20 Best Orchestral Music Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about orchestral music ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best orchestral music podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Orchestral Music Podcasts 2021

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Making A Soundtrack

  • Publisher: screenless
  • Total Episodes: 33

From composer to screen: the journey of the orchestral score. We all know that the composer writes the music for a soundtrack, but what about all the people we don’t see or hear about? Making A Soundtrack Season 2 shines a light on all of the people who contribute their time, energy and skill to bring an orchestral soundtrack to life.

Music Talks

  • Publisher: China Plus
  • Total Episodes: 134

Feast your ears on the musical classics of the east with MUSIC TALKS, the Middle Kingdom’s mashup of classical music and in-depth discussions with some of China’s most celebrated orchestral professionals. Experience the instruments, get some perspective, feel the pulse of antiquity.

Music Mindset: Mastery and Motivation in Education

  • Publisher: Carmen Morin
  • Total Episodes: 6

On the ‘Music Mindset’ Podcast, Concert Pianist and award winning teacher and entrepreneur Carmen Morin shares actionable insight and tools to support both students and teachers pursuing music education. The gift of musical expression has the power to become one of life’s greatest joys, and formal musical training as a discipline is very unique in the way it develops a unique set of tools that students can use to unlock their potential their potential in many areas of life. _Carmen Morin made her orchestral debut as soloist at the age of ten in Calgary, Canada. An award winning concert pianist and pedagogue, she was inducted into the Steinway and Sons Teacher Hall of Fame in New York (2019); and was awarded first prize with her piano duo partner, Dr. Lana Henchell, at the 2018 Coimbra World Piano Competition.Carmen passionately combines her love of the arts with entrepreneurship. She leads a collaborative team of nearly 40 faculty and staff in her role as Owner and Executive Director of Morin Music Studio in Calgary, Canada which is one of Alberta’s largest and fastest growing private music education facilities.

Secret Sound

  • Publisher: Matt Marble
  • Total Episodes: 42

Psychic pianists, prophetic instrument makers, and orchestral meditators–Secret Sound features marginalized American composers, whose work is drawn from intuitive experience and esoteric tradition. Each episode explores an individual artist, focusing on their musical works, creative process, biography, and esoteric influences. Along the way we’ll encounter the philosophies of New Thought, Theosophy, spiritualism, Kabbalah, Enochian magic, and more.


  • Publisher: Hurst Publishers
  • Total Episodes: 14

AfterWords explores the stories behind groundbreaking books. From colonialism and genocide to mysterious deaths and Brexit Britain, listen for lively discussions between authors and journalists. Produced by George McDonagh, for Hurst Publishers. Theme music is from https://filmmusic.io “Particles – Inspiring Emotional Romantic” by Rafael Krux (https://www.orchestralis.net/) License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Marvin Reyes

  • Publisher: Marvin Reyes
  • Total Episodes: 122

https://soundcloud.com/mrysofficial instagram.com/marvinreyesmusic/ mixcloud.com/marvin-reyes/ Email: [email protected] facebook.com/trancesoundsessions/ dj.beatport.com/absolutetrance youtube.com/channel/UCOfy79JlOEvF9UOqaPqbfXg “James Wilson presents Marvin Reyes” lives in California, USA, his first gig was a 5 hours marathon-set at Signature, The Roof in KL. What a way to get started! While his core genre is Trance (including Orchestral trance, Uplifting and Progressive trance), his deep understanding of deep house, nu-disco and house, as well as his impeccable presentation and attention to detail makes him the ideal choice for opening, main and closing sets. Furthermore, Marvin Reyes presents the successful Radio Show “Absolute Trance” which is in World Top 100 Episodes! his radio show “Absolute Trance” is supported by many known famous radio such as Tempo Radio, Trance Energy Radio and Trance World Radio…as you can listen to “Absolute Trance” on its air time at them! Amidst his few performances in Kuala Lumpur thus far, his most notable involvement was at the official Ableton Live 9 Workshop after-party held at BAIT, Bangsar. Look out for exciting releases and upcoming residencies from the doc.

