20 Best Training Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about training ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best training podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Training Podcasts 2021

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Marathon Training Academy

  • Publisher: Angie and Trevor
  • Total Episodes: 75

Running podcast that helps you unlock your potential to master marathon training and life. Listen as coach Angie Spencer shares her knowledge and experience as both a marathoner and registered nurse to help you run smarter, feel better, and go the distance. Whether you are a new runner or have logged many miles, Marathon Training Academy will propel you to the next level.

Candid Athletic Training

  • Publisher: Chad Henneberry
  • Total Episodes: 126

A fun and entertaining look at all things Athletic Training.

Firefighter Training Podcast

  • Publisher: Peter Lamb
  • Total Episodes: 122

Radio show for firefighter training.

The Training Dummies

  • Publisher: The Training Dummies
  • Total Episodes: 148

A World of Warcraft Podcast helping players understand the inner workings of the game, things often overlooked by veterans, unknown to the novice and misunderstood by the average. We will explain addons, Macros, grouping dynamics, preparing for most levels of content and how you can be a better, more productive and confident player!

Horse Training in Harmony

  • Publisher: Karen Rohlf
  • Total Episodes: 40

Do you want to advance up the levels without sacrificing your horse’s welfare and your relationship with him? Do you find it confusing trying to reconcile competitive training techniques with methods that prioritize partnership? Get ready for some fresh insights and a deeper understanding of how to progress with your horse. This podcast invites an evolution in your training and learning experience. Karen Rohlf will give you specific techniques and exercises, ‘outside the box’ concepts, and perspectives from top professionals. This show will explore how you can create stronger partnerships and healthy biomechanics, and will help you be your best self for your horse and for your life; free from the fear of making mistakes and dogmatic ‘right vs wrong’ thinking. As an author, internationally popular clinician, and creator of the Dressage Naturally program, Karen has been filling in the missing pieces and catalyzing breakthroughs for amateur and professional horsemen and women around the world. This show will have something for riders of every level and discipline. Learn more at https://dressagenaturally.net/

Mamas in Training

  • Publisher: Jessica Lorion
  • Total Episodes: 73

Giving aspiring moms and new moms guidance and community from moms who’ve been there. Hosted by Jessica Lorion, a Mama in Training herself. Here to learn right along with you, all about motherhood. We’re in this together!

The Training For Ultra Podcast

  • Publisher: Training For Ultra – Rob
  • Total Episodes: 133

The Training For Ultra Podcast – Weekly inspiration to get you out the door to run! Mix of elite interviews with mid to back of the pack runners who inspire. MWhether you are just starting to run or are a seasoned pro, everyone should find something interesting in this podcast. Let’s start training for ultra!

Champion Puppy Training Podcast

  • Publisher: Pat Quinn: Creator of the Champion Puppy Training System
  • Total Episodes: 104

Are you a new puppy owner? A busy puppy owner? A frustrated puppy owner? This weekly podcast will allow you to better know and grow your puppy. This puppy training podcast delves into obedience, manners, socialization and how to get your dog’s training off to a Champion start. Want relief and results? This podcast will sharpen your ownership skills so you can better develop your Champion puppy.   Throughout the year topics will include: Management techniques How to motivate your puppy (without bribing or being heavy handed) Increasing your handling skills.  Champion owner mindset Socialization considerations  Putting your puppy’s natural drives to work for you versus against you Common mistakes I see owners make Busting commonly help myths  Shining a light on small things that when done over and over make a big difference Scaling up your training so you can rely on your training when it matters the most Want the free app, or to check out my amazon store or more info on the Champion Puppy Training System online-app based course? Go to: www.championpuppytraining.com Got questions about your puppy?  Email: [email protected]  in the subject line put: podcast.  If you give me good details, I can give you a great answer!! Want to talk: 1-877-552-4267 THE FREE APP INCLUDES: Win the Day-Win the Dog: Your puppy’s daily regimen webinar Puppy Parables: Deep insights via e/audio book into your puppy’s development Skippy is Nippy: Turn the kids into Jr Puppy Trainers! Check out book or have the author read it to them via video book. Want access to: 200+ professionally produced videos, webinars, handouts, audio files, your own copy of the Puppy Playbook, plus weekly coaching calls with me!! Sign up and get instant access to my online puppy training course and my schedule: www.trainthroughplay.com https://www.facebook.com/championpuppytrainingsystem https://www.instagram.com/championpuppytraining https://www.instagram.com/champsdoghouse

FasCat Cycling Training Tips Podcast

  • Publisher: FasCat Cycling Training Tips Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 138

