A Complete Guide to Marketing Strategy For Yacht

4 years ago

Intelligent, targeted and high-impact yacht marketing is the active catalyst that ensures your yacht stands out from the crowd and achieves a successful sale. As the world’s leading experts in yacht marketing, Fraser’s approach is proactive and international in scope, using both proven promotional tools as well as innovative techniques.

As in any competitive market, Such as property buyers and sellers are driven by a combination of individual needs and market forces. As the rate of demand for luxury yachts rises, so does the rate of supply. This has led to a growing number of vessels for sale and a corresponding increase in the number of buyers. Perceptions of yacht pricing have changed due to the rise of online marketplaces, such as the Superyacht Mega Marketplace. The result is enhanced choice for buyers, who are now better educated and more in control of their financial future. As a result, while this powerful force may be counter-intuitively creating a competitive market for yachts, it is also creating a clear incentive for sellers to seize this rare opportunity – and a great opportunity to sell a property they’ve spent years developing.

Many sellers believe their market position is guaranteed because they are brokers, agents or charter brokers. But this can be an impediment to success, as you will find in the following chapters of this illustrated guide.

Traditional rules of marketing are being challenged. Buyers are now more mobile and flexible, which is leading them to use the internet to get the best value for their money. As a result, the time in which people have been deciding on a new yacht is now coming to an end and marketing strategies need to adapt to this new era.

In this guide to yacht marketing, property experts Robbie Fraser and Martin Gibbs share advice and insights from a variety of perspectives and specialisms.

Effective social media strategies are increasingly important in the rapidly-changing world of yachting. In this creative section of the guide, Martin and Robbie share the latest social media tips for your marketing.

Increase the visibility and reach of your marketing campaign now – not later. In this section, readers will find a comprehensive guide to successful marketing which gives them an understanding of the power of this approach and how to present their product in the best possible light.

What happens when the marketing campaign is successful? What is it like to sell your yacht? In this engaging section of the guide, the authors share their exclusive insight into the barriers and objections which the most successful sellers overcome.

What are the important steps you need to take to provide the best possible service to buyers and sellers? In this section, readers will discover the qualities of the most successful brokers and successful yachts, as well as a guide to how to deal with some of the most common and familiar obstacles on the market.

The key benefits of investing in a professional marketing Yacht are as follows:

  • a clear stand-out strategy with your key message across every platform possible
  • the sheer size of the market opportunity for luxury yachts, which is now at a record level of well over 4,000 vessels of all classes
  • the fact that there are now more than 36,000 buyers for yachts, so the pool of potential clients who never considered buying a yacht is growing by 7 per cent each year

In this buyers guide to marketing, property experts Martin and Robbie look at the reasons why yacht-buying demand has risen by 750 per cent in the past ten years, and why it will continue to rise.

Experts believe that the 1000 vessels currently for sale in the world’s yachting markets are enough to fully satisfy the very rapidly expanding demand for yachts. However, in a competitive luxury market it can be difficult to find a location which suits all potential buyers, as well as being the right size, matching the buyer’s needs and budget.

If you’re thinking about taking your yacht to market for sale, then you might not be sure whether you should sell via an agent or on your own. As for whether you need to advertise or need a website, all of these are questions which you should be able to answer with a few simple checks of the market.

Market Feasibility

You must first have a clear view and understanding of the market that you’re going into. This is why it’s absolutely essential that brokers, charter brokers and agents are able to accurately describe the current state of the market for yachts.

In addition, they need sufficient knowledge to be able to help you identify potential buyers in future markets, which is invaluable to any marketing campaign.

Once you have the right advice and support, you need an effective marketing tactic and a marketing plan that will effectively showcase your yacht to the world. Your marketing plan will also need to have some relevant and specific details regarding where and when to show your yacht, and what type of email marketing or social media marketing to utilise. This information will be beneficial to buyers and potential clients, as well as to potential buyers. You must always keep the current clients in the loop regarding any changes to your marketing strategy, as well as every important development in the market. In this guide, Martin and Robbie share their expert advice on the key points you need to consider when marketing your yacht.

If you’re thinking about taking your yacht to market for sale, then you might not be sure whether you should sell via an agent or on your own. As for whether you need to advertise or need a website, all of these are questions which you should be able to answer with a few simple checks of the market.

As a Yacht, much of its market is based on the fact it is easy to enter. Therefore it is important that your marketing plan is simple to manage.

Having a website, mobile app or a digital marketing strategy will help you to engage buyers, and they will also help to sell your yacht.

