3 Businesses That Would Benefit The Most From Social Media Marketing

3 Businesses That Would Benefit The Most From Social Media Marketing
1 year ago

The last 20 years were the golden age for social media platforms. Every year more and more people are getting involved in the global community. With the rise of new social media platforms, today everyone can find a community to join. But to say that social media has been evolving through the number of users means to say nothing.

During this time, social media channels changed the way people communicate, share ideas and photos. This was at least the initial purpose of those engineers and entrepreneurs who created Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. However, the power of social media grew far beyond. The biggest catalog of people of different ages, couldn’t help but attract business owners to jump into it and do the business.

No number is needed here to prove that businesses prefer ensuring a social media presence since almost every company in the world has an account on at least one of the social media websites. Among those, we have separated 3 types of companies that would benefit the most from social media marketing, from the viewpoint of their business specifications and amid the enhancing functionalities of social channels.

Gaming, Betting, and Gambling

This triangle represents a huge variety of businesses with many different customer bases. Let’s cover them all briefly: Which would be the most popular hashtag on Twitter if it’s the most-waited period of the European Football Championship? Without a doubt, football will be one of the most discussed hot topics on the aforementioned platform. Imagine that at least 35% of football fans would like to make a bet, also affected by the predictions, commentaries, and community discussions on Twitter or another channel. This is the right place to show up and reach out to the fanbase.

Gambling is not only a business type but also a business philosophy. Many people would agree that gambling platforms and social media use similar techniques to attract users and keep them active. Moreover, gambling companies can consider social media as an additional tool to, let’s say, educate people. Educate, that’s right. Some people have very little idea about, for example, crypto gambling options, which emerged a decade ago. This comes from another reason, which is the lack of trust in cryptocurrencies. Customers are prone to stick to the traditional payment methods. So, giving them information about the advantages of cryptocurrencies can be an indirect investment in the future of such a gambling company.

When it comes to gaming, everything is super clear: people love playing games on their smartphones, and even Facebook introduced its native games for users to play right on the Facebook website. Introducing new games, sharing avatars, and creating filters on Instagram is a great way to attract users.

Hospitality and Tourism

We came up with shocking data while analyzing the effect of social media on the tourism and hospitality sector. According to it, 85% of millennials, so the vast majority, plan their trips via social media. Moreover, 34% book a certain hotel just because they saw it on social media, shared by friends, other community members, or else.

Besides these numbers, tourism agencies, hotels, and similar businesses have all the potential material to create viral social media posts, engage people, and so on. A beautiful girl or a handsome man, drinking a cappuccino in a cafe next to the Eiffel Tower, will melt thousands of hearts and will bring thousands of digital hearts to such a publication.


Last but not least, non-governmental organizations, that are not doing business as the aforementioned companies, but heavily work with communities, and there are different reasons why social media platforms are the best tools for them, especially if there is a good digital marketing strategy on the table.

It’s everyone’s business: Helping those in need, fighting for equality, finding financial resources to develop local programs, and many other projects belong to everyone. Every citizen can have the feeling of being a part of a local or international NGO if they share the same ideas. So, those who share your ideas in real life will share your posts, pictures, and announcements, even fund-raising programs on social media.

Social media platforms have useful tools, such as the fund-raising opportunity, that could be used by NGOs to bring to life a new charity, contribute to local development projects, etc.

The Bottom Line

All 3 types of businesses would probably have to choose the best-matching social media platform for them. A thorough review of different social media websites can give an idea about where to start and how to implement the business’s digital strategy, to attract more people and gain visibility. Don’t forget one more, not less important thing, every successful digital marketing strategy should prioritize helping the users and providing valuable information.

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