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Are you wanting to learn more about manuals ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best manuals podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Manuals Podcasts 2021

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Think Brick

  • Publisher: Think Brick Australia
  • Total Episodes: 26

Think Brick Australia represents the clay brick and paver manufacturers of Australia. We aim to inspire contemporary brick architecture and building design in all areas of the built environment: commercial, residential and landscape. Think Brick Australia continually produce new and updated technical information and industry guidelines for the greater construction community. Facilitating open discussions and interviews with leading industry representatives, Think Brick Australia’s podcast series is an accessible one-stop-shop for anything brick and construction-related in Australia. Think Brick Podcast Website – https://www.thinkbrick.com.au/Podcasts Think Brick Australia Technical Resources – https://www.thinkbrick.com.au/Technical/Manuals/technical-manuals

Merck Manuals Medical Myths

  • Publisher: MerckManuals.com
  • Total Episodes: 16

The Merck Manuals pits myths against medical degrees. Should you put butter on a burn? Drink coffee to sober up? Feed a cold and starve a fever? On this podcast, physicians from around the country set the record straight and help you make more informed decisions about your health. For listeners in the U.S. and Canada, visit MerckManuals.com to learn more. For those outside the U.S. and Canada, visit MSDManuals.com for more information.

Mom and Chill

  • Publisher: Brandey Bailey
  • Total Episodes: 5

Intended to inspire and encourage the Mom that’s giving it their all. Kids do not come with instructions and parents aren’t given manuals. This podcast offers a look into parenting with freedom, patience, love and an overall go with the flow attitude. Hosted by Digital Content Creator, Influencer and Mom of 3, Brandey Bailey. Sharing stories of the ups, down and in between, a little unsolicited advice and how I’ve learned to just Mom and Chill. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/momandchill/support

Come Follow Me | Podcast

  • Publisher: Come Follow Me | Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 92

A review the Book of Mormon lessons as outlined in the church manual. In this podcast, we will examine these lessons and point out the differences between what the Book of Mormon teaches vs the Mormon doctrine vs what the Bible teaches. We will be following the schedule as laid out by the church and release a video every week, two weeks in advance. The lesson outlines are pretty general, so the manual recommends that Sunday School Teachers and families use additional resources like: Church Magazines (New Era, Ensign, and Liahona); Hymns; Media library (Artwork, videos); Seminary and Institute Manuals; General Conference addresses; Gospel Topic Essays; Preach My Gospel (guide for missionaries). It will be up to you to determine if the doctrine taught by the Book of Mormon are the same as what the doctrine of the church teach. YouTube – https://goo.gl/Pe2LiV Website – https://TalkingToMormons.com/come-follow-me-podcast/ Facebook – https://goo.gl/s2vADr

Practically Perfect Parenting Podcast

  • Publisher: John Sommers-Flanagan, Sara Polanchek
  • Total Episodes: 32

Renowned professor, researcher, and author John Sommers-Flanagan, Ph.D., teams up with parenting, child, and intimate relationship expert Sara Polanchek, Ed.D., to bring you the Practically Perfect Parenting Podcast. Children do not come with instruction manuals, and this bi-weekly podcast tackles some of the biggest issues parents face, with humor and wit. Brought to you by The Charles Engelhard Foundation, and the National Parenting Education Network, this podcast pairs cutting edge research and proven technique, to help make you a practically perfect parent.

Imitation of Christ, The by KEMPIS, Thomas à

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 13

The Imitation of Christ is widely considered one of the greatest manuals of devotion in Christianity. The life of Christ is presented as the highest study possible to a mortal, as Jesus’ teachings far excel all the teachings of the saints. The book gives counsel to read the scriptures, statements about the uses of adversity, advice for submission to authority, warnings against temptation and how to resist it, reflections about death and the judgment, meditations upon the oblation of Christ, and admonitions to flee the vanities of the world. (Summary drawn from Wikipedia).

Blame It On the Vag

  • Publisher: Jennie and Abby
  • Total Episodes: 65

These things don’t come with manuals. This podcast is the closest you’ll get to one. Join us each week as we laugh our way through all our womanly blessings. Because there is nothing funnier than a vagina (seriously who needs dick jokes when you have one of these?) Nothing is off the table- no judgement here!

