Audit SEO – why should you do it regularly?

3 years ago

Every SEO campaign can turn totally ineffective if it hasn’t been followed by a thorough website’s audit. It’s a definite must to first analyze a site before you start enhancing it according to the best SEO practices. Auditing it helps notice its most crucial drawbacks and shows you what should be fixed. But if you think that you should only do it once at the beginning of your campaign, you’re actually wrong. An SEO audit has to be performed on a regular basis if you want to be sure that everything works as it should. Every website has its flaws and can be damaged – it is essential to check it once in a while and stay out of trouble.

Improving your website’s performance

As simple and as complicated as that – perfect site performance is what Google loves best. A white label SEO audit lets you see possible issues with your website – lack of meta tags, slow loading speed, incorrect sitemaps or URLs, etc. If your site is facing any security issues, it will analyze them as well. Although not all of the errors can be fixed within hours, it’s good to trace them and put them on your to-do list.

Providing information about your keyword status

Thanks to a solid SEO audit, you know what keywords your website ranks for and which of them are valuable and relevant considering services or products you sell. You can also check what keywords are recommended for your particular branch and which of them are used by your competitors. Then, it will only be a matter of implementing them on your website by making some changes in the content, internal linking, and possibly meta tags and descriptions.

Checking on your competition

An audit will let you follow your competitors not only in terms of keywords, but also the overall content on their websites, their traffic flow, backlinks, and other relevant SEO-related actions. It can be a valuable lesson about what you haven’t done yet and what works and a great inspiration for your future actions.

Analyzing your progress

Using special SEO audit tools, you’ll be able to check your own website’s progress. Does the search engine optimization campaign really work, what keywords does your website rank on and which positions it gained. If you see that everything goes according to plan, you can continue your actions. And if not, that’s a reason to think it all through and find the drawbacks of your current strategy.

Keeping abreast with the newest algorithms

It seems like Google is a living organism that likes to change and evolve, because it provides us with new algorithms quite often nowadays. And every new algorithm means that your website has to adjust – whether you like it or not. If you won’t follow the updated regulations, you may lose your hard earned positions and it’s probably the last thing you’d want, right?

How often should you do an SEO audit?

As everything in the SEO world – it depends. However, it’s usually recommended to perform an audit about twice a year, or if you have your own SEO team, even every quarter. It’ll help you be up to date with what’s going on with your website and what should be fixed or changed.

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