Feeling Burned Out? Here Is How To Overcome Burnout At Work.

4 years ago

7 Ways To Overcome Burnout at Work:

1. If you feel like you’ve been neglecting yourself over the past months or years to get more work done, take at least one hour a day to do something you enjoy.

It could be taking a drive around town or going for a run. Cleaning up your house or volunteering at your local animal shelter are also good ways to get some time away from your desk.

2. Find ways to reduce the time spent on working and thinking about work, which in turn should reduce your fatigue and prevent burnout.

It can be helpful to set goals for your sleep, diet and exercise. Getting more sleep, eating well and exercising a few times a week can also reduce your risk of burnout.

3. Give yourself a positive and realistic comment about your progress each day.

You’re more likely to get it done, and you’ll feel better about it at the end of the day.

4. Seek support from other people who have experienced depression or burnout.

There are great groups on Facebook and there are some amazing books that will change your life. Seek out friends or family who will understand where you’re coming from. It is very hard to do alone.

5. Look at your current stressors and think about how you will be able to handle them without feeling overwhelmed or unappreciated.

Make a list of your stressors, and then write down what you will do to alleviate them.

6. Ask your supervisor or manager about the possibility of taking a mental health day.

Mental health days are important tools for helping you deal with burnout at work.

7. Forgive yourself for not being perfect.

Remind yourself that no one else expects you to be perfect.

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