Complete Guide to Touch Screen Cash Registers for Restaurant

4 years ago

Whether you’re a new business owner that’s never used a cash register before, or an experienced one that’s only used a traditional electronic cash register, moving into the world of touchscreen cash registers can be a little confusing.

Why you need a touch screen cash register for a restaurant?

Today’s touchscreen cash registers are among the most efficient, easiest to use, and most customizable cash registers on the market.

Another advantage of using these contemporary cash registers is that they’re usually cheaper than other cash registers. They are equipped with on-screen calculators, receipt printers, scanners, etc.

What’s more, using a touchscreen cash register compared to a traditional cash register can reduce the chances of error and increase customer loyalty to your restaurant. You get to make a better impression on a regular basis. Your customers can easily pay their bills, while you can monitor information easily.

Considering the advantages, a touchscreen cash register for a restaurant seems like the right option. However, the selection process might seem challenging at first.

How to Choose a Touch Screen Cash Register

The step you will take that will lead you to a great touchscreen cash register revolves around researching and comparing key features. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the most important reasons that should help you when choosing an optimal cash register for your restaurant.

  1. How will you use the cash register?

It is important to bear in mind how you intend to use your cash register. This will greatly help you choose a touchscreen cash register that matches your needs. This should ideally be a touch-screen cash register with a cash drawer, barcode scanner, and a scanner menu.

  1. Size

Some cash registers might be best suited for a small restaurant while others are perfect for mega stores. Or, you may be looking for an optimal cash register to accommodate several cashiers. The size of the cash register you intend to buy should be considered.

  1. Touchscreen

Think about the size of the screen. You may want to go for a larger screen that makes it easier to work on, but this won’t be the best option for a smaller restaurant. Also, the touchscreen should have a backlight to provide better visibility while it operates.

  1. Printer or Signature Floats

First, consider whether you want to use the touchscreen cash register with a printer or one with signature floats. Signature floats will allow you to avoid waiting for the receipt printer, which can be quite a waste of time especially when several customers are in the restaurant at a time.

  1. Cost

To make the deal even better, you will need to find a vendor that offers you a great deal. Try to do some research and call around before you buy your new touchscreen cash register.

  1. Etc

Other features you could look for include things like a scrollable screen, a locking drawer key, cash drawer, and many other things. Consider all the specifications before you purchase a new touchscreen cash register.

Advantages that come with using this touch screen cash register for a restaurant.

Easy to use

Who wished himself in a world wherein a cash register was nothing but a large calculator? Back in the days, cash registers used to be just calculators until electronic cash registers came. They brought with themselves a whole new level of experience as they were embedded with new features.

Today, the level of technology has taken a different route altogether. Touchscreen cash registers are easy to use and very intuitive. They are usually large in size and have different touch buttons that trigger the functions you want. The design is unlike any other cash register in this manner.

Even if you have never before encountered such a cash register, you can learn how to use it within no time. You will find yourself calculating the bills without using the calculator at all. For the purposes of loyalty cards, deduplication, and open ticket, you can simply swipe the card and you are ready.

Data stored in the cloud

If you have any computer programming background, you must have heard of cloud computing. Cloud computing has become the next big thing in technology, and this has been proven by the fact that most current data processing is done using the cloud.

With touchscreen cash register systems, you will be facilitated with cloud computing quite a lot. The cash register will store all the data on the Cloud, and this can be accessed anywhere, anytime. All the information related to the sales and inventory will be stored in the cloud. This is a great way of facilitating your business transactions. You will never have to worry about the data going missing. As long as the internet is functional, you will remain in control.

Increasing Customer Loyalty

No one can deny that touch screen cash register systems are amazing. They are efficient, user-friendly, and they are designed in such a way that they provide better customer service. As a business owner, you will realize that other cash register systems will not be able to give you the customer service you need. The touchscreen cash register is a tool that will allow you to turn your customers into loyal customers.

It has been found that the loyalty of customers in restaurants have greatly gone up. This is because the customers can order fast food while they wait, and also pay for it using the same device. This means that they don’t even have to move from their seats in order to enjoy the food they ordered.

Customers receive the right order, every time

Unfortunately, errors are one of the most serious disruptions to your restaurant’s customer service. But this can cease to be a problem if you are using the touch screen cash register. The touch screen cash register will give you faster service for your customers. If there is any error, the cash register will scan the order and show you a preview of what’s in your container.

Other Advantages of Using Touchscreen Cash Register

Improved efficiency

It is often difficult to manage your restaurant as a new business owner. This is because you are now responsible for several people and making sure that their bills are handed to the right people. It is difficult to match every bill with the corresponding customer, especially when you are running a fast food joint.

Thankfully, the touchscreen cash register can help you out with this matter. It can be integrated with the POS software, so that it can give you an alert if there is someone who is paying with a coupon.

Aside from being a swiped card, the touch screen cash register is also a barcode reader. This means that you have the ability to identify each customer using their unique barcode. This will help you keep a check on bills and ensure that the bill is paid by the right person. You will, therefore, be able to deliver the right pizza or burger with the right toppings.

Touchscreen cash register systems can be customized to suit your business needs. This means that you have the liberty of choosing specific features that will make it suitable for your business. These features include the receipt printer, the cash drawer, and the functionality. The functionality includes other functions that you may need at your restaurant, such as loyalty cards.

People with little or no knowledge of computers can learn how to use a touchscreen cash register in a short time. The system is compact and can work on both Windows and Linux. You can rest assured that it suits the operating system of your computer or laptop. To access the touch screen cash register data, all you need to do is install the driver and you are good to go.

Simplified accounting

If your business is more of a franchise, you will need to do an audit at the end of the operation. This will require you to login to the accounting software to view the sales and inventory. With online accounting software, you will be able to view the history of your cash register. This includes the number of bills sold, the amount people spent on snacks and the tips charged. Even if you are not running a restaurant or a pizza takeaway, you can use this software for your movie theaters, coffee shops and other businesses of a similar nature.

Positive Boss

The touchscreen cash register can help you save a lot of time. You will be able to serve customers faster which means you will not have to deal with negative feedback. Therefore, it is easy to see how this can have a positive effect on your restaurant.

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