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SAD stands for seasonal affective disorder, and SAD lamps are designed as a form of light therapy to help alleviate things.

The bright light in the SAD lamp hits the retina and sends nerve signals to the brain, affecting the chemical and hormone levels. In turn, this improves the mood of the sufferer.

What is a Daylight Lamp For Office?

A daylight lamp resembles a desk lamp, the main difference being a daylight lamp is much stronger. It provides as much light as being outside on a bright day.

How Daylight Lamp Works

A daylight lamp is designed to work by releasing the same amount of light as being outside, this occurs by embedding a large number of LED lights. The LED bulbs are placed behind the front housing which is made from toughened glass to block any UV light.

Research into SAD and lighting

The research into meteorological conditions and the effect it has on people dates back to the 1950s when Irving D. Selikoff studied cancer rates among different ethnic populations. A renowned doctor with past work for the Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Selikoff set out to prove that different ethnic populations who lived in high risk areas for cancer had an incidence of cancer that was lower to the national average.

Dr. Selikoff decided to study the habits and external influences on populations, noting how different groups of people lived in entirely different environments. One group had a higher incidence of cancer, and another had a lower rate and this led to the idea that external influences played a part in cancer rates.

After conducting his study, Dr. Selikoff set about investigating the Antarctic Inuit who lived in a hostile environment with very low levels of ultraviolet (UV) light and average exposure to the sun. The indigenous removed from their ancestral environment were then exposed to mercurial vapours which is a known carcinogen.

The results were startling and confirmed the idea that the body needs to be under a certain amount of sunlight to be healthy as the body then goes about creating an immunity. Dr. Selikoff named this condition ‘Lethal Shade’ or Antarcgenic or SAD.

Effects of SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder affects those that live in areas that are far away from the equator and are deprived of sunlight. The results can repercussion in health problems such as depression which can sometimes be fatal. Therefore, sufferers need to be treated for SAD as soon as possible, and SAD lamps are often prescribed to combat this condition.

SAD lamps can be extremely effective

SAD lamps were designed for people who have been diagnosed with SAD. The correct use of SAD lamps can help a person who has been diagnosed with SAD to help combat the debilitating effects

The lamps are designed as a form of light therapy to help alleviate things like depression, mood swings, lethargy, fatigue, and forgetfulness which are all symptoms often associated with SAD.

How do SAD lamps work?

The light in a SAD lamp is around 5,000 Kelvin which is a similar heat to being outside in the sun on a bright day.

The benefits of SAD lamps extend beyond helping those that are suffering from depression, as SAD lamps can be used to boost productivity and aid in relaxation.

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MOON UltraLight

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The Moon UltraLight is a portable lighting gadget controlled by touch offering users the ability to say goodbye to “bad lighting” as this device is designed to brighten and enhance photos/videos. Now capturing images/videos from events like that special summer BBQ at Mom’s where you introduced your boyfriend to the family or the Zoom happy hour you started are now that much easier with this simple, user-friendly attachable gadget. For reference, below are some key specs and details on the product:

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