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We know what a small but growing business needs for its security. We assembled the below list prioritizing value, ease of use, features and accessibility.

With these options, you can be sure that  remote monitoring, reliability and customer service is reliable, too. These top picks for security for small business have many solid reviews that we’ve also included to sift through the higher quality services.

So, think about your own priorities. Each system below has its strengths on top of the key points we have mentioned. Whether it’s a particular feature or flexible payment plans, we’ve got you covered.

Best Security System For Small Business


Brad Fuller from Hall Strategies:

It is thought that to run real ransomware simulations, a company must have an extremely expensive contract with a consultant like IBM. This is no longer true. HORNE Cyber has created a revolutionary product called ThreatRunner that is extremely affordable for small businesses. It allows businesses to safely test its security against DE weaponized ransomware – so they can understand how prepare and vulnerable their organization is.


Elisha Riedlinger from NeuShield:

Ransomware has grown to become one of the most significant problems in cybersecurity, and anyone with important data stored on their computer or network is at risk, including small business. NeuShield has developed the world’s first mirror shielding technology to instantly recover data and files when other malware defenses fail. NeuShield Data Sentinel is unique because it does more than just detect and block ransomware attacks. NeuShield’s anti-ransomware technology allows organizations to recover damaged data without a backup utilizing Mirror Shielding to protect files and ensure instant recovery of important data. This new approach allows customers to instantly recover from any unknown or zero-day threat because NeuShield protects the data, rather than try and find specific threats, without requiring continuous updates and without signatures.


Elias Manolopoulos from Aeon Ads:

Its free to use, efficient and doesn’t take up too much memory or space since its a cloud service.

Untangle Next Generation Firewall

Heather Paunet from Untangle:

By deploying Untangle’s Next Generation Firewall solution, small businesses can provide protection at the network gateway through an all-in-one solution. Our NG Firewall encompasses web content and application filtering, virus blocking, intrusion prevention, and secure remote connectivity for all-devices connected to the network. A jack-of-all-trades for small businesses, the NG firewall is easy-to-use and cost-effective. Small businesses and organizations need to remember that no business is ever too small to be a target for cybercriminals – the assumption alone is a major vulnerability. Even with limited resources and security expertise, the NG Firewall helps small businesses remain vigilant and protected against bad actors.


Jeremy Harrison from Hustle Life:

This is the best for a start-up company because it has no lock-in contract and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. For small business owners, the value you get is always a significant factor when making a decision. You get all the features other companies offer at a lesser cost. You can turn professional monitoring on or off anytime, depending on your budget. It’s self-installed and easy to use.

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