Houston’s Top Women’s Industry Companies: Innovation in Texas Fashion

6 months ago

As the fourth largest city in the U.S., Houston, Texas is a thriving hub for numerous businesses across varied sectors. Remarkably, Houston is not only recognized for its prowess in energy, aeronautics, and technology industries, but it’s also highly recognized for its vibrant women’s industry scene. In this article, we highlight some of the remarkable businesses operating in the Women’s industry with headquarters located in Houston. These businesses lead in fashion, health, consulting, wellness, and nonprofit sectors, acting as champions of women’s needs and lifestyles.

Notably, what sets these companies apart is their dedication to making a positive difference. They’re designed either by women or for women, aiming to cater to the unique needs and desires of the female population. Whether it’s through fashion, jewelry, healthcare, or support networks, these companies have one thing in common – they strive to empower women in many aspects of their lives.

Let’s explore some of these exceptional businesses and learn more about their offerings, founding stories, and the ways they’re making an impact in the Women’s industry.

Charming Charlie

Founded by Charlie Chanaratsopon, Charming Charlie operates as a leading specialty retailer centered on offering a broad variety of fashion jewelry, handbags, apparel, gifts, and beauty products. The company’s approach to merchandising by color sets it apart. Since its founding in 2004, Charming Charlie has focused on providing the best customer experience, offering stylish and high-quality products at affordable prices. Facebook | LinkedIn | @CharmingCharlie

Work & Mother

Abbey Donnell founded Work & Mother to support working mothers’ unique needs. The company offers fully equipped lactation suites and a supportive app to assist working moms. The lactation suites provide a convenient solution for employers and help mothers meeting their breastfeeding goals. Facebook | LinkedIn | @workandmother

OB/GYN of Houston

OB/GYN of Houston is a prominent healthcare provider offering comprehensive wellness and care for women. The clinic offers a wide range of services, including routine checks, gynecological care, prenatal care, and treatment for various conditions. Facebook | LinkedIn

Greater Houston OB/GYN

Greater Houston OB/GYN is dedicated to offering high-quality healthcare to women. The center provides traditional and laparoscopic surgeries and a variety of gynecological procedures. Facebook | LinkedIn

Watch Her Work

Watch Her Work is a dynamic platform offering advice, training, and consulting services focused on empowering women. Facebook | LinkedIn | @watchherworktv

The Women’s Resource

The Women’s Resource is a nonprofit organization committed to assisting women and girls in making decisions leading to their independent, productive, and financially stable lives. The organization offers programs that enhance financial knowledge, essential skills, and confidence. Facebook | LinkedIn | @TWRHouston

Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery

Ensuring the best-personalized care that leads to natural and beautiful results, the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery offers a wide range of surgical options performed by highly-trained, board-certified plastic surgeons.

Shades Of Blue Project

Directed by Kay Matthews, the Shades Of Blue Project focuses on the mental health of women, particularly new moms. Facebook | LinkedIn | @shadesofblueprj

Excellent Leather Shop

Excellent Leather Shop specializes in high-quality, fashion-forward leather goods for both women and men. Facebook | LinkedIn


Operating in the fashion industry, KIT specializes in clothing manufacturing, providing well-crafted designs for women. LinkedIn | @kitmadeofficial | Facebook

Houston Professional Women Organization

Houston Professional Women Organization is a network of women professionals providing wellness and mindfulness, coaching, immigration and citizenship assistance, and career support for women. Facebook | LinkedIn | @womenhouston

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