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2 years ago
This article showcases our top picks for the Best Portable Air Conditioner For Office. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Honey Well Portable Evaporative Cooler

This product was recommended by Valerie Barnett from PleasingCare

If you’re looking for a cheap yet quality option, try this product from Honey Well. This is what I personally use in my office. It’s inexpensive yet does its purpose properly. It’s design is very simple yet very space-saving which is very ideal to an office space. It can really provide coolness in a compact space, enough to provide convenience and comfort. Aside from that, this product is energy-efficient. Of course, it comes with a remote control whereas you can easily control and switch the modes from fan-only, humidifier, and evaporative cooling anytime you want.

Black + Decker BPACT 10WT Portable Air Conditioner

This product was recommended by Brian Lee from Drill and Driver

This is one of my best purchases this year. It’s just perfect for my small to medium size office room. This unit is a powerful portable air conditioner to keep such spaces cool. You can easily move it around too if you want to use it in another room where you need cooling the most. It has an integrated carry handles and four caster wheels so it’s easy to move from one room to another. Installation is also very easy, just use the simple window kit plug it in, turn it on and just chill. It’s very ideal for an office and even a 15 by 17-foot room. Plus, it’s very compact so it won’t take too much space.

Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

This product was recommended by Jar Kuznecov from Water Softeners Hub

Reason for Suggestion: * Consumer Report’s 2020 Highest Score * Cools up to 500square feet space * Eco-friendly * Three Operational Modes: Air Conditioner, dehumidifier or fan

Portable Air Conditioner Personal Evaporative Air Cooler

This product was recommended by Ted Mosby from CamperAdvise

The portable air cooler draws in hot air and quickly cools it down using evaporative water cooling technology, providing humidified and cool air in your personal space. The adjustable multi-directional air vent directs air to the desired location. The hot air around you will be cooled in a few seconds if you add some ice water. This portable mini air conditioner fan has a small size but significant cooling effect and does not take up much space, making it ideal for homes, offices, outdoor picnics, camping, and so on. It is very quiet (40db), so you will not be disturbed if you are reading a book in the library.

Shinco 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This product was recommended by Stephen Curry from CocoSign

This air conditioner can cool a 200 square feet room. It allows one to switch between the cooling, dehumidification, and fan modes, making your office space cool, clean, and dry. The Shinco 8,000 BTU also sports a full-features remote, a simple selection panel, and an LED display.

Midea Duo MAP12S1TBL

This product was recommended by Stephen Curry from CocoSign

The Midea Duo is a powerful air conditioner and can cool a 450 square feet room. It features an inverter technology that cools more while consuming less electricity. In addition to two times faster cooling, it also cools a room evenly and efficiently.

De’Longhi PACEX390LVYN 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This product was recommended by Stephen Curry from CocoSign

With BTU cooling power of 14,000, this air conditioner is suitable for cooling larger offices up to 700 square feet in size. Depending on the humidity level, it can auto-adjust the temperature. Additionally, it is super quiet and saves up to 30% energy.

TOSOT 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This product was recommended by Emir Bacic from Pricelisto

The best portable air conditioner for the office is TOSOT 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, which you can find at Amazon for an excellent price. The other conditioners may be great, but they have various functions useful for other purposes, not just office cooling. The TOSOT 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is a very flexible product as it has 3 modes actually: fan, hot and cold mode. In cold mode, 8,000 BTUs of cooling power can take down the temperature of a very large area and make an office comfortable. While other brands may have other great features and technologies, TOSOT Portable Air Conditioner is one of the best portable air conditioners for the office, allowing you to finish your work quickly during hot days without worrying about the comfort of your working space.

COMFYHOME 2-in-1 Air Cooler

This product was recommended by Sandra S. from AbsoluteDoha

This product is really powerful, the air is really good. You can control the degree of coolness you want by changing the degree of water you use, and you can you the ice. Also, this one doesn’t have blades, it’s quite. Highly recommended!

Evapolar EvaLIGHT Plus EV-1500 Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

This product was recommended by Jonathan Tian from Mobitrix

This is the tiniest yet portable air conditioner for the office, which is less expensive than conventional ACs. Also, this is the least efficient as they work like a swamp cooler by dragging air through a moist environment to minimize the temperature. Such a classic official air cooler can slowly evaporate its tiny tank of water over more than 6 hours. Being a non-traditional AC, the Evapolar possesses a snazzy touch control on top for setting temperature and is encased in quality LED lights, which resembles a PC gaming accessory. It will offer an extreme value as it can keep your space cool instead of the whole room.

PADIAFEL Portable Air Cooler

This product was recommended by Ryan Yount from LuckLuckGo

If you seek to find a nice and simple portable air cooler for your office, check out this gadget manufactured by PADIAFEL. The most awesome thing about this air cooler is that it’s small but powerful with a 4-1 function system that integrates humidifiers, fan, air cooler, and night light. With this gadget, you won’t have to spend money on expensive machines since it allows you to enjoy all the coolness they offer. Also, it can create three levels of wind: cool, fresh, and comfortable by either adding water, ice water, or essential oil.

Whynter Elite ARC-122DS 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

This product was recommended by Axel Hernborg from Tripplo

When it comes to the best Portable Air Conditioner For Office, I would recommend the Whynter Elite ARC-122DS. This portable air conditioner is super convenient and has a 12,000 BTU cooling capacity. It has 3 operational modes, like the air conditioner, fan and dehumidifier.

MIDEA 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

This Wi-Fi-enabled Midea portable air conditioner is designed for ease of use: it can be operated via a smartphone app and can be coupled with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to answer voice commands. It includes a 24-hour changeable timer and 10,000 BTUs of cooling capacity. It can chill a space up to 200 square feet in size between 62 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Honeywell Classic Portable Air Conditioner

This product was recommended by Alina Clark from CocoDoc

Amazing!!!! Stay cool and dry with this MN4CFSBB9 Honeywell Classic Series dual hose portable air conditioner. This unit combines 3-in-1 technology in one sleek body, cooling and dehumidifying rooms up to 700 square feet. It features an auto-evaporation system, a reliable dehumidifying function, and a traditional three-speed fan function to deliver optimum cooling, dehumidification, and fresh ventilation. The full-function remote control allows you to operate each feature from across your office. Unlike a fixed air conditioner, the Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner requires no permanent installation, and smooth-gliding wheels make sliding it from room to room a breeze. This portable air conditioner comes with everything needed, including a flexible exhaust hose and an easy-to-install window venting kit, which can be removed when the unit is not in use. I can’t recommend this enough!! Such a wonderful product!!

SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner

This product was recommended by Glen Johnson from Bedroom Furniture Spot

I would highly recommend the SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner System, which is made to be used on the go and include wheels for easy portability. Its compact design, wheels for a smooth move, and accessible installation features are ideal for offices, home use, or anywhere else a portable AC is needed. It provides three functions: – It cools the room – It lowers humidity – It reduces allergens with its dehumidifier mode

5000mAh Battey Operated Evaporative Air Cooler Portable Air Conditioner

This product was recommended by David Adler from The Travel Secret

The 5000mAh Battey Operated Portable Air Conditioner is an ideal choice if you’re looking for an affordable air conditioner for a small room or office. The air conditioner cools the space in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of noise. A full charge lasts for seven hours. When it comes to charging the air conditioner, it supports a USB charging port. It’s very useful, so I sometimes bring it when I go camping or anywhere else I need it. It doesn’t take up much space in my office. Also, it has a timer option, so I don’t have to worry if I forget to turn it off when I leave the office.

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