able to feel free of the media machine and speak their minds.’‘Controlled Chaos’ with Gary Garver and Jigga Jones. It’s must listen to radio.Gary Garver- ‘Controlled Chaos’ Radio Show is broadcast live at Tuesday – Saturday at 12AM ET on W4CY Radio (www.w4cy.com) part of Talk 4 Radio (www.talk4radio.com) on the Talk 4 Media Network (www.talk4media.com). This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (www.talk4podcasting.com).

The AI in Accounting Podcast

  • Publisher: Joshua Feinberg
  • Total Episodes: 46

The AI in Accounting Podcast helps accounting professionals prepare for the future of outsourced accounting and accounting technology with expert tips and best practices on artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and machine learning. The primary audience of the AI in Accounting Podcast is U.S-based accounting, finance, and IT professionals at CPA firms, outsourced accounting providers, bookkeeping firms, outsourced controller firms, and outsourced CFO firms. Hosted by Joshua Feinberg of Vic.ai

PSA Biztech

  • Publisher: Production Systems Automation
  • Total Episodes: 15

PSA is a privately owned national engineering and custom manufacturing firm founded in 1985, with two locations in Pennsylvania. We are experienced engineering system integrators, providing services for turn-key capital projects, controls, PLC’s, HMI’s, drives, servo systems, safety systems, OSHA compliance safety solutions, custom machinery and robotic work cells including pick and place, palletizing, machine tending and end of arm tooling.

Human Machine, The by BENNETT, Arnold

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 16

Bennett asks us to consider our brains as the most wonderful machine, a machine which is the only thing in this world that we can control. As he writes: “I am simply bent on calling your attention to a fact which has perhaps wholly or partially escaped you — namely, that you are the most fascinating bit of machinery that ever was.”As ever, his prose is honeyed, his thoughts inspired, and his advice as relevant today as when it was written.

Controlling the Mind + the Machine

  • Publisher: TacMobility
  • Total Episodes: 7

Understanding trauma and police work through stories from officers across America and the creator of TacMobility: Controlling the Mind + the Machine

Turbomachinery Controls Podcast

  • Publisher: Tri-Sen
  • Total Episodes: 11

Short, informal conversations about turbomachinery controls and turbine safety questions, ideas, innovations, tips, and tricks.

The Bialy Pimps

  • Publisher: Johnny B. Truant on Podiobooks.com
  • Total Episodes: 24

Life is good at Bingham’s Bagel Deli. The loathed customers are dealt the poor treatment they seem to deserve, bad rap music is played loudly, and The Rat is killed often enough to stem his immortality. And the insane homeless regulars — like drunken Little Johnny Redbeard — keep life interesting. But when a rival tricks the crew into thinking that the deli’s closure is imminent, they do the only logical thing: instead of giving up, they decide to go out in a blaze of glory, handing their customers the humiliation and abuse that the pesky social contract had previously forbidden. But as insults turn to assaults and snide remarks turn to harassment and pro wrestling moves, a strange thing happens. Business goes up — way up — as people come back in droves, begging for more. But the flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and as pop-culture welcomes the parody musical group “The Bialy Pimps” and its frivolous merchandising machine — and as the crew pushes to see how much bad behavior society will accept — the violent road to fame begins to feel like a runaway train, out of control and headed for destruction… The Bialy Pimps is a tale that could only be spun by the twisted, vaguely profane mind of outspoken blogger Johnny B. Truant. Combining hilarity with questions about conformity and whether the tail or the dog is the one doing the wagging, this story can’t help but raise a question for the reader: If the rest of your friends decided to submit to the Face-Kicking Machine, would you do it too? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Johnny B. Truant is the author of JohnnyBTruant.com, a popular blog with a fiercely loyal readership that covers entrepreneurship, outside-the-box thinking, and human potential. He is also a regular contributor to premier business blogs Copyblogger and Problogger, the director and MC of the Virtual Ticket program for Blogworld, the world’s preeminent blogging and new media conference, and the creator of The Badass Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating excuses and profiling people with disabilities who make most so-called “able-bodied” people look like total wimps.

Early History of the Airplane, The by WRIGHT, Orville and WRIGHT, Wilbur

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 3

The Brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air flight, on 17th December 1903. They were not the first to build and fly aircraft, but they invented the controls that were necessary for a pilot to steer the aircraft, which made fixed wing powered flight possible. The Early History of the Airplane consists of three short essays about the beginnings of human flight. The second essay retells the first flight: This flight lasted only 12 seconds, but it was nevertheless the first in the history of the world in which a machine carrying a man had raised itself by its own power into the air in full flight, had sailed forward without reduction of speed and had finally landed at a point as high as that from which it started. (Introduction by Availle)