FasCat Coaching, Boulder CO

Marathon Training for Beginners

  • Publisher: Running with the Crummy Marathoners
  • Total Episodes: 40

Mo and Harrison Crum here! We are new to running, and together, we are documenting our marathon training journey. This podcast is for beginners, by beginners! If you are training for a marathon or half marathon, this is for you! Most people don’t run marathons, and that’s because they don’t think it’s possible! We are here to prove most people wrong. If we can inspire others to start running, we consider this a success! Follow us on Instagram @crummymarathoners and DM us questions—we will answer as many as possible. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/crummy-marathoners/support

Training Unleashed

  • Publisher: Tortal Training & C-Suite Radio
  • Total Episodes: 125

At Training Unleashed we are passionate about bringing you in-depth interviews with the most qualified training experts in the field today. Our podcast provides tips, tricks and everything you need to know about how employee training can improve your team and profitability. Tune in to learn how to think outside of the box, break free from the corporate training mold and unleash the best training practices to ensure your company’s success.

The Training For Trekking Podcast

  • Publisher: Rowan Smith: Hiking and Trekking Coach
  • Total Episodes: 182

The Training For Trekking Podcast is created to help hikers, trekkers and mountaineers prepare for their bucket list adventures. Rowan shares with you the simple training strategies to get you fit, strong and resilient to tackle anything the trail will throw at you. He also dives deep into subjects such as how to prevent altitude sickness, nutrition while hiking, injury prevention and much, much more. So you can have the very best chance of a safe, enjoyable and successful adventure!

Nitty Gritty Training

  • Publisher: Obstacle Racing Media
  • Total Episodes: 29

Faye Stenning and Jess O’Connell provide amazing training content on strength, running, and obstacle racing.

Training Business ®

  • Publisher: Mark Garrett Hayes
  • Total Episodes: 138

Want to know how to drive sales and get more training, facilitation and coaching clients?  Thinking of becoming a freelance consultant or starting your own facilitation business? Training Business ® is definitely the show for you. The Training Business podcast helps freelance trainers, training business owners, learning and development professionals, facilitators and coaches like you to start, grow and scale your business. Every Thursday you get expert tips to help you market your training, facilitation and coaching programs and sell your learning and development services. Your host, Mark earned his first train-the-trainer (TTT) whilst working for The Walt Disney Company in Florida and his MBA from the University of Ulster. He is an expert sales coach and passionate developer of people, and a former Learning & Development Manager with 17 years of experience training corporates, self-employed and unemployed across 19 countries. Subscribe to the show right now for a fresh episode each week.


  • Publisher: CosmiQ Works
  • Total Episodes: 51

The official podcast of IQT CosmiQ Works, an applied research lab dedicated to emerging geospatial analytics

Lattice Training Podcast

  • Publisher: Lattice Training
  • Total Episodes: 31

Hosted by Lattice Training – the world’s leading climbing coaching and training company – this podcast features discussions and interviews with many of the planet’s best climbers and coaches. We delve into the details of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to training, performance and recovery. Whether you’re just starting out climbing, or a professional athlete, there is an incredible depth of knowledge throughout the episodes! For further support and knowledge please check out Lattice 365, our exclusive membership group.

Concealed Carry Podcast – Guns | Training | Defense | CCW

  • Publisher: ConcealedCarry.com
  • Total Episodes: 599

A podcast for serious individuals dedicated to their study of self defense, concealed carry, tactics, gear and the use of force

Training the Pointing Labrador

  • Publisher: Julianne Knutson
  • Total Episodes: 155

New podcast weblog

Wasted Ammo Podcast: Firearms | Training | Preparedness

  • Publisher: Steven Broyles and Eric Mavis: Gun Enthusiasts, Modern Survivalists, Citizen Defenders
  • Total Episodes: 320

A podcast about life, liberty, and preparedness.

Eric Hörst’s Training For Climbing Podcast

  • Publisher: Eric J. Hörst
  • Total Episodes: 61

Training and performance podcasts by Eric Hörst, the internationally renowned author, researcher, climbing coach, and climber of 40 years. Monthly podcasts detail the latest training techniques to improve strength, power, endurance, as well as mental and technical skills. With his unique combination of veteran experience and knowledge of the cutting-edge research, Eric presents practical, effective guidelines to climb harder, reduce injury risk, and maximize the experience of moving over stone. Eric is one of the world’s most knowledge climbing coaches and his eight books (and many foreign translations) have sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide. His latest book release is the 3rd edition of Training For Climbing. Learn more at: http://www.trainingforclimbing.com

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