Getting a New Business Off the Ground? Use these Software Services to Plan your Business

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4 years ago

Getting a new business started can be hard without effective business planning. Let these software services help you to plan out the details of your business easily, so starting your business can be as stress free as possible.

Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas

This product was recommended by Nelia Kovbasa from GTM Plus

I recommend Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas for all entrepreneurs starting new businesses.

These simple, from the first point of view, canvas will help them to answer the main questions and decide on their business, before wasting time on making precise calculations and long lasting market researches. They will know: whom their customers should be and what their problem this business resolve. Before knowing this answers I would not move forward with the business plan.


This product was recommended by Amit Gami from Business Waste Guru

I’ve found that LivePlan has an extensive range of features that would fit any business. They also have over 500+ sample plans which gives you a great initial structure to work with so that you don’t miss any crucial components of your business plan.

Sparrosense AI Supervisor

This product was recommended by Abhinav Kumar Gupta from Sparrosense

This tool can help new manufacturing businesses to simplify and automate the manual processes on shop-floor by leveraging video analytics. The real-time status of the shop-floor is captured by Sparrosense and it ensures practical usability of Planning while eliminating the guesswork.

Planium Pro

This product was recommended by Noman Nalkhande from WP Adventure

We’ve had one of our clients use Planium Pro for his business needs and it was a good choice. They offer two varieties – the Lite and the Pro version. For small businesses, the lite version should suffice and it comes with a lot of features, templates and capabilities that a small business may require. They have good documentation and their support is great too, if ever you’re stuck using the software. And their pricing is affordable too which makes it easier to recommend.

Cloud Waitress

This product was recommended by Jeff Romero from Buy or learn more


This product was recommended by Alexandre Beauchet from Draft

Draft is a visual and malleable collaborative document. For entrepreneurs who start a new venture, it’s a perfect environment for collecting insights about a market, jotting down ideas, structuring the business model progressively, and setting out the strategic roadmap.

The web app is free, without any time limit, up to 500 items, and allows users to collaborate with unlimited participants, either other Draft users or guests. Without any doubt, it’s a nice supplement to every entrepreneurs’ toolbox.

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