8 Pieces of Office Equipment That Will Help Optimize Employee Productivity

8 Pieces of Office Equipment That Will Help Optimize Employee Productivity
2 years ago

All organizations want to achieve heightened productivity levels and invest in resources to improve productivity. Workplace productivity is influenced by intrinsic factors such as motivation and the right tools and office equipment. Below is a list of essential office equipment that can help improve your team’s productivity.

Standing Desks

If you wonder how standing desks help productivity, note that sedentary behavior has been linked to poor work engagement and declining performance. Introducing standing desks reduces your employees’ sitting time, improving their productivity and health. Standing desks merge the benefits of working while sitting and standing, enhancing performance.

Ergonomic Seat

Ergonomic chairs provide comfort for your team when working, and they can significantly improve productivity. Long sitting hours on ordinary chairs have negative effects such as discomfort and back pain, making it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Ergonomic chairs provide constant support, reduce back pain and improve posture improving productivity.


Whiteboards are instrumental collaboration tools that can boost productivity. Effective communication can amplify employee productivity. Whiteboards are visual communication tools that employees can use to share ideas, communicate important information, share and monitor progress updates on critical projects, and create team to-do lists to stay organized.

Company Smartphones and Two-Way Radios

Convenient communication devices such as company smartphones and two-way radios boost productivity. For instance, two-way radios are excellent for large businesses such as a warehouse as they allow employees to communicate instantly and coordinate operations.

Using company smartphones, employees can contact each other quickly and efficiently to resolve issues or questions. Contacting clients and customers through cell phones fast and efficient task completion, leaving extra time for them to focus on other deliverables.

Office Desk Organizer

Disorganization impedes the ability to focus and stay productive. Clutter creates distraction, which eats into the working memory and causes cognitive overload. Office desk accessories, like an organizer, can help keep your workspace tidy and create a clutter-free environment for maximum productivity. Having a desk organizer on each of your employees’ desks will reduce time spent looking for documents in a pile of clutter, lower stress, and increase focus.

Updated Computers and Laptops

Computers can slow your team down if they are not up to date and cause frustrations and dwindling productivity. When they are in the best operational performance, the computers will support better time management, keep the communication lines open, allow better concentrations and help your team achieve their deliverables.

A Coffee Machine

Coffee is energy-boosting, and installing a coffee machine in the office can improve your team’s productivity. Short breaks are necessary for productivity, and they will be more effective when your employees can get refreshments that keep them energized and alert.

Photocopier and Printer

Printing on demand and document conversion into editable files are some of the additional features that can boost productivity and enhance outcomes when printing business documents.

Building upon this, it’s worth noting how office printers and copiers have evolved to cater to the modern workspace. Today’s devices offer more than just basic printing and copying functions. They seamlessly integrate with various office systems, allowing for effortless cloud printing, wireless connectivity, and even advanced document management features. As offices increasingly rely on digital workflows, having dependable and advanced equipment ensures the smooth transition of information, keeping processes efficient.

The environment, mindset, and the health of your employees impact their productivity. Every business should be keen to identify and avail equipment that can make their employees work efficiently. Providing the right office equipment such as standing desks, ergonomic chairs, coffee machines, and stationary can trigger positive emotions and energy, boosting productivity.

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