4 Important Tips for Setting Up a Work Carpool

4 Important Tips for Setting Up a Work Carpool
4 years ago

Even if you’re not currently heading to work every day, it’s a good idea to think about ways you can continue to protect the Earth once all of this is over. The coronavirus pandemic has ruined typical commutes and work schedules, but it has done wonders for the planet by cutting down on greenhouse gases. If you want to continue protecting the Earth once the pandemic subsides, carpooling is a great habit to fall into—whether you’re in Illinois or South Carolina. Follow these tips for setting up a work carpool so that you can make the most out of protecting the planet.

Figure Out the Type of Carpool

One of the big mistakes people make when it comes to work carpools is failing to plan far enough in advance. If you want to pick up more than one person on the way, then you’ll need to make some decisions before you begin carpooling. To start, there are a few different types of carpools—a designated driver, alternating drivers, or even a fleet car or van program. Once you figure out the type of carpool will work best for your group, you’ll be able to plan the rest.

Set Rules

When you’ve figured out who all is going to be in the carpool, everybody needs to sit down and discuss the rules. Carpools falter when rules aren’t set. If someone doesn’t like food in their car, then they need to establish that rule when it’s their turn to drive. If someone keeps strolling out of their house ten minutes late, then you need to set a firm grace period. We’ve listed some common rules to consider below:

  • When is payment for gas due?
  • How long will the car wait for you to come outside?
  • Who picks the music?
  • Are food and drink allowed?

Arrange a Schedule in Advance

When you’ve decided on the rules, you can then arrange a schedule. Try to arrange things at least a week ahead of time so that everyone is prepared and up to date. If you want, you can also use free apps and programs such as Group Carpool, which will help you plan and sort schedules. Better yet, if someone needs to cancel, they should be able to send out a message and alert to the whole group.

Get Your Car in Order

When it actually comes time to carpool again, make sure your car is in good shape. Take it to a local tire shop to ensure that your wheels are in order and that no flats will stop your commute. You’ll also want to ensure everyone remains as hygienic as possible—nobody will want to take any chances, so keep hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and other cleaning products in the car to make people feel more comfortable.

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