Essential Tips for Optimizing Your Office Network

Essential Tips for Optimizing Your Office Network
3 years ago

A lagging network is a huge nuisance for any industry that relies on network performance. Networks have a lot of moving parts, meaning you have plenty of options for enhancing your network setup. We explore a few essential tips for optimizing your office network so your company can work uninterrupted.

Pinpoint the Performance Issues

Before investing in new hardware, software, or removing equipment from your network, pinpoint your network’s performance issues. You should assess the network’s performance metrics, such as bandwidth usage and packet loss.

You’ll want to adjust your bandwidth first if you find any faults. Fixing a lagging bandwidth could save you from spending time and money on tweaking the rest of your network.

Remove Malware, Viruses, and Unused Devices From Your Network

Malware, viruses, and zombie devices are major nuisances for any office network. While malware and viruses make your company’s private data susceptible to cybercriminals and spam, zombie devices eat up internet service without anybody in the office using them.

There are three essential tips for optimizing your office network to protect your business’s sensitive data. You must scan and strip your network devices of malware and viruses, employ security systems to avoid future discrepancies, and rid your network of unused equipment that sucks up service without needing it.

Update Both Software and Hardware

Technology is constantly evolving—your company’s software and hardware should follow suit. If you can’t seem to pinpoint the issue with online applications or office devices, it might be a case of old age.

To ensure the utmost compatibility between your network software and hardware, you should upgrade both as necessary. Trying to enforce coexistence between expired software and new hardware, or vice versa, will result in serious network performance troubles.

Properly Maintain Your Network Components

Another way to optimize your office network is to upkeep it. It isn’t the most glamorous but maintaining your devices and cables is as essential as any other measure you’ll take. Plus, the ways that cable management improves workplace productivity make the time investment worthwhile.

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