Project Moonbase – The Historic Sound of the Future | Unusual music show | Podcast | Space cult | projectmoonbase.com

  • Publisher: Project Moonbase – DJ Bongoboy & MC Zirconium – Futurologists, antiquarians and explorers in the outer realms of the music multiverse
  • Total Episodes: 293

Project Moonbase is filled with music to surprise, delight and occasionally horrify you. Made by someone who really cares (and his prisoner). We bring you music you’ve never heard before that will put a smile on your face, open your third eye and make you dance. We love space age bachelor pad music, library music, charity shop cheese, hauntology, ping pong stereo, moog music, sitar-driven psychedelia, lounge, the retro-futuristic, contemporary electronica, soundtrack music, radiophonics, euro-pop, orchestral-pop, industrial-opera, hyphens, 8bit, chip tune, skwee, uneasy listening and steel drums. We’ve been known to salute the theramin, sidle up to an ondes Martenot and smile beneficently on the ukelele. Every episode includes the unnecessary news: the strange, the weird, the futuristic and the fun. Join us now and in the future!

Beethoven walks into a bar…

  • Publisher: Kansas City Symphony
  • Total Episodes: 48

A brand new podcast of the Kansas City Symphony, “Beethoven walks into a bar…” features our musicians in a lighthearted exploration into the wild world of orchestral music and life in a professional symphony orchestra.

American Muse

  • Publisher: Grant Gilman
  • Total Episodes: 15

Podcast about American orchestral music. Featuring interviews with guests including JoAnn Falletta and Gerard Schwarz.

Section Solo Music

  • Publisher: Section Solo
  • Total Episodes: 27

I make electronic music, and I’m pretty okay at it too. My other projects: @solomon-kim-music (orchestral) Ableton Live 9

Eric on Opera

  • Publisher: Eric on Opera
  • Total Episodes: 8

The series, Eric on Opera, will focus on vocal and orchestral music, with host Eric Owens playing selections by his biggest influences, exploring different themes in opera, and inviting special guests from the opera world to join him in the studio.

Spirit of Cinema

  • Publisher: Mable Productions
  • Total Episodes: 6

Film composer Sacha Puttnam talks us through each track on his new album, Spirit of Cinema, celebrating the films, the music, and the people that make them. Each podcast features a piece of music from films Sacha grew up with, his orchestral versions, interviews with the film makers and original composers. Produced by Rozzy Wyatt for Mable Productions

Deep Bass Podcast

  • Publisher: Peter Thomas & Cody Haltom
  • Total Episodes: 26

Peter Thomas and Cody Haltom co-host an exciting adventure through the wonder and magic of video game music. From 8-bit classics through to modern, orchestral masterpieces, each episode is dedicated to a specific game, where we do a deep dive into what makes the music wonderful… or terrible! We share our fondest memories of our first encounters with the game, as well as some of our top tracks to jump start you into the marvelous world of video game music! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deepbasspodcast/support

Podcasts from Brussels Jazz Orchestra

  • Publisher: Brussels Jazz Orchestra
  • Total Episodes: 7

It might be unexpected but the Brussels Jazz Orchestra (BJO) is not the kind of jazz orchestra that sticks to standards. We prefer to achieve the highest level by composing original music, creating unique arrangements and playing inventively as well as passionately. In fact, it really is jazz with a dynamic orchestral sound, with a classic strength in which each musician is also a brilliant soloist. The podcasts series ‘A Closer Talk’ starts where the BJO documentary ‘Bring it to the People’ ended. In these informal interview series, we invite captivating personalities with a love for music and a connection to Brussels Jazz Orchestra. A Closer Talk about music, life and everything else around it.

