Four Examples of Surrealism in Advertising Done Well

Four Examples of Surrealism in Advertising Done Well
2 years ago

Companies are constantly trying to find new ways to get attention from the consumer, and one of the most unique methods that have proven to have success is the use of surrealism in advertising. It is an interesting approach used by companies but is one that has often had a great deal of success, as this type of advertisement often captures the imagination of viewers, and ensures that they are unable to take their eyes off the screen.

These adverts constantly show a new level of creativity, and engagement with the consumer often leads to the viewer questioning what the company could be selling. But, which companies have had great success with this style of advert?


Bookmakers have often been pioneers when it comes to creating engaging adverts, and one of the leaders in that field has been one of the biggest online casinos Betway. The global bookmaker has often come up with new ideas to promote its services, including the online casino and sportsbook. One of its most radical ideas was created a couple of years ago with the campaign called ‘The Hunch’.

In the advert, a man is the hunch of a customer making a football bet, and throws darts at a huge dartboard with the aim of finding a goalscorer for a game. The names of players are scattered around the board, with the names that the dart lands on making up the customers’ bet. It is an interesting approach to advertising, as the customer is encouraged to believe their natural instinct rather than the opinions of experts or friends.

Sonic The Hedgehog

There are few more recognisable gaming characters in the world than Sonic The Hedgehog. You’d be forgiven for thinking that because of that the team would slow down on their marketing campaigns, as Sonic already has a massive following around the globe. However, that isn’t the case. Instead, the team is constantly trying new ways in order to gravitate new eyes to their product, whether it be for the games or movies that have been released over the past couple of years.

Many of their most surreal advertising ideas can be seen on their social media channels, as they often poke fun at a number of historical figures. For example, a villain in the series was the focal point of one of their many Tweets, as it pictured the character sitting in a hairdressing studio asking for a trim similar to that of Teddy Roosevelt.

Old Spice

Old Spice has been one of the most popular men’s grooming products since it was established in 1937. However, they are constantly looking for fresh ways to advertise the product around the world. A number of stars have worked on the Old Spice advertising campaigns throughout its prestigious history, including actor Steven Ogg, Milind Soman, and Isaiah Mustafa. However, few advertising campaigns were as successful as their string of ads during 2012, as Terry Crews became the face of the product. One of the most surreal adverts that the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star was involved in came as he was shaving, but was attempted to not follow through after getting into a conversation with a mini version of himself on his face.

However, Crews ultimately shaved off mini-Crews and then washed him down the sink. Another Crews advert saw him talk about the shaving foam available at Old Spice, before everything in his room came alive, including an NFL jersey and windows and began talking to the actor. It was another creative decision, but Old Spice regularly find the right line between surrealism and humour.

Tortinos Pizza Rolls

One of the most surreal adverts that we have seen online was created by Tortinos Pizza Rolls as part of the ‘Pizza Freaks Unite’ campaign. The advertising campaign was prominent throughout the late 00s, and caught the attention of viewers thanks to the help of an extremely catchy song. The campaign was created by comedy double act Tim and Eric, and viewers often left themselves questioning whether what they just watched was an advert or something else entirely. However, one thing is for certain, and that’s the fact that the advert is extremely memorable.

Of course, not everybody would be a fan of it, but that is just like the product itself. Some people either love the product or hate it, and that’s exactly the same when it comes to the advert. However, one thing that the advert gets perfect is finding the right demographic, as people that like the advert would certainly be the same people that would love Tortinos Pizza Rolls. In the advert, the comedy double act sing and dance along to the catchy song, and dance on the product, as well as in front of green screens that make it look as though they are at a party, and smaller pizza rolls.

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