Does Your Small Business have a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan? If Not, These are the Services for You

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4 years ago

Having an incident response plan in case of a cyber security breach is crucial for any business, so don’t get caught off guard, use the services below to help implement a fool proof plan for the worse case scenario.

Encrypted VPNs

This product was recommended by Abdul Rehman from VPNRanks

Having a response plan ready for worst case scenarios is something that all business should do whether small or big. Here’s my advice on the response plan you should follow. First, All the data should be properly backed up in case of a breach. Secondly, when an incident happens, the problem should be identified, infected systems should be isolated and disconnected. Then, data backups should be used to keep the business operational and working. Moreover, the business can be temporarily shifted to paper until the issue is resolved. Proper SOPs should be developed and implemented to make sure it never happens. A VPN connection should be used to go online so your transactions stay encrypted.

Federal Communications Commission’s Cyberplanner Tool

This product was recommended by Rick Wallace from Tackle Village

One of the best ways for small businesses to create a cybersecurity incident response plan is with the Federal Communications Commission’s Cyberplanner tool. The tool allows businesses to input their details and choose up to 12 modules that they want to include in their plan including privacy and data security, website security and fraud protection. This is an easy, government-approved solution for small businesses to take a significant step towards documenting their approach to cyber security incidents without incurring costs.


This product was recommended by Colin Ma from PC Game Haven

MetaPhish that lets us know of compromised email accounts and emails that may be sent around the internet or on the dark web. Additionally, MetaPhish Security ensures that incoming emails are fully safe and not spoofed. This extremely helpful for us since we have so many partners and brands that we work with – including dozens of logins to dashboards and other similar partnerships. It helps us get a lot of peace of mind since each employee gets several spoofing and phishing emails a day. It’s a must have for any business that really relies on email that deals with sensitive information. MetaPhish helps prevent a lot of headaches as well as potential lawsuits.

AT&T Cybersecurity Incident Response Toolkit

This product was recommended by Ludovic Rembert from Privacy Canada

AT&T is a company that has been around forever and is always striving to produce great products and services. With top of the line security and privacy protection plans in place and high quality tech developments I trusted their cybersecurity incident response toolkit would be a mix of all the best things that they offer and use themself. After reviewing other companies, I was happy to find that AT&T will supply a free copy from this link with extremely beneficial information to help learn “military strategy” to your response plan. Once I was able to review this and begin applying new strategies into my own business, I had so much more confidence in things knowing that my security and privacy was not backed up.

ID Strong

This product was recommended by Daniel William from ID Strong

2019 was the worst year in history for identity theft as losses to individuals and businesses rose to $3.5 billion from 2018. It is common to assume that identity theft is limited to individuals. But businesses are being disproportionally victimized by identity thieves, particularly small businesses. If you own a small business, it’s important to control who has access to your personal information. IDStrong dramatically reduces the risk of identity theft by letting notifying sooner if your personal information is compromised, and in turn enabling prevention or quick resolution of an identity theft incident. In addition, you also have identity protection insurance and recovery services to help alleviate some of the financial burdens of identity theft. IDStrong offers comprehensive credit monitoring services, including credit report tracking and alerts, public record changes, dark web monitoring, fraud detection, lost wallet assistance, privacy-protection tools, and more as it relies on a backbone of data and security experts to bring consumers peace of mind using sophisticated monitoring and detection tools.


This product was recommended by Daniel Kalai from Shieldly

Being a small business is hard. Thinking about all there is to do plus protecting your digital and cyber assets can be confronting. To deal with cyber-threats and manage incidents like a crypto attack, I recommend a service that, with just a few clicks, you could send an invite to everyone on your staff that automatically installs and configures back-up, cybersecurity protection, patch management, and monitoring from a live team for just pennies per day. 7 layers of computer protection with proactive, 24/7 monitoring by our team of professionals. Their engineers provide the best defense against advanced threats. Shieldly provides total protection and unlimited backup. Full protection against viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and other online threats. Web filtering and human-powered monitoring by cybersecurity professionals. All Windows and application updates. Tune-Up to make your computer zip along like new. Shieldly provides the best cybersecurity protection for security incidents in one tight package, proactively monitored by our team of professionals 24/7.

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