Design Considerations for Your Hotel Lobby

Design Considerations for Your Hotel Lobby
3 years ago

First impressions are crucial when a guest walks into your hotel. You need to provide them with a comfortable and welcoming environment immediately. Guests want to feel safe if they plan to stay overnight somewhere that isn’t their home, and you must offer them that security. Understand the design considerations for your hotel lobby to present a welcoming atmosphere and put guests at ease.

Ample Lighting

Travelers come in at all hours of the day, whether it’s the middle of the day or late at night. No matter when they enter your hotel, accommodate their arrival and make them feel safe. Supply both exterior and interior lighting; this serves your guests in two ways. First, they can clearly see walkways when entering, reducing the risk of tripping over obstacles.

Second, you make them feel safe and comfortable, even late at night. Light brings comfort in the darkness, so ample amounts of light will immediately make them feel welcome and secure. Make sure you have bright, even lighting throughout your building. Typically, hotels invest in LEDs for their superior light generation and appealing look.

A Place To Rest

Just like how you can’t predict when someone checks in, you can’t know how far they’ve traveled. Guests, when checking in, may need a quick place to relax and regain their strength after a long ride, and they’ll appreciate a comfortable area to rest their legs, especially if their check-in takes time.

Climate Control

In the same vein, ensure your climate control systems are fully functional throughout the year. Uncomfortable cold or warm weather can irritate already travel-weary guests, and nothing is more comfortable than a blast of cool air on a hot summer day.

Control The Noise

Noise pollution can be very intrusive, frustrating guests and staff alike. While you can’t always control the sounds outside your building, you can install materials to block out those noises from entering. As a hotel, you’re likely situated next to a busy roadway, which can easily overwhelm your location with unwanted noise.

Strive for Convenience and Comfort

When you consider the design for your hotel lobby, your first goal is obviously to provide comfort and security. Foster an atmosphere that welcomes guests when they check in and offers them a place to rest before they unpack in their rooms. The lobby is your first impression, and offering scant luxuries will do nothing to win the favor of your customer base.

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