Empowering Women’s Industry: Columbus-Based Businesses Shaping the Future

6 months ago

The thriving business scene in Columbus, Ohio, boasts of a diverse range of companies, many of which are making significant contributions to the women’s industry. These businesses span across various fields like fashion, healthcare, e-commerce, and non-profit sectors, and are creating inclusive spaces that center women’s needs, interests, and contributions. This piece covers a series of such companies and provides an overview of their work in the industry.

The companies highlighted are based in Columbus, demonstrating the city’s fertile ground for entrepreneurial endeavors and growing markets in various sectors. These businesses are also evidence of the breadth of women’s industry — going beyond fashion to include healthcare and wellness resources, business development resources, and much more. They represent the variety of ways businesses are reaching out to cater to women’s needs and offer a snapshot of the dynamic business environment in Columbus.

Take a tour with us through some of the Columbus-based companies making waves in the women’s industry, and explore the exciting work they’re doing.


Catherines is a staple in the e-commerce, fashion, and retail sector dedicated to providing plus-sized women with stylish and flattering outfits. They are committed to quality, comfort, and style in their crafted designs. Their digital presence offers women across the nation the chance to refresh their wardrobes with apparel designed to accentuate their best features.

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Founded by Chase Healey, Swoptop serves as a unique online clothing trading platform, it allows women to keep their wardrobes fresh without breaking the bank, while promoting a circular economy. This ingenious platform encourages users to trade their one-time wear dresses, thereby offering the excitement of new outfits regularly at no extra cost.

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King and Fifth Supply

This apparel focused company designs casual wear that is both stylish and functional for men, women, and children. With a variety of products, King and Fifth Supply ensures customers can look good and feel comfortable whether at work, home, or outdoors.

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The Kingswood Company

The Kingswood Company prominently features in the jewelry manufacturing sector. Offering various jewelry cleaning products, Kingswood ensures that your precious metals and gemstones maintain their sparkle and shine over time.

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Pregnancy Decision Health Centers

Serving the community in Columbus, Pregnancy Decision Health Centers offers a range of health care services and education specializing in pregnancy-related decisions. They provide essential resources for women making critical decisions about their pregnancies and potential parenthood.

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Vernacular is an online hub of trendy and eclectic women’s apparel, jewelry, and accessories. Through their offerings, they stand as a go-to place for fashionable women in Columbus and beyond.

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Rowe Boutique

Rowe Boutique is a top destination for fashion-forward women’s clothing and accessories. From chic wear to loungewear, jewelry, stationery, and books, there’s something for every preference and eventuality.

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Women’s Fund of Central Ohio

The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio is a non-profit organization that empowers women and girls through philanthropy and gender-specific programming.

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PrimaryOne Health

PrimaryOne Health believes in the right to quality healthcare for all and strives to provide a wide range of health services to those who face barriers to accessing healthcare. They offer a variety of services, including women’s health services, and they are dedicated to improving the overall health of the community.

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Women Physicians in OB/GYN

These women healthcare providers are focused on providing comprehensive gynecologic care, including managing high-risk pregnancies, infertility evaluations, and menopause management. They work to provide the highest quality of care to their patients and build strong and trusting relationships.

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Hair Artists

This salon offers a range of beauty and personal health services tailored to women’s needs for personal style and maintenance. They offer innovative haircare products designed to provide a personalized look that complements the individual’s unique beauty and lifestyle.

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