8 Ways You Can Compete In Today’s Job Market Without A Recognized Diploma

8 Ways You Can Compete In Today's Job Market Without A Recognized Diploma
2 years ago

Getting a job in today’s market without formal qualifications can be extremely difficult but isn’t impossible. While you might have to work a little harder, you can still get the job that you desire.

You do need to research a job’s requirements before applying for it, however. If a job specifies that they want a candidate with a specific qualification or degree, then applying for it might not make a lot of sense. Thankfully, many jobs do not have such requirements.

This article will explore eight things that you can do to compete in today’s job market without a recognized diploma:


VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience) is a French program, designed to help professionals obtain recognition of their skills in their chosen field, without having to take part in a college course or apprenticeship scheme. The experts from Excellence VAE say that the VAE program can help you to receive an official accreditation without having to return to school, which is great for people that are working or have children to look after. Annually, 35,000 people obtain their skill accreditations through VAE.

If you are in France, then it’s definitely worth giving the VAE some consideration. While it is not available in other countries, the accreditation can still be used internationally to demonstrate one’s skills, making it perfect for people that are studying or working in France but want to go elsewhere.

Work Experience

Another very effective way of getting job placements without a diploma is to acquire work experience, which you can do as a teenager or young adult. It is possible to get work experience as an adult, although it’s unusual and employers might not be open to hiring you for a week to look around their office or place of work. Try to determine what it is that you want to do with your life from a young age so that you can begin applying for work experience placements.

If you intend on getting into a trade, such as plumbing or electrics, work experience will be extremely handy. In fact, work experience is often a requirement for many apprenticeships, which we will come to next. Make sure that your work experience placement is with an experienced and professional company that knows what they are doing and can train you well.


After your work experience placement, you might be able to apply for an apprenticeship with the same company. If not, then you can apply for an apprenticeship with another company. The government financially incentivizes offering apprenticeships to young people to businesses, giving them tax breaks and funding. Apprenticeship schemes are a very effective way of developing a specific career and learning more about it. If you intend on working in a specific sector for the rest of your life, then an apprenticeship could help to give you the leg up that you need to overcome any barriers.


A traineeship is like an apprenticeship, except it is usually offered by more professional companies and is less common with trades. Traineeships are often paid, unlike many apprenticeships, and are only for a fixed time, with many not offering ascension in the company that the traineeship is held. Even so, a traineeship can help you to develop and become better at your job. In addition to this, having a traineeship from a reputable company on your resume will make you much more attractive to employers. When employers are looking for staff, they look for people that have experience.

Professional Training

If you can’t find an apprenticeship or a traineeship, then you may want to enroll in a professional training course in the specific area that you intend on working. Professional training is a very effective way of developing in your preferred area and boosting your industry connections. Professional training courses can be expensive but are valuable. If you cannot find a professional training course being offered in the area that you intend on working in then you may be able to enroll in a course at a local college, though this is an option that’s best for people that want to learn specific trades, such as plumbing and electrics.


If you want to find work in your industry, then you need to network. The best way to network is to attend training seminars and speak to people on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. On these platforms, you will find people that have a lot of experience in your industry. Many of them will be more than willing to offer their advice or suggestions on getting into the industry and finding a permanent placement without a diploma. When you are networking, always be respectful, polite, and do not appear forceful.


If you are looking for work and do not have a diploma but have been networking, then you could ask the people that you know to recommend jobs to you. If they see any or come across any jobs that might be suitable for you, then they can pass them on to you and tell you about them. This is a very effective way of finding work. In addition to telling you about jobs, they can also give you a referral, which will make you more attractive to employers that are hiring, especially if your friend has a senior position in the company or is good friends with the manager that is responsible for hiring.


Finally, if you want to get a job and don’t have a diploma, you need to be determined. The only way to achieve anything in life is determination. Sometimes, a qualification allows people to walk into jobs that they may not actually be appropriate for. If you do not have a diploma then unfortunately you will not be “walking” into any jobs, but you can still work hard, prove that you deserve the job, and impress hiring managers. All you need is to be determined.

If you don’t have any qualifications but want to find work, this article’s the only advice that you’ll ever need. Make sure to take each point into consideration and apply them to your job search, so that you find the job that’s right for you.

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