6 Leading Payroll Software For Small Businesses Of 2020

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4 years ago

Once your business grows, it can be hard to keep organised with employees. Payroll software is used by most larger companies and is a great way of futureproofing your business’ internal model.

We’ve picked out the most popular choices of 2020. The rest, however, is up to you. Choose what matters most – is it flexibility, support, price that you want to prioritise? Our handy descriptions will guide you through those questions.

Leading Payroll Software For Small Businesses

Intuit Quickbooks

Sarah Franklin from Blue Tree AI:

Owning a business requires management of different tasks for creation of the company and production of the service. It is crucial to have a reliable payroll software to keep track of your expenditures and provide valuable coverage for employees. We work in digital marketing and SEO so we are constantly taking new trainings to improve knowledge and skill for our employees and have a very flexible schedule which allows for people to have fluctuating salaries. Using Intuit Quickbooks as our payroll software has helped manage our finances and satisfy our employees. Our favorite features included are tracking, organizing receipts, invoices and taxes support. We highly recommend integrating this service into any small business.


Nick Thorsch from Internet Marketing Managers:

MobileHR has an employee directory (employees could be contractors, part-time workers, etc too), and then they can either be paid on salary, clock-in/clock-out, or record time against projects/jobs. It’s very flexible. Then it can export the payroll leger to any payroll processor, so the small business can integrate with whichever processor they’re currently using, which does the payment distribution, taxes, etc.


Aaron Gould from PEO Focus:

While we work with multiple payroll vendors to suit the different needs of our clients, for Small Businesses we are very impressed with the service that Payentry currently roles out to their clients. As the back engine for multiple payroll companies their software is currently ahead of the game. Their transparent pricing model allows their clients to have access to the latest technology that acts as a full service HRIS in addition to full service payroll and time management. What Christina Thompson is building with her team there is nothing short of extraordinary.


Jobin John from Egochi LLC:

I strongly recommend Gusto as my #1 choice when it comes to payroll software. The biggest reason I personally use and recommend Gusto is due its ease of use. I can assure you that you won’t find an user friendly software than Gusto. It saves me a lot of time and the biggest benefit of using Gusto is that it also helps 1099 form creation and filings. It is cost effective and the customer support is brilliant. I have been using it for years now and have never had any issues with it. I can easily store my employee portfolio in it and also set reminders for convenience. Last but not the least, the most desired feature of Gusto, that every small business owner would love is that it allows you to run unlimited monthly payrolls without any additional fees.


Michael Nemeroff from RushOrderTees:

We use Wave payroll because it very user friendly, and one off the cheapest payroll services on the market. The payroll software is easily connected to the accounting software, keeping your books in order with minimal effort. Wave has a 30 day free trial period, so I would recommend any company looking into payroll software to give it a try!


Ollie Smith from Card Accounts:

In my opinion, the ‘Kashflow’ software is a great system for small businesses. This intuitive system allows for the carrying out of all payroll tasks with files saving automatically to the ‘cloud’ for your convenience. The tailored invoice templates provided and high-level of built-in security gives any under pressure business owner a fantastic peace of mind. Try out the free trial yourself – you won’t regret it!

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