Mark Kermode: The Soundtrack of My Life

  • Publisher: BBC Radio 2
  • Total Episodes: 4

Mark Kermode leads a tour through soundtracks from his favourite movies, including orchestral scores, electronic music, songs from musicals and sound effects from another world

Orchestrating Change by Canton Symphony Orchestra

  • Publisher: Canton Symphony Orchestra
  • Total Episodes: 11

Canton Symphony Orchestra knows the need for change within the orchestral community. The tradition of classical music has ignored many communities that have contributed to the development and canon of repertoire played in the concert hall. While Canton Symphony is a regional orchestral, change starts at the smallest level. With “Orchestrating Change”, the Canton Symphony Orchestra hopes to facilitate conversations that will make the concert hall a more welcoming place for previously ignored communities as well as create more acceptance and diversity on the stage. GOALS – Be a platform for open discussion about diversity and inclusion in the orchestral community. – Be a platform for Black, Latinx, Asian, female, and LGBTQAI+ musicians, composers and administrators as well as other ignored demographics. – Educate our audience to issues surrounding diversity and inclusion and expose our current patrons to more music by Black, Latinx, female, Asian, and LGBTQAI+ musicians and composers. – Bring new audience to the orchestra by creating a more welcoming community that is reflective of the demographics in our Canton, Ohio community. – Move the CSO forward to programming more diverse music as well as increasing diversity within the organization.

Mainly Mozart Podcast

  • Publisher: Mainly Mozart Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 27

For 30 years The Mainly Mozart Festival has been gathering the greatest collection of orchestral players in the United States. This convoclave of musical champions comes together in San Diego every June for five exclusive concerts in the intimate Balboa Theater. Music Director, Michael Francis, is guiding the orchestra in a six year exploration of Mozart as a composer and personality.

All Strings Considered

  • Publisher: Scott Wolf
  • Total Episodes: 40

Hear music and interviews from the world’s leading guitarists, lutenists, string players, and related disciplines. The show explores mostly the world of the guitar, and mostly nylon-stringed styles like classical and flamenco, but whenever possible we explore the lute, orchestral strings, piano, and others. Really the show is about craft. Learn a little about music, get great practice advice, and glean wisdom on all aspects of professional musicianship. All Strings Considered is the best way to check out new music and (almost) meet your favorite musicians.


  • Publisher: Houston Symphony
  • Total Episodes: 9

MISSION The mission of the Houston Symphony is to inspire and engage a large and diverse audience in Greater Houston and beyond through exceptional orchestral and non-orchestral performances, educational programs and community activities. VISION In 2025, the Houston Symphony will be America’s most relevant and accessible top-ten orchestra. VALUES Excellence: Committed to the highest level of artistic, administrative, board and volunteer quality and performance Community Engagement: Foster meaningful experiences with our patrons and community Education: Promote learning opportunities for listeners and students of all ages Innovation: Pioneer and implement new and creative ideas in our work Relevance: Provide musical performances and resources that enhance the lives of our stakeholders and community Financial Sustainability: Responsibly invest in our present and dutifully plan for our future Inclusivity: Embrace and promote diversity across all levels of our organization Collaboration: Approach relationships with a spirit of respect and interconnectedness Vision 2025: A Strategic Plan for Transformational Change Through a yearlong process in 2014 that drew on the expertise of over four dozen members of the Houston Symphony’s board, orchestra, staff and community members, our organizational goals have been refined to reflect the values we hold most dear and the organization we wish to become. Learn more about our future plans in our 2025 Houston Symphony Strategic Plan.

The Branches Worldwide Podcast

  • Publisher: Branches Worldwide
  • Total Episodes: 14

Authentic Conversations About the Reality of Leadership. Team members from Branches Worldwide hold transparent and authentic discussions with Christian leaders. Through open and vulnerable conversations, business owners, pastors, and leaders from all walks of life open up about their own leadership journey. Music from https://filmmusic.io”Upbeat Piano ” by Rafael Krux (https://www.orchestralis.net/)License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

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