Complete Guide To ERP for Construction

4 years ago

What Is Construction ERP Software?

Construction ERP software is a specialized enterprise resource planning system built for the unique needs of construction companies. These systems should include management of general contractors, subcontractors, financial management, construction accounting, payroll, and service operations in one central database.

What ERP Modules Are For Construction Companies?

Construction companies should look for a system with:

  • CAD interface
  • Service fleet asset management
  • Financial management
  • Payroll
  • Management of contractors
  • Sub-contractor management
  • Logistics and transport
  • Scheduling
  • Complex workforce management
  • Inventory
  • Workflow processes

Benefits Of Using Construction ERP Software?

1. Conversion Of Manual Processes Into Efficient Automated Processes

ERP software aids in the conversion of manual processes.

2. Greater Insight Into Performance Of The Business

With proper implementation of ERP software in construction companies, they are able to get a holistic view of the companies performance. This helps in better planning and control.

3. Better Leverage When Facing Challenges

ERP software helps companies to identify the problems if any and suggest the solutions very early. This helps in presenting realistic view of a company to the problem and implementation of the solutions. This helps in developing a system to face the problems on time and eliminate them from the base leading to recovery of the business.

4. Better Coordination Among All The Teams

One of the key features of ERP software is the sharing of the data among all the team members of the company. With such easy access to the data, the teams are able to function together and avoid duplication of work. The teams have access to the data at their fingertips and all the teams can work together.

ERP Implementation In Construction Companies:

To implement ERP software in construction companies, it is essential to meet with all the team members of the business and get them in sync with the system. Proper training and clear communication is necessary. Properly planning the project before implementing it is very important.

Evaluating the Software:

There are many software available in the market for a construction company to choose. But, choosing the right software for a company is very critical. The construction companies should consider several factors while choosing the right software, some of the factors include:

  • ERP skill set
  • Industry requirements
  • Level of customization needed
  • ERP implementation methodology
  • Evaluation of industry solutions
  • Evaluation of independent solutions
  • Estimated cost of project

It is also very important to choose the right team for the implementation of the ERP software. Choosing the right team plays a key role in the success of the project. The team should include experienced professionals who have the knowledge of ERP and development methodology. The team should have security experts and network administrators. They have to have knowledge of the latest development trends in the sector. The team should have project managers, team managers, developers and QA experts, domain experts, etc.

Choosing the right ERP software for construction company for the right business processes is a very important decision as the software plays a key role in overcoming the challenges of the company.

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