9 Cyber Security Programs Ideal for Small Businesses

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4 years ago

We recommend the following companies for protecting your small business from cyber security threats. These companies are trusted and we found their programs easy to understand – so you know exactly what you are getting. We have also selected a range of companies so you should be able to find the perfect fit for your company specifically. Take a look below!


This product was recommended by Bruce Hogan from SoftwarePundit

Cloudflare is a software tool that small businesses can use to improve the security and performance of their websites. The Cloudflare platform provides a firewall, DDoS protection, rate limiting, bot management, and a VPN. These features keep websites safe from a variety of attacks. In addition, it improves website performance through features like intelligent routing, optimizing images & videos, and load balancing. Cloudflare is used by thousands of businesses and costs less than $50 per month.


This product was recommended by Tatiana Gavrilina from DDI Development

Cyberark is one of the undisputed leaders in the field of protecting companies from cyber attacks. This program reliably protects insider information from the most powerful hacking attempts. It protects passwords and access keys, especially those that are used in cloud technologies. Cyberark does not slow down the process, it runs smoothly.

The demand for Cyberark is easy to understand if you look at the company’s customers. Among them – half of the Fortune 500 list. It is a reliable partner of more than 4000 companies around the world too. As for the cost of the program, Cyberark is already so experienced a player on the market that it has flexible offers for businesses of all levels, including small businesses.

Suma Soft

This product was recommended by Tatiana Gavrilina from DDI Development

What other program I would like to call, is Suma Sofa. This is a fresh cybersecurity market player. But the capacity of this company is impressive. Firstly, Suma Sofa works with a wide range of industries, starting from Finance and Banking to Healthcare. As for the cybersecurity services, it is worth emphasizing their online security services. Additionally, I would say, the company has a CERT-IN and ISO 27001 certification.

Cyber-security Small Business Program

This product was recommended by Shiyang Gong from AILaw.Inc

The Cyber Security Small Business Program supports small businesses across Australia to have their cybersecurity tested by a provider by a provider that has been approved by the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers Australia New Zealand (CREST). It provides grants to small businesses for up to 50 percent of the cost of a micro, small, or standard certified small business check. The eligibility criteria are simple for this program; for eligibility, you must have Australian Business Number and must be registered for the Goods and Services Tax.

Lionfish Cyber Security

This product was recommended by Matt Pitchford from SecOps Cyber Institute

The Cyber Evolution and Empowerment Model™ (CEEM), from Lionfish Cyber Security, empowers SMBs to defend and protect themselves against cyber threats using a unique combination of on-demand training, mentoring, and cyber security technologies that monitor, alert and mitigate cyber incidents. CEEM is designed to ensure companies are proficient in foundational concepts and skills across key areas of cyber security.

CEEM also provides SMBs protection at the network gateway, encompasses web content and application filtering, virus blocking, intrusion prevention, and secure remote connectivity for all-devices connected to the network. And with 24/7 support and mentoring available, every SMB can be assured their data, employees and customers are protected and secure.

Lionfish Cyber Security, the business division of SecOps Cyber Institute, is the next evolution in managed security service providers for SMBs. As cyber warriors, we protect our clients, families, friends and the nation from cyber threats. Our mission is to enable companies to defend and protect themselves against cyber incidents by acting as a force multiplier, giving SMBs the ability to accomplish a much greater cyber security posture using our resources and capabilities bundled in an affordable security offering.

With 43% of cyber attacks targeting small businesses, SMB owners need a quick and affordable cyber solution that is easy to implement and maintain. Lionfish caters to those businesses that need affordable and scalable security solutions to safeguard their data, employees, and devices.


This product was recommended by Abdul Rehman from VPNRanks

The program I would recommend for ensuring small business cyber-security would be a VPN service. A VPN service is crucial for businesses these days as the data-breaches and hack attempts keep increasing day by day. A VPN encrypts your connection and ensures secure browsing and data transfer while making sure you stay completely anonymous online. Moreover, in the current conditions where everyone is forced to work remotely, A VPN is a must have because working from home can put your business at risk since employees from everywhere will be accessing your business network, thus increased risks of breaches and hacks. A good VPN service comes with all kinds of features including antivirus, anti-malware, dedicated IP & more.

Sucuri’s Free Website Firewall

This product was recommended by Justin Channell from Sucuri

Sucuri is going to provide crisis responders with a free website firewall for one year during the coronavirus pandemic. We are offering website protection and increased performance for dedicated professionals and volunteer services who have been acting as crisis responders, such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Physicians
  • Emergency medical technicians
  • Food banks


This product was recommended by Dan Bailey from WikiLawn

We use Bitdefender for endpoint security, to ensure there are no data breaches and our customer information is never compromised. The main thing I was looking for was something easy to use that could be understood by people who know little to nothing about internet security. Bitdefender definitely has that, with a clean user interface and the ability to customize most things for your company’s needs.

By far the most useful feature for us is the Policies feature which lets you set conditional statements to affect behaviors. If this condition is met, then do this, basically. This has allowed us to tailor our security measures so we can easily do routine checks without having to disable the entire system.

We can just assign a specific use case and tell it to behave a certain way only when that’s true, then delete that use case afterward if we feel it could create a weak point. Bitdefender seems to receive plenty of updates, too. I’ve never felt like it’s behind the times when it comes to protecting against the latest schemes. They’ve added a lot of support for ransomware recently, for example. This may only apply to certain businesses, but it’s nice to know there’s an option.


This product was recommended by Jean Le Bouthillier from Qohash

Quebec based cyber-security organisation on a mission to bring digital trust, security and availability of data assets. Qohash have just launched their first commercial data security solution, aimed at protecting financial institutions and their sensitive financial data.

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