Guide To Getting The Best Bookcases For Home Office

4 years ago

Every house needs at least one bookcase to display everything from books to framed photos. If you’re in search of your home office first bookcase or just need to add a new one you should study this guide. A good bookcase will enhance your home tremendously and we’ve made an effort to make this guide as helpful as possible with detailed information to get you started. 

The most obvious reason to put bookcases in a home office is for functionality. You can use them to store all of your work documents as well as valuable business records, and they also make a great place to organize your accessories.

You can line bookcases with shelving to replace the confusing clutter that can happen with filing cabinets and shelves. You can also add a fold-down counter top to your bookcase to make your work space more functional.

Best Bookcases For Home Office

Homevol Storage Shelves Industrial 5 Shelf Bookcase

Homevol Storage Shelves Industrial 5 Shelf Bookcase

Floating Shelves Bookshelf

Bookshelf Rack, 5 Tier Vintage Bookcase

Bookshelf Rack, 5 Tier Vintage Bookcase

Furinno Reversible Color Open Shelf Bookcase / Bookshelf

Furinno Reversible Color Open Shelf Bookcase / Bookshelf

Jaketen Bookshelf 9-Cubes Book Shelf Office Storage

Jaketen Bookshelf 9-Cubes Book Shelf Office Storage

The Desirable Look of Bookcases

There are myriad options for bookcases and there will be one that precisely suits your home. Finding the home that has what you’re looking for is, however, an art form and there are some great trendsetters out there who are changing the way we envision bookcases every season.

Because of their intricate works of art these different styles are universally popular. These contemporary favorites are constructed of a variety of materials like soft gray metal, grand woods, metals, marble, stone and plastic.

Some are based on the traditional style of bookcases which have doors and lidded shelves, others are in architectural styles and there are few that are uniquely designed. These are just a few of the trending look bookshelves.

There are countless places you can pick from to create your personal bookcase design.

How A Bookcase Should Look

Whether you go traditional or contemporary you want a functional bookcase that will hold all your important papers neatly. The key to a good bookcase is making sure it is customized with a style that will enhance your room with class.

Choosing a bookcase with some elegance in your home is critical, and it can often make or break a living room.

You want your bookcase to be eye-catching; classy and not tacky. It will be something that you will look at often and want to touch. It may be because it is new and fresh, but even a classic bookcase will be attractive if you make it trendy with a contemporary flair.

These are just a few of the tricks to making your bookcase contemporary.

If you don’t have friends or family helping you pick out your pieces, you can head out to a local furniture store. If you’re picking it out yourself, let your personal taste, decor sensibilities and the shape of your space be the guide.

How To Arrange A Bookcase

The height of a bookcase is usually determined between the four and six foot mark. If you opt for a taller bookcase or one that is taller than the finished ceiling height, you can place it against the part of the wall with the ceiling higher than it.

If you’re using a taller bookcase against another wall, you need to approach it from the top of the high wall and put the taller bookcase on the left-hand corner. With a shorter bookcase you will place it on the opposite side and then stand squarely against the wall.

You might be wondering about the aesthetics and where you should position the bookcase. The truth is that there is no one place that the bookcase must sit.

There are a few important factors you’ll have to consider. For starters, if the bookcase is to be used for decorative purposes, the bookcase should be on the side of the room where the items on display are kept.

You can place bookcases against a wall and let their shelves act as dividers. The bookcase can be either against the wall or in front of a window.

You can opt to put shelves above the bookcase so you can display several items at once. The other great thing about bookcases is that you can display items that are wider and taller since it’s not wise to display many things at once.

You can also consider putting bookcases underneath the tables. Most of the time they can be placed on the sidelines and can be easily moved when needed.

Buying Used Bookcases

There are many ways you may be able to buy a used bookcase but to ensure you purchase a good quality bookcase, it is very important that you buy the right one. There are some things you should really look at if you’re looking to buy used bookcases.

This is because if you are buying a used bookcase; you might not be to completely clear that the owner treated the bookcase properly. This means that there are various problems.

If you find that the should be a problem with the bookcase , you need to find out what caused the problem and if it’s something that can easily be fixed. If the bookcase is too expensive to repair, then don’t buy it. The same applies to things like the model, as they can vary slightly from bookcase to bookcase.

Buying a Bookcase

Always check the bookcase’s measurements before you buy it. As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of sizes and styles available, but you want to make sure that you’re ordering bookcase that has the same measurements.

If you’re ordering online, especially if you’re even thinking about buying a home office bookcases, then you might find yourself at the mercy of the shipping company. They will be a great help in getting the bookcase delivered to your doorstep.

This means that you need to pay close attention to the shipping company’s shipping guidelines. Once you receive the bookcase so you can inspect it and make sure it is in the same condition that it was when you left it.

