Guide To Getting The Best Office Recliner Chair

4 years ago

If you work full-time at a desk, you may be spending 2000 hours or more per year sitting in the same chair. An office chair with a poor fit can actively undermine your health, yet most people will spend more money on their desks rather than find the best office recliner. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that you spend no money on your office chair, because you will spend quite a lot of money if you do. Over the course of a year, you will likely spend $700 on office furniture. But, if that is what it then take to make you feel better, then I would say that the $700 is money well spent.

The purpose of this office chair buying guide is to help you to choose the best office chair for you. Once you know what to look for, you should be able to make a more informed purchase. Let’s start by looking at the factors that you should consider.

Best Office Recliner Chair

Adjustable High Back Ergonomic Computer Mesh Recliner

Adjustable High Back Ergonomic Computer Mesh Recliner

Reclining Gaming Chair

Musso Massgae Gaming Chair with Footrest

Adjustable Height High-Back Reclining Chair

Adjustable Height High-Back Reclining Chair

High Back Ergonomic Office Chair Adjustable Recliner

High Back Ergonomic Office Chair Adjustable Recliner

The Best Office Recliner Chair

The Best Office Recliner Chair is the one with perfect features and finishes

When trying to find the best office chair, you will be able to spend thousands of dollars on such things as a beautiful leather chair with multiple ergonomic features. If you are looking for a less expensive office chair, you will pay $200-300 for something that will still look great and be an ergonomic masterpiece. The most important thing to remember is that a great office chair is not just a great looking chair. What you are really looking for is comfort, quality and style combined with price and features that make the most sense for your home and workplace.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending lots of money on your office chair. If it makes you feel better and more comfortable, you have spent money well spent. As long as you determine what you want and aren’t swayed by the prices, you should never be disappointed with the quality or performance of your new office chair.

Best Office Recliner Chair Features To Look For


If you are lucky and can find a comfortable office chair that has excellent armrests, the purchase of a chair is often the least expensive one that you will ever make. Most people spend vastly too much on their chairs. You need to find office chairs that have armrests for shoulder support and lumbar support. If you really want to be a “king” and have two people in your office, then get a head desk chair so that you can have your feet up and a foot rest.


If you are someone who spends a lot of time sitting in your chair while using a laptop or reading a book, you need to make sure that the footrest is adjustable and comfortable. Make sure that the footrest is padded and has ample space for your feet to rest. You’ll find that if you will be spending a lot of time working sitting down then you will be pushing the limits of comfort and be grateful enough to go out and get a Herman Miller at increased price.

Chair Height

When selecting the best office chair height you need to take into consideration the height of your desk and your height. If you are going to be buying a chair that is compact enough to fit on top of your desk, make sure that the height of the chair allows your knees to be locked in place in a lower position. You may want to place a box or bookshelf at your foot so that you can push your knees up to lock them in place and then sit down in a lower position. This new position of sitting down will offer you more comfort than when you are sitting down straight up, which was provided by the height of the chair.

Seat Depth

The depth of the seat is what determines the pressure that your knees are under. A chair that is too deep will cause your knees to end up in a locked position and will not let you move comfortably. You will want to look for chairs that have the seat depth that you need so that you can be comfortable. The thinner the seat is, the less pressure that is placed on your seat. Thicker and deeper seats obviously have more pressure, but less pressure is good as long as you are aware of what you are getting. You can still be comfortable in a thinner seat, and if you are not, you can always move the seat up or down a little.

Chair Width

Chairs that are wider are obviously more comfortable because they allow a larger surface area for your legs to be placed on. You’ll need to buy a chair that has the right width for your knees to be comfortable. If you are buying a chair for an older person or shorter person, don’t buy a chair that is too wide because you will be disappointed.


You will need to find an office chair that has the right sized seat cushions. The seat cushions are important because they take the weight of the arms and upper body to relieve the stress and pressure from the arms so they can be relaxed. The seat cushions should be firm enough to offer support but have a little give to them that makes them comfortable to sit on. Again, you need to decide what type of office chair that you are purchasing, and this should include the type of cushion strength.

You should consider buying a chair for yourself, but you might also want to buy a very nice office chair for your wife or your mom. I am serious about this. I have benefited from using quality office chairs that I purchased for myself. Many times, a nice quality chair will do multiple jobs for my family. They might just like the comfort of the chair, or they may have a very competent bloodhound who sits in it to get away from our children. The dog is a better office chair than our children.

Best Office Recliner Chair Ergonomics

If you are considering buying a chair and are not sure why ergonomics are important, then that is a good question that can be answered in 90 seconds. This is not about how a chair looks. What is important is how the chair feels, which is a function of two things: comfort and support.


A great office chair must be the best office chair that you have ever owned and that is the support that it provides. You should feel as though you are sitting on a cloud without feeling like you are sitting on a cloud. The full back of the chair should be able to lock your back into place, and the seat should pull your pelvis into place as well. The chair should be designed and fabricated with a material that is less likely to break down over time and should hold up to the occasional butt smack.

The Best Office Recliner Chair should allow you to lean forward, but it should stay put until you really lean all the way forward. A good office chair should move with you so that the support is as horizontal as possible. When you lean back in the best office chair, you should not sit back part way and then have the chair pull back on you. You should find a chair that is crafted to provide the best and maximum amount of support.

Chair Height

If you are tall, you should look for a very high office chair that is not so high that it pulls your shoulders down. These chairs tend to trap your shoulders and trap you into a position of bad posture that will not help your posture. If you’re short, you need to purchase a chair with a high enough back to keep your back in an upright position but in the correct position for your body. These are very simple ergonomic principles that could save you a lot of money and a lot of problems.

Ergonomic Benefits

Understanding what makes a chair ergonomically correct allows you to choose what makes the most sense to you. If you sit at a computer for a long time, you need to make sure you purchase an ergonomic office chair that will offer the support that is needed to relieve the pressure and stress of your shoulders. If you sit a lot in an office chair and don’t get up, (office chair RTFM), you will need to get a chair that will keep your back in an upright position with the support to hold you there.

A good office chair is designed so that the back of the chair is slightly taller than the seat part of the chair. It is designed this way because your low back is on the seat portion of the chair, so if you keep your seat back too far forward, your low back will be pushed into a higher position and your posture will change. If you purchase an office chair with a high seat, your low back tends to get pulled down in that area, and your posture will be negatively affected.

A high seat is probably a better option for you as it will allow for more flexibility of movement, but if that is too uncomfortable for you, then the best office chairs will go a little higher than the seat height. When you are buying an office chair, you need to make sure that the seat is high enough to engage your center of gravity and provide support. If you are low, the seat should be low enough to engage your center of gravity so that you are sitting in a balanced position. When you are sitting in the office chair, your weight should be distributed evenly across the surface of the chair. Keep in mind that a high seat will not keep you from leaning forward, but it will help keep your low back in an upright position.

Ergonomic Chairs

It does not always pay to buy the most expensive office chair. You could waste a lot of money on a chair that does not perform ergonomically. It will be nice looking and in a pretty fabric, and it may be padded at a high level, but the back and lack of adequate support capabilities may turn you off and force you to seek a more appropriate chair.

Why Recliners are Useful?

If you like to sit for long hours, then a good Office chair can help you enjoy your work everyday.

When I sit for long hours, anywhere between 8 and 12 hours I start to feel tired and after I finish with my work, I feel very weak. I cannot stand being in my same position, I need to change it, and I take a nap. When I am in a recliner, I can have a seat, recline and relax. I am able to think better and be alert in the process of thinking what I need to do.

The best Office Chairs are the ones that have the reclining capabilities. Since there are many companies that produce these chairs, they tend to be very different from each other in their designs and functions. Most of these chairs have the similar functions like the ones you are familiar with. You just need to decide what is best. There are some chairs that are meant for a single or for a couple of people, and there are others that are designed to help you enjoy the working atmosphere at home.

Being in a chair all day is not the same as you are within a vehicle or any chair that is usually used in the business. The one you choose should not only help you relax, but it should also fit your body’s size and shape, and it should offer the right range of motion to be the best Office Chair you can have. This is why you need to find the right ergonomic office chairs just for you.

Office Chair for Fat People

A good chair for fat people is a big, thick, sturdy chair with a broad seat and long arms. It should be designed to accommodate a large number of people. It should be adjustable, and it should not allow you to feel stiff. Make sure you find the best office chairs that can comfortably accommodate everyone.


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