The Art Manuals Unwrapped Podcast

  • Publisher: Art Manuals Unwrapped
  • Total Episodes: 8

Art Manuals Unwrapped is a podcast featuring Iyabo Oba and Priscilla Wrightson, a duo from different generations who get excited about delving into the world of art manuals. They’ll unpack the ideas and thoughts of different art manual creators and their unique contributions to the Western European art scene. Focusing on the techniques they used to teach people how to draw and paint. This podcast is for anyone and everyone from the curious beginner to the seasoned enthusiast! A few cheesy jokes for good measure!

Certified with Yamkela Qondani

  • Publisher: Yamkela Qondani
  • Total Episodes: 4

Certified would like to tackle life issues with you. I believe the answers to most of our problems are dusty in a shelf somewhere. With the help of books, we will create our own life manuals and journey towards living our best lives.

People Magnet School

  • Publisher: Phil McCallum
  • Total Episodes: 122

Be RIDICULOUSLY influential. That’s the plan for your life. The MENTOR first reached 5,000, then 4,000 people. Then his APPRENTICES reached 3,000 their first day on the job. His predictions of 30, 60, and 100 fold viral influence with people seemed ridiculous back then. Jesus is calling you to be a PEOPLE MAGNET.PeopleMagnet.School is created by Phil McCallum, Lead Pastor at Evergreen Church in Bothell, Washington, USA. The inspiration are the four leadership manuals of Jesus’s method called GOSPELS by his followers. Find PeopleMagnet.School on iTunes and Spotify. The website is PeopleMagnet.School.

Shruti Says

  • Publisher: Barkha Khandelwal
  • Total Episodes: 157

The Podcast currently has 121 session and, every week 3 new session are added. As I learn I share my humble learning. The Four Books currently being studied are; – Bhaj Govindam (Every Sunday) – 23 Episodes – Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran (Every Tuesday) – 65 Episodes – Geeta (Every Wednesday) – 29 Episodes – Sunderkand (Last Thursday of every Month) – 7 Episodes – Vibhishan Gita (Completed) – 15 Episodes – Navratri – Inner Awakening (Completed) – 1 Episode Why this Endeavour? All machines come with manuals, we read the manuals before we operate them. However, this complex machine called ‘human’ is used without any guidance. The scriptures are the ‘Manuals for Humans’. The sooner we ‘Understand’ them, the better the type of life we will lead and better directed our pursuits will be. We are sitting on a store house of rich scriptures. The wisdoms that abides in them is immense. However, most of the time this precious knowledge is kept covered in an orange cloth, in a sacred corner and removed occasionally for chants and obeisance. The effort here is to make these a daily read for us. We should be able to pick up any scripture, Just like one effortlessly picks up a novel, magazine, newspaper, etc. any time, anywhere, read, interpret and experience it. As one of the saints once said, How long are you going to read other people’s experience? When will you experience it yourself? There can be multiple interpretations. Delve deeper into your very being and after that constant musing, what is it that you feel this reveals? Details on the Books; Bhaj Govindam This is a hard hitting composition to awaken us by the great Guru Shankaracharya. My learnings from Bhaj Govindam is a written expression, kindly refer to the notes below the audio. Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran This is a Mahapuran, written by Vedvyasaji and narrated by his son Sukhdevji to Raja Pariksit. Note: Pls refer to the notes to see which Skanda and chapter the session talks about. Currently we are in the 9th Skandh or Book. Geeta This is widely known, and is a part of Mahabharat. It is a divine dialogue between Shri Krishna and Arjun. The sessions are verse 24 onwards. Verse from 1 to 23 were not recorded, as at that time we had face to face sessions. Sundarkand This is a part of the Ramayan. Here, the great devotee Hanumanji, shows us essence of devotion. We are referring to the Tulsi Ramayan – RamcharitraManas Vibhisan Gita (Complete) This was done while understanding Shri Ram in Bhagwat, however the material was taken from Ramayan – Vibhishan Gita (Part of Tulsi Ramayan – Lanka Kand – Completed) May God’s Grace Flow

You Mad, Bro?

