How to Choose Freight Shipping Services?

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2 years ago

The problem of choosing a trucking company is faced by many, from individuals to large companies. The quality and level of services depend on the safety of the cargo, deadlines, and the absence of large fines under supply contracts. It is not always possible to trust advertising and positive reviews on resources. It is necessary to qualitatively and for a long time analyze, and compare the work of carriers, and understand the intricacies of logistics schemes.

Before choosing a transport company, you should determine what tasks it will solve. The main goal is a balance between the budget of cargo transportation and a decent level of a transport company.

Therefore, it is necessary to define a strategy, highlighting two factors:

-what modes of transport will you use;

-what is the logistics budget.

Please note that these specifications may change over time.

Depending on the tasks set, it will become clear whether to contact a common freight brokerage services transport company or hire, for example, a contractor to transport small volumes of goods with strict adherence to temperature conditions or a combined company.

It is worth noting that transport companies are divided into two categories: carriers and forwarders.

  • carriers are direct executors of the order on their own. Most often they offer customers lower prices, but mainly such companies are engaged in narrow-profile types of transportation. If the company is small, then often it cannot provide a high level of service;
  • Expedited shipping services are companies that hire carriers as subcontractors. This option is usually more expensive, but more flexible and promises a higher level of service. Suitable for small companies that do not have sufficient experience in cargo transportation. At the same time, it is more difficult to manage transportation with forwarders, as an additional link in the supply chain appears. Therefore, if the forwarder is not a professional in his field, this can lead to problems.

What Problems Can Arise When Looking for Freight Shipping Services?

When choosing, you must rely only on verified information. Don’t make decisions based on low prices alone. There is a possibility that the freight shipping services company has just entered the market and is trying to win over a client, but there is no experience, a fleet of vehicles, and the ability to organize a complex delivery scheme. But it can also be the other way around. The company has a lot of experience, but treats its work badly, so it lowers prices so that there are customers. And this is only a part of examples of possible events.

The main risks associated with transport companies:

1. The company is not able to use machines of the required carrying capacity.

2. If the firm is a beginner, then it will not be able to correctly develop a logistics scheme that will reduce costs. Therefore, you will not be able to accurately calculate your budget and, as a result, there is a chance to pay more than expected.

3. The company may not have a license to transport different types of cargo – fragile, bulky, specific, equipment, and pharmaceutical products.

4. Inability to provide warehouse processing and storage on their premises.

5. The client runs the risk of losing a large batch due to the lack of experience of the performer.

6. Unprofessionalism of structure managers – incorrectly accepted order, incorrectly recorded data, errors. The result – the car can go to its destination with a delay of several hours to a day, the transport will be small-tonnage, with inappropriate dimensions.

7. Prices rise at the time of the service – this is impossible with a logistician, so the cost can be calculated in advance, and the tariff is fixed in the contract.

8. Poor condition of the fleet – this will be known to the client late.

9. Contraction of terms – the date of execution is indicated in the contract, but it does not correspond to reality.

Another important factor is the guarantees provided by the company. If she does not promise the safety of the cargo, then there is a high risk of fraud or improper attitude to the order. Also, before starting cooperation, be sure to specify what the tariff is formed from, what is included in the price, and ask for arguments.

What Is Important to Consider When Choosing a Transport Company

1. It will be a big plus if the company has warehouse services, that is, warehouses of various types. This will help you cut costs as you won’t need to rent a space or pay extra for the temporary placement of cargo.

2. The more experienced and reliable the logistician, the more directions of cargo transportation he offers.

3. The presence of a large fleet of vehicles – not only cars of different tonnage but also containers, and wagon trains.

4. A reliable carrier is able to track the cargo, adjust the logistics scheme, and quickly solve non-standard problems on the way. It will be a great advantage if the company takes care of organizational issues.

5. Carefully check reviews on different resources.

6. Availability of additional options – packaging, labeling, classification of goods for export abroad, customs clearance. Such services save your budget, you do not need to involve intermediaries.

7. When choosing a transport company, you have the right to request information about the health of the machines that will transport your cargo.

8. Prices – compare the offers of competitors, specify what the cost consists of and whether it can be reduced.

9. You should pay attention to the presence in the transport company of technical devices that allow you to track the movement of cargo. For example, GPS monitoring or forwarding services.

Turning to professionals, you save your time and budget.

The demand for transportation today is quite high, and the market that provides services to consumers offers a huge selection of transport companies that differ in many characteristics. But first of all, when