Photographers, Manage your Business Efficiently with these Management Software Services

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4 years ago

Keeping your business organized has never been easier with these Management Software Services that allow you to easily keep track of your tasks and efficiency. These services in particular have been recommended for Photographers.

Studio Ninja

This product was recommended by Syed Usman Hashmi from PureVPN

It is designed by Wedding Photographers and UX specialists. It is amongst the world’s most user-friendly photography business management software, which can help save time, increase profits by becoming more organized and efficient in your work. It helps you organize your workflow by keeping client communication organized that you can never miss any deadlines. Its AI automatically keeps in touch with clients for you by setting up auto email reminders to receive payments.

Its Invoicing and quoting mechanism is great, you can easily set up your payment terms and enjoy online payments. They have got an awesome customer support staff and a dedicated FB page for solving your queries 24/7. Most importantly its portal-based system allows for photographers’ clients and customers to see all their items in one simple window, which makes it user friendly both for you and your client.


This product was recommended by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

ShootQ’s studio management software offers an impressively broad range of features.


This product was recommended by Nina Larsen Reed from Larsen Photo Co.

Táve is the most powerful business management software for photographers. Their online platform helps photographers get booked more quickly, by combining quotes, questionnaires, contracts, and payments all in one. You can also create job-specific workflows to stay on track, and use templates and automations to never miss sending an important email again.

What really sets Táve apart from other softwares is their powerful reporting tools, to track lead sources, revenue, sales, expenses, sales tax liability, and so much more. Using Táve saves me hundreds of work hours ever year, and feels more like a full-time employee in my business than just a software.


This product was recommended by Bob Kniley from Kniley Photography

I’m a full-time wedding photographer in Rochester, NY, and I use 17Hats to manage nearly every important facet of my business: lead capture via embedded website forms, quotes, contracts, project tracking, automated email sequences, viewing upcoming receivables, and more.

17Hats is one of the best business management tools available for photographers because it was originally built for photographers, and, while it can be used for other types of service providers, it has unique capabilities for photographers. This includes integrations with Fundy, ProSelect, and Shootproof, which are all sales tools for photographers.

17Hats handles much of my administrative burden, so I can focus on my business. It notifies clients when payments are coming due, reminds them when invoices are overdue, seamlessly creates invoices after contracts are signed, and emails my couples regularly regarding important timelines, questionnaires that are due, and education about what to expect in our work together. I’m very happy with 17Hats, and I’m sure any photographer who wants to be free of annoying paperwork will appreciate its ease of use.


This product was recommended by Cassandra Rocha from Ignite Visibility

A free online project management and team collaboration platform that brings together people, is just what your readers have been searching for. Plexie not only provides a rich content creation experience but brings together all your sources of information into highly engaging documents that enable better-informed decisions. From simple text documents to high-end digital experiences, Plexie allows you to engage your audience to improve decision making, learning and results.

What are teams doing with Plexie?

  • Marketing and Digital Creative Campaign planning and execution
  • Social media / blog content creation
  • Content, design, ad, graphics team review
  • Website mock-ups
  • Digital magazines
  • Document procedures for systems such as Google Analytics, CRM and marketing automation


This product was recommended by Srilakshmi J from Setmore

Setmore is an online appointment scheduling software that helps Photographers book and manage their appointments online for Free. Setmore comes with a free online Booking Page that can be shared with customers to accept appointments. It also integrates with Instagram and Facebook to turn followers into customers. Setmore lets you add 1:1 video meetings to appointments for consultation/briefing and also lets you accept payments through Square (free version) and Stripe payments (Premium).


This product was recommended by Dan Edmonson from Dronegenuity

My company, Dronegenuity, provides aerial drone photography services to businesses across the United States. Our preferred business management software platform is Airtable. Airtable is a cloud-based spreadsheet software that fulfills all our project management needs as a photography company. It has the ability to handle all sorts of content types such as text, checkboxes, currency types, and barcodes. Most importantly, attachment options allow us to store essential media such as photos.

All of this content can be viewed in highly customizable formats across tables, graphs, and even calendars. Whether it’s managing our content calendar or the status of various projects, Airtable allows us to view our data in meaningful ways. The versatility and reliability of Airtable has proven itself to be a vital software that helps our business to grow and manage projects.

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