  • Publisher: AgentA
  • Total Episodes: 32

listening sessions for the third ear ~ cut-up collage edits & free-format mixtape compilations eclectic selective assemblage ~ ranging from difficult to easy listeningvarious genres ~ various artists instrumentals . songs . spoken_word oddly modified – modly oddifiedmerging into medleys of metapsyphonicaCustomer Review: “Constantly Unfolding” “AgentA mixes together a wide assortment of music, clips of commercials and television audio into a smooth moving assemblage that both challenges and grooves. Music and spoken word are weaved together into an aural narrative. What could verge upon irritating randomness is tempered by AgentA, like any good DJ, keeps the pace consistent. Songs and audio clips flow naturally, inevitably, between one another, leaving the listener in a joyful place of anticipation.” – Francis Tibbles via Joel LuedersThe Francis Tibbles ShowMinneapolis, MN 10/12 Including selections from the following at one time or another: Zone Six Zeena Parkins YUD Yoshio Machida Yellow Swans Xylox XTC Wire William S. Burroughs Wild Acoustic Chamber Orchestra Wildchild The Wishniaks Whitley Streiber White Noise White Hills West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Weather Report The Wans Walking Concert Von Bondies Volcano Suns Virgineers Vince Guaraldi Victor Hugo Vic Chestnutt Vibes Alive Versatile Velvet Underground Veal Uqualla The Units Urkuma uk Crisis Twentyagon Tune YardsTsukimono Tremelo Transvision Vamp Trans Am Touch Embassy Torture Tony Schwartz Tone Language Tom Sherman Tom Jones Todd Gerber Tipsy Thunderball Thomas A. Clark Thom Blum The Kills The Citizen X Ensemble Tetsu Inoue Terrence McKenna Terre Thaemlitz Terminator X Telefon Tel Aviv tekdev69 Technotronic Tatsuhiko Asano T.Rex Sunn O))) Sunburned Hand of the Man Suede Sublux Sub Dub Steven Curtin Steve Tibbetts Steve Reich Starkillers Star Ghost Dog Sucking Strange Divine Spanky & Our Gang Snap Southpacific Something Different Smoker’s Delight Smashing Pumpkins Sleep Maps Sleep Shirley & Spinoza Skylab Sinister Kitchen Simian Shootingguns Shogun Kunitoki Shins Shalabi Effect Secret Machines Sean C. Murphy Sea Stories Scott Walker Saturnia Sara Ayers Sambassadeur RRose Roxy Music Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Rothko Rose Knudsen Rolling Stones Roel Meelkop Robyn Hitchcock Robert Crumb Robert Ashley Reverend Mofo Reuben Bell & The Casanovas Red Sparowes Radiohead Record Club The Quick Pscyche Origami Producers for Bob Princess Superstar Prince Rama Prime Time Sublime Orchestra Pretty Things Polmo Polpo Playgroup Planetary Assault Sytems Process Pink Mountaintops PiL Piero Umiliani Piek Phillip K. Dick Philippe Laccarrière Percussive Compagnie Pharcyde Phase Phantogram PGR Petri Kulijuntausta People Like Us Pee Wee Herman Pearls Before Swine Scott Walker Paul McCartney Paul Hogan Partisans Papa Byrd Pablo Ribot Opitope Olivia Tremor Control Off The International Radar The Offs Notwist Northern Liberties Nor Elle noiseOmatic 1000 Nite-Liters Nirvana Nicole Panter Nicky Da B Neu Nerve Theory Mushroom Music For Headphones Mr. Scruff Mounsier Metzi Monkees Moon Duo Mitchell Kriegman Mind Travel Express Michael Nyman Michael Chocholak Mice Parade M.I.A. McClusky Metric Messer Chups Meat Beat Manifesto Marshall McLuhan Matmos Margo Guryan Maelstrom & Napz Madvillain Madlib Luie Luie Lovecraft’s Adjectives Love of Diagrams The Lounge King and Monsieur Max Lost Fingers Lord Huron Lonely Things Lob! Linda Moulton Howe Lexaunculpt Lewis Black Leonard Cohen The Last Poets Laraaji LapTop Bogie Lafayette Afro Rock Band Ladytron L.U.V. Kraftwerk Klaatu Kit Clayton King Tubby Kings of Convenience King of Slack Kim Cascone Kid Cudi Ken Nordine Keith Zak Kayla Schmitz Kamel Niece Julian Treasure Juju Orchestra Joy Zipper Joni Mitchell Jonathan Richman Jon Hopkins Jon Hassell Johnny Pate John Zorn John J.H.Phillips John Giorno John Denver John Cage John Abercrombie Joe Lolito Jim Meneses Jimi Hendrix Jerry Garcia Jefferson Airplane Jazzsteppa Jack DeJohnette Is What? Isis IO Institute of Sonology Incredible Bongo Band icotec Hunter S. Thompson Hrvatski Holger Czukay Herbert Bruen Heath Yonaites & KM Krebs Hawkwind Hapi Drum Growing Gotan Project Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Gold Go Home Productions Gnod Girls Against Boys George Noory George Harrison Gateway Gaslamp Killer Gang of Four Funky Porcini Frank Sinatra Foxygen Four Tet Forty-one Fognode Flu Firesign Theatre Fireballs Fess Williams and his Royal Flush Orchestra Fatboy Slim The Fatales erikM Eric Parker Enoch Light encomiast Emergency Broadcast Network Elis Regina and Antonio Carlos Jobim Eleven Shadows Electric Wizard Electric Moon Edgar Varèse Edie Sedgwick Ecosound DXM Dr. Who Dat? Doldrums Dr. John C. Lilly Dorian DJ Shadow Dogon DJ Super T DJ Zebra DJ Mitsu Diplo Dinosaur Jr. Dif Juz Dick Cavett Der Plan Deliciosound Deerhoof Deee-Lite David Sylvian David Holmes David Carbonara David Byrne David Bowie Dave Holland Daedalus Curtis Amy Crooklyn Dub Consortium Cristian Vogel Crash Course In Science Cramps Corporal Blossom Cornelius Constantines Conrad Schnitzler Conan O’Brien Cold War Kids Coil Coast to Coast AM Cluster Cities of the Dead Circus Marcus Cinemafia Chuck Key Chrome Christopher Hitchens Cheap Trick The Chambers Brothers Chad & Jeremy Castle Kids Caribou Burt Bacharach & Dionne Warwick Burn Notice Bulk Buttons Buffalo Springfield Broadcast Brion Gysin Brighter Death Now Brian Jonestown Massacre Brian Eno Books Bomba Estereo Bohannon Bobby Matos Blues Magoos Blissscape Blank States Black Light District Biosphere Bill T. Miller Bill Maher Bill Hicks Big Faced Boy Bernie Mac Bela Bartok Bananascum Baka Forest People Bad Lip Reading Badbadnotgood Avengers Autumn Project Asa Arthur Lyman Art Bell Arling & Cameron Apples Antony Johnsons Antonio Carlos Jobim Anne Laplantine Animals Andromeda Mega Orchestra Andrey Kiritchenko Anarch-E Ambient Temple of Imagination Ambient Music Therapy Alwaro Negro Alex Reynolds Alan Watts Alan Moore Akabak AgentA Abby Miller At One A TOI A Small Good Thing Adventure Time 5ive .microsoundCustomer Review: “Interesting podcast” “This is one of those podcasts that feature a vast assortment of sounds and music. It’s an oddity in the iTunes store, but it’s a pretty fun time to listen to when going to bed, or going on an interesting drive. These shows will stimulate your mind. The only thing I have about this podcast is that it doesn’t happen that often. If newer episodes would come out and more often, I would continue to get tripped out by this awesome and unique podcast.” – Ricardo GonzalezSimpatico Audio Collage from Outher Odd Podners: Lovecraft’s Adjectives : with original music by Johnny & FaithEpisode 8 for examplevalley of capsules : surreal sonic states from a master of the myxtrik artsThe Chill Room : LIVE collage with radio host companionship artist spotlights and thematic presentationsExprimntlst Radio Diverse mixes well crafted with a thematic narrative focus Guess Behemoth Podcast Eclectic freeform sets peppered with patter as well as longform explorations and an expansive annex of vintage stoner rock Gets me through a day at the office:Jazzism (a katzpheno mix)Expand your jazz like mind .. my coworkers dig it too 😀 Selector23 – Handpicked DUB resets my vibe to chill

The Next Big Thing: Nanotechnology – for iPod/iPhone

  • Publisher: The Open University
  • Total Episodes: 28

How – and why – would you build a machine 10,000 times thinner than a human hair? This album features experts discussing the paradigm shift that is occurring in science. Scientists are learning to manipulate atoms on the scale of a billionth of a metre and control them to perform specific tasks. They can emulate biological and chemical systems to fabricate machines that will destroy cancer cells in the body, giving us nano-drugs of the future; and IBM is using nano-technology for information storage on a molecular scale. There are many other applications which will have a significant impact on the way we live. This album also provides an introduction to quantum computing and quantum mechanics. The material forms part of The Open University course S250 Science in context.

An introduction to data and information – for iBooks

  • Publisher: The Open University
  • Total Episodes: 1

Ever wondered how a computer processes data into information? This unit will help you to understand the distinction between the two and examines how a computer-based society impacts on daily life. You will learn what computers can do with data to produce information and how computers can be used to work with data and search for it, control machines, and support commercial operations. This study unit is just one of many that can be found on LearningSpace, part of OpenLearn, a collection of open educational resources from The Open University. Published in ePub 2.0.1 format, some feature such as audio, video and linked PDF are not supported by all ePub readers.

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