Fort Worth’s Leading Innovators in the Wood Processing Industry Spotlight

6 months ago

Fort Worth, Texas, a city rich with commerce and industry, boasts a vibrant Wood Processing industry representing a variety of sectors from furniture manufacturing to industrial packaging services. These businesses leverage the region’s natural resources, converting them into valuable products and services that cater to a wide array of clients. Whether it’s handmade doors or crafting timber for cooking, these companies are leading representatives of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Wood Processing industry.

With a strong nexus between tradition and modern technology, businesses in this sector strike a unique balance as they continue to flourish. Some employ cutting-edge machinery while others maintain a reliance on skilled, human artisanship. Accordingly, we shine a spotlight on several Fort Worth-based businesses that have built a solid reputation in the Wood Processing industry. Each has its unique strengths and offerings which – through dedication and flair – contribute significantly to the local economy.

In the following sections, we provide a glimpse into these entities; their background, their expertise, and the various products and services they offer. So, without further ado, let us dive into our exploration of Wood Processing companies located in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas.

Conner Industries

Specialising in Industrial Manufacturing, Packaging Services, and Wood Processing, amongst others, Conner Industries supplies quality cut lumber for pallets, crates and skid parts. In addition, they offer fully assembled custom crates and engineered packaging solutions and are known for their dependable customer service.

Robert Shaw Manufacturing

Robert Shaw Manufacturing is a stellar company excelling in Furniture Manufacturing and Wood Processing. Their operations encompass rough mills, finish mills, and custom matched stains, moving beyond manufacturing to painting and installations. Their Facebook page can be found here and their LinkedIn here.

Gourmet Wood Products

Focused on the Hardwood Industry, Gourmet Wood Products prides itself on yielding top-notch cooking wood. Their innovation has led to consistent, customizable hardwood cooking fuel with their Twitter feed @gourmet_wood, Facebook page here, and LinkedIn here.


Resdoor’s claim to fame is its impressive woodwork and custom doors. Providing a vast range of doors, mouldings, trim, and windows, The company has a striking portfolio that includes entryways, wood entry doors, fiberglass doors, and interior doors. Find them on Facebook here and on LinkedIn here.

Straight Line Hardwoods

Straight Line Hardwoods, offering Building Material, Furniture, Wholesale, and Wood Processing services, is another significant player in Fort Worth. Additional information is available on Facebook here and on LinkedIn here.


Woodworks, a dynamic company in the Manufacturing, Product Design, and Wood Processing industry has progressively built its reputation in Fort Worth for its creative and quality offerings.

E.O. Wood – Assets

Lastly, we look at E.O. Wood – Assets, a major contributor to the Wood Processing industry in Fort Worth. For more information, consider visiting their Facebook page here.

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