It’s also important that a website should be simple, flexible and intuitive for your Yacht marketing. If it is, than you will spend less time updating it and can instead focus on presenting your vessel. A website that is easy to use is also an effective tool for the buyers.

Pros and Cons

Some of the main pros and cons associated with marketing your yacht are as follows.

For both buyers and sellers, having a website can act as a major asset. As a seller, it allows you to keep your clients up-to-date with the latest developments in the market, and it will also help engage buyers with your product.

For buyers, they can get useful information such as up to date details of the market, as well as a sense of how the process of purchasing your Yacht would work.

Becoming an Expert

To market your yacht effectively, you will need to know your product very well. This will help you to see your products in a way that nobody else can copy or imitate, and will also establish you as the expert in your field.

You will need to be able to effectively communicate the facts about your product to buyers and potential clients. You’ll also need to be able to introduce your product to the right kind of client in the appropriate way, which will help you to expand your marketing versatility.

Yacht Market

Before you can sell your yacht, you need to discover its market, which is a much bigger market than you might think. As you can see in the case study, a well-built yachting experience was being sold for more than three times the asking price. This shows that there is plenty of money available for a yacht like this.

The yachting market currently accounts for approximately 100,000 vessels worldwide, of which 6,000 to 8,000 are registered yachts, while the majority of these are private yachts. Yachts represent a wide range of different categories from small sailing dinghy racing yachts to bolt-on stern designs to superyachts. Prices vary widely, with prices ranging from a few thousand pounds to potentially more than 500 million pounds. There are also survey ranging from 40 feet to 165 feet. Prices range from as little as $500,000 up to tens of millions of dollars. Purchasing small to midsize yachts can be considerably more economical than a large yacht. There is no doubt that the yacht market is growing through a succession of increased demand for yachts and sales, which is causing a quick growth in the number of yachts sold.

Do’s and Dont’s

Do market your yacht right

The yacht you have for sale might start with a clean sheet, but not necessarily a clean title. It may be an existing vessel, or have been salvaged and rebuilt using reclaimed timbers and parts. You need to research the yacht before selling it. Read about the history of the yachts, the state of the hull and the mechanicals. Take time to try on the sails and check the gear.

Do have a solid marketing strategy for your yacht

In your marketing strategy, you should take into account the resources you have at your disposal. You may want to create a website and run a Facebook advertising campaign. You might want to promote your yacht in print, or on television.

Do specify what is your desire to sell your yacht for

In the event that you are trying to sell a yacht as the main asset, your maximum sales price should be the maximum price you want to get for the yacht. Selecting a maximum price always means that, psychologically, you’re already starting out with a low price. While the actual amount that your yacht is sold for could vary, you need to make sure that it will be high enough to remain competitive in the market.

Do market the yacht on your website

Marketing via your website will help you make your website a highly useful tool in your marketing strategy. Your website will also be the central point of contact for potential clients to research the yacht, and contact you for further information.

Your marketing strategy will define how you communicate with your potential clients. Your goal might be to prompt potential clients to contact you, where your tactics might be to advertise your yacht’s availability through social media. Regardless of which you use, you should always be open to making it both entertaining and informative for your potential clients.

Do have a strong presence on the social media

Marketing via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Google Plus, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Tumblr is beneficial for promoting your yacht. Therefore, you must make your profile visible to your potential clients. Ensure that you are using the appropriate hashtags and uploading pictures that will match the description of the yacht.

Do market your yacht the right way

Most of the time, it is important that the people who visit your website choose to buy your yacht, and you need to make sure that the process is as quick and easy as possible. People want to know how easy it is to purchase your yacht, and how quickly they can safely close the transaction. In addition, you want to make sure that your potential clients are comfortable throughout the process.

Furthermore, you also need to provide a certain level of detachment for your potential clients during the entire marketing process, as they are affected by the emotion of the transaction. You can be as flexible and friendly as you want.

Buyers must get a clear idea of what the yacht needs. If it is in a poor state, they prefer not to purchase it no matter how much they like it. This is why you may want to put your yacht into a different era to enhance the value of your yacht.

Do evaluate the potential clients in your marketing plan

Your marketing strategy must also consider the you target customers in your target market. If you do this correctly, you will be able to determine what the most appropriate methods are for marketing your yacht. This will make sure that it is marketed to the right person, and will result in positive results. You should be sure that you present your yacht in the way that it will be most appealing to the buyer. You will ensure that they get a better and more genuine feel about the yacht.

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