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What is PD 25666:2010?

PD 25666 shares practical guidelines to help organizations and enterprises run effective business continuity programmes. This includes testing and specific arrangements for information technology systems. PD 25666 provides a best practice framework for the management of any organization that would like to engage in exercise activities. This standard also describes the processes to define the aim and objectives of exercises, present a business case and building a programme to develop the competence of personnel through training.

How does it work?

PD 25666 was developed to help organizations understand and implement a results-driven exercise programme. By following this standard’s comprehensive framework, organizations can develop and assess their exercising and testing capabilities in a consistent, cost-effective and risk assessed manner. It also encourages constant improvement in contingency and continuity programmes within any organization.

Who should buy it?

  • Anyone responsible for the operations or the provision of services
  • Management
  • Risk assessors

Why do you need the PD 25666:2010 Standard?

PD 25666 is a very practical standard. It is a comprehensive industry approach that clearly identifies and management issues regarding business continuity and continues service delivery. The standard encourages a common understanding of the business continuity management and prepares for corporate disasters.

PD 25666 helps organizations to become more resilient. It describes practical guidelines to deliver business continuity and directly addresses the need for continuous improvement in contingency and continuity programmes.

The Standard is built around multi-domain exercises. These exercises can be used to test related aspects of the continuity framework within an organization. By using these multi-domain exercises the strengths of the continuity and business recovery arrangements can be tested within a realistic scenario. Most importantly, this will help the business to ensure that there is a combination of all the key elements within a business resilience programme.

PD 25666 offers a flexible approach to implementing a process and being able to test its effectiveness. The Standard provides an inclusive framework for any organization to demonstrate their preparedness to recover after an incident.

The PD 25666 Standard is based on an outcomes-driven approach to achieving business continuity. By following the simple steps outlined in the standard an organization will benefit from improved business continuity and continual assessment of risks. PD 25666 is a very flexible document that can be applied to any organization, regardless of size or sector.

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