Empowering Women’s Enterprises Thriving in Vancouver: A Spotlight Series

6 months ago

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is home to a vibrant group of companies operating in the women’s industries. The city is a hub of innovation, with businesses flourishing in diverse sectors such as healthcare, fashion, e-commerce, and more. This article spotlights the operations and significant contributions of standout companies headquartered in Vancouver. These firms are not just trailblazers in their respective industries—but they are also shaping the future of women’s businesses.

These companies are setting new standards, transforming women’s lives by delivering products and services developed specifically for women. They are deploying sustainable business models, harnessing creativity, and designing solutions tailored to meet unique needs and preferences. In addition to contributing to women’s well-being, these companies also play a leading role in Vancouver’s thriving economy.

Let’s dive in to learn more about these companies making a difference in the world of women’s industries.


Focused on personal health, Blume is a refreshing name in the healthcare sector. The company started in 2016 under the leadership of founders Bunny Ghatrora and Taran Ghatrora. Blume has a puberty-centric line of all natural self-care products intended for girls. From organic tampons and pads to natural face wash, cumin and rose hip acne treatment, natural deodorant, and PMS oil—Blume offers a wide range of solutions to take care of women’s health needs. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

The Latest Scoop

The Latest Scoop, an e-commerce company, brings the latest trends in fashion and home decor to women. Get to know them better through their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.


NK IMODE, an e-commerce brand, offers a range of lingerie for both men and women. Connect with this forward-looking brand on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Wolf Circus

Founded by Fiona Morrison, Wolf Circus is a name to reckon within the fashion industry, particularly in the jewelry sector. Learn more about their activities on their Facebook page.


Ainslie Cyopik founded AinslieWear, a company in the textiles industry that particularly caters to women’s needs. Connect with them via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


A robust participant in the e-commerce and retail industry, Turnabout provides a wide range of fashionable clothing for both men and women. Reach them out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Atira Women’s Resource Society

In the non-profit sector, the Atira Women’s Resource Society delivers training and other resources targeted at women. Their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages provide more details about their work.

THRIVE Art Studio

Offering a creative and supportive community for female, non-binary, and gender fluid visual artists, THRIVE Art Studio is a unique presence in the Art industry. Connect with them on Facebook.

Harlings Jewellers

In the ecommerce sector, Harlings Jewellers offers a stunning range of jewelry for both men and women. Discover more on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms.

Christine Lingerie

Christine Lingerie is a standout name in the fashion industry, renowned for its elegant and wearable designs. More about their offerings can be explored on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The Business Sanctuary

The Business Sanctuary offers business development and consulting services with a strong focus on women’s businesses. Visit their Facebook page for more details.

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