Empowering Cincinnati: Spotlight on Women-focused Businesses in the Queen City

6 months ago

The city of Cincinnati, Ohio, is home to a number of innovative companies operating in the women’s industry. These companies are making strides in various sectors such as health care, wellness, lifestyle, beauty, retail, and more. They are dedicated to improving, empowering, and enhancing the lives of women through their various products and services. We take a closer look at these companies and learn more about their offerings.

Each company presents unique solutions catered towards the needs of women. From health services focusing on unique issues women face, to consumer goods that enhance the lives of their customers, each company is invested in making crucial contributions to the women’s industry. As diverse as these companies are, they all have one thing in common: their dedication to women’s needs and desires.

While some of these companies have been around for years, others are more recent additions to the Cincinnati business landscape. Despite the differences in their establishment, they are all driven by innovation, commitment to quality, and their desire to serve the women’s market. Here’s a quick look at some of these companies:


An organization dedicated to women’s overall health, beauty, and wellness, HERmd provides comprehensive services ranging from gynecology and menopause to sexual medicine and medical aesthetics. Founded by Somi Javaid, they are committed to providing a safe, trusted space to address various women’s needs. For more information, you can follow them on @hermdhealth or visit their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Each & Every

Each & Every produces a range of deodorants made with simple, clean ingredients. The company prides itself on its scientific and research-backed approach to providing quality products with nothing to hide. You can find out more on their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

Surgical Appliance Industries

Surgical Appliance Industries operates in the health care, manufacturing, and medical device industry. The company is geared toward providing high-quality medical solutions, with a strong focus on serving women’s unique health needs. For more details, visit their LinkedIn profile.

The Urology Group

The Urology Group offers comprehensive urology services, including treatments for overactive bladder, pelvic floor weakness, incontinence, stress, interstitial cystitis, and urinary tract infections for women. For more details, you can visit their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

Sweaty Bands

Sweaty Bands is a fashion and retail company that specializes in producing unique, fashionable hair accessories. Known for its innovative designs and product functionality, you can learn more by visiting their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.


Founded by Jess Mabis Kerr, postwell is on a mission to support new mothers with products that cater to their physical healing and emotional well-being after childbirth. Their postpartum essentials box contains carefully selected items recommended by hundreds of doctors, nurses, midwives, and mothers. Check out their Facebook page for more.

Seven Hills Women’s Health Centers

Seven Hills Women’s Health Centers offers specialized health care for women at every stage of life. With a focus on integrating new technologies and science, they are dedicated to providing compassionate care sensitive to every woman’s individual needs. Explore more about them on their Facebook page.

Concierge Medicine of Cincinnati

Concierge Medicine of Cincinnati offers a range of healthcare services including internal medicine, primary care, concierge medicine, women’s health, and more. Follow them on @larkindpc or visit their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile for additional information.

First Step Home

First Step Home is a treatment program for women suffering from addictions, mental health issues, and trauma. They focus on providing comprehensive services to women of all ages and life situations, helping them overcome complex challenges during their recovery. Follow them on @firststephome or visit their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Pregnancy Center East

Pregnancy Center East offers a variety of services including abortion information, referrals, medical referrals, post-abortion care, and more. The center provides comprehensive support to those dealing with pregnancy-related concerns. More information is available on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.


HER CINCINNATI works in the field of education and non-profit, committed to serving women’s needs and contributing positively to their lives. Find out more about their work on their Facebook page.

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