  • Publisher: S & J
  • Total Episodes: 13

Parenting is hard, co-parenting with an ex is harder, and co-parenting with someone after a messy divorce may seem impossible! Drs. Edwards and Sally are here to lighten the mood, dispel some rumors, and not really use their graduate degrees at all to help you navigate the muddy co-parenting waters. Throw your “What to Expect…” manuals from others out the window and join them in discussing the tough stuff single parents think… and no one wants to say out loud!

Discover Canada

  • Publisher: Mohsen
  • Total Episodes: 18

Study Guide – Discover Canada – The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship Source: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/discover-canada.html

Sleep … with Josh

  • Publisher: Josh Yang
  • Total Episodes: 60

Welcome to the Sleep… with Josh podcast. It’s the podcast where you Sleep… um… with Josh. In every episode, comedian and host Josh Yang will read commonly overlooked pieces of literature in his trademark monotone voice to help you drift off to sleep. Literature like: the dictionary, laws, various manuals, the Terms of Services you agree to but never read, and other random boring ideas. So if you have trouble sleeping at night, trust me, you’ll get tired of this podcast… guaranteed. So go ahead and Sleep… with Josh, tonight.

Artificial Intelligence and Product Strategy podcast.

  • Publisher: Arek Skuza
  • Total Episodes: 34

Follow my podcasts to learn how successful companies launch Artificial Intelligence-driven products and implement product strategy. You will find a vast number of robust case studies, insights, and manuals.

The Modern Court Reporter

  • Publisher: Planet Depos
  • Total Episodes: 9

The Modern Court Reporter is a podcast aimed at court reporting students, though we hope it will be helpful for court reporters everywhere. We focus heavily on topics for those in school or recently graduated, helping with the transition into working court reporter. Episodes are released monthly and are generally Q&A style, featuring interviews with both new and seasoned court reporters, scopists, proofreaders, attorneys, and other behind-the-scenes experts. Your hosts are Darlene Williams, Head of Professional Development at Planet Depos, and Dan Malgran, Head of Content. Darlene has been in the field of court reporting for over 30 years, with a background in handling complex litigation matters around the country. She has also spent the last 6 years leading professional development and quality assurance for the Planet Depos team. Dan Malgran has been working closely with court reporters for over 4 years, creating content ranging from tips and tricks to training manuals and webinars.

“Snippets of Me “

  • Publisher: Shontel Walks InFavor
  • Total Episodes: 7

Life didn’t come with manuals , we learn as we go . I am an encourager , a wife , a mother , a friend and a lover of Christ and my presence here is to share that love and inspiration to those who are navigating through life . Wearing many hats can have its ups and downs but here we will press through , grow through and conquer all no matter the circumstances. Ride with me as we journey and share many moments , not just one ❤️

The Brown Girl Experience Podcast

  • Publisher: Sonali & Saba
  • Total Episodes: 1

Welcome to the Brown Girl Experience Podcast – hosted by – Sonali, a first generation immigrant from India & Saba, a second generation immigrant from Pakistan. Your not so typical, two modern Desi gals who are navigating life in the USA without any instruction manuals. In this show, these women are sharing their stories to show you that you are NOT alone — raising awareness around different topics ranging from mental health, culture conflicts, college, dating, relationship with your parents, so much more. Most importantly, these women are giving a voice to the South Asian experience!

RTFM: Read The Friendly Manual

  • Publisher: dolltr!ck
  • Total Episodes: 7

Hear some of electronic music’s favorite manuals read by dolltr!ck, your friendly Internet-neighborhood music technologist. RTFM will tune you into the right frequency with words of wisdom from user guides, recorded live on Twitch at 6pm ET daily.

Senior Matters Radio

  • Publisher: Idaho Estate Planning
  • Total Episodes: 192

Senior Matters Radio is a weekly show dedicated to showcasing experts in the fields that matter most to today’s seniors. From insurance to financial planning, long term care to retirement, you’ll get useful, actionable advice from leaders in their respective fields. Hosted by Mark Wight of Idaho Estate Planning, a member of the Idaho State Bar, the Taxation, Probate & Trust Law Section of the Idaho Bar, Wealth Counsel, and Elder Counsel. He is also a Certified Academy Attorney with the Academy of VA Pension Planners and an accredited attorney with the Veterans Administration. Mark has co-authored several manuals for attorneys in the areas of Probate Administration, Estate and Estate Tax Planning, and Asset Protection.

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