Eficode acquires Riada to lead the Atlassian business in Sweden

3 years ago

Eficode, Europe’s leading DevOps company, announces the acquisition of Riada, a market leader in Atlassian consulting and the provider of managed services for Atlassian software in Sweden. As software becomes the main competitive advantage in many companies, needs for both Atlassian technology and related professional services to build software better increase constantly. Eficode has firmly established its position as the DevOps company in Europe. With the Riada acquisition, Eficode doubles down on the strong growth of the Atlassian software ecosystem and on the adoption of agile and DevOps practices and tools.”Eficode sees Riada as the clear leader in the Atlassian community in Sweden. Over the years, Riada has built a strong and happy customer base and has become the leading expert on Atlassian solutions. We are thrilled to join forces with Riada and look forward to grow the business and continue to serve Riada’s customers with an even broader set of services, together with the talented people at Riada”, says Ilari Nurmi, CEO of Eficode.

After the acquisition of Riada, the majority of Eficode’s revenues comes from outside Finland. Eficode continues to expand market share inside the Atlassian partner community, and further accelerates Atlassian sales and transition to the cloud. This acquisition offers the possibility to satisfy ever-broadening customer needs, including DevOps consulting, software design and development, and application management. It also enables accelerated growth of Eficode ROOT DevOps platform, a managed service for DevOps tools from over 40 technology solutions. In addition to becoming the leading DevOps company in Europe, Eficode also expands its Atlassian solution offering more broadly into areas like IT service management (ITSM), and agile processes for wider user groups including marketing, human resources, and legal. 

“We are really excited to join Eficode as part of our future journey. For 15 years, Riada has focused on helping organizations become more successful in their everyday business. This next step gives us a possibility to strengthen and broaden our offering to our current and future customers. The power of strong DevOps, ITSM, agile methods, and Atlassian competence gives us an excellent foundation for the future together with Eficode.”, says Christian Johansson, CEO at Riada.

Riada has over 200 customers in the Nordics within a broad number of industries such as banking, public sector, IT and technology, automotive, and security. Riada’s revenue was 14,2 million euros in the last financial year.

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