If you are buying a used bookcase, then you need to make sure that the bookcase is stored in your garage or the attic.

You need to store the bookcase in very specific areas to avoid the possibility of any moisture affecting the bookcase. You should also check the label on the bookcase if you are worried about any kind of water damage.

Buying The Bookcase For The Home Office

When you’re looking to buy a bookcase for the home office; there are a lot of styles available. You have the traditional bookcase and the sleek and contemporary bookcase. You can also buy a bookcase in your favorite color that will match most of the other decor.

The Internet is a great place to buy a bookcase online. You can shop for bookcases online but that is a lot of work. You can still buy a bookcase online but there are a lot of great places where you can browse and buy. You can look at the latest bookcases online or you can visit your local hardware store.

If you are serious about buying a bookcase we recommend that you check out your local libraries and local home stores that have used bookcases. The world of used bookcases can make you some serious cash.

The best way to avoid disappointment is to read the bookcase’s description carefully. To narrow down your choices, just look through the quality and features of the bookcase, which is what you are reading.

If you are shopping online, we recommend the EBay website. Another great option is to browse the many bookcases many online retailers carry. By doing this you will get a variety of sizes and colors to pick from.

When you go to the hardware stores, you will find a variety of bookcases. You can also look at the online retailers and read various reviews about their bookcases. You can also test out the bookcases in your local libraries.

After you have narrowed down your choices and you’ve seen the bookcases in a good number of locations, you will be able to narrow down your choices to just a few.

Your personal taste in bookcases is another important factor that you will have to consider. Once you have found the bookcase that you like, then you can start making arrangements to get it.

General Tips On Installing A Bookcase

The most important thing is to make sure that you measure the wall correctly if you are installing the bookcase. If you’re installing the bookcase on the wall, you should measure the wall from the floor’s surface and then measure the ceiling height.

If installing the bookcase on the wall, remember to do so on the right side of the bookcase from the floor surface up to the top of the bookcase’s legs.

You need to get this correctly, as this is the side where you will be installing the shelves of the bookcase. Once you have measured the right side, you need to measure the left side of the bookcase as well.

The crucial thing to remember after the measurement is to make sure that you install it correctly so it can hold its position. Another important thing you need to do is make sure that you install a bookcase backing on the partitions or the studs.

This is because the bookcase’s supports are not apt to keep hold of the partitions. You need to make sure that you hold the wall properly and install it tight.

If you are installing the bookcase on the wall, remember to install the wall hooks properly so they hold into the wall securely. You need to make sure that the wood is capped tightly.

You need to use drywall putty to secure the wood to the wall. The drywall putty gives your bookshelf more stability. After you have secured everything, you need to get the bookcase good from dust accumulation and remove any debris that may be hiding in the joints.

When you’re done with your installation of the bookcase; then you need to wipe the wall with wet cloth and allow it to dry. All you need to do is to begin with the back part and then do the front part.

Make sure you dry it with dry cloths so it doesn’t accumulate dust. You should position the bookcase in the right place. As you can see, installing a bookcase on the wall is not that difficult but the most important thing is to get it installed correctly.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind, is that you need to aim for a good quality when you’re buying the bookcase and the same applies to it’s install. You should make sure that your project doesn’t disappoint.

You should consider the back of the bookcase as well. You need to use wood glue in all the joints. After all is secure and the glue is dry, you need to sand the whole thing and then finish it with polyurethane. Remember to fix the bookcase at the right angle, otherwise it will look a little crooked.

A bookcase can be safely placed anywhere in your home as long as you do proper preparation. One thing you need to take into consideration is the type of the wall you are going to place the bookcase on, for otherwise, you will not get the desired look.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the size of your space. The bookcase should match the size of the room well. You need to measure the wall and also measure the distance from the wall to the highest part of the bookcase as well.

It is important to match the depth of the wall to the height of the bookcase which you have bought. After measuring all the things, double-check the measurements before you start installing the bookcase on the wall.

Generally, installing a bookcase is not very complicated if you have all the necessary tools. All you need to have is a chalk and then measure the sizes of all the bookcases and install the bookcases safely on your wall.

You can also look at the wall of the bookcase. If you’re not sure, then you can take a close look at the bookcase and then make sure about the interior and whether or not there is dust accumulations at the back of the bookcase.

If you think the bookcase is going to look good, but you will have some trouble with the installation, then you can ask for a professional to help you. Some professional carpenters can install the bookcases on the wall easily.

If you think you’re too less trouble or you have no enough space to place the bookcase, then you can buy it online and pick up the bookcase at your home easily. Other than this, you can also take your bookcases home and install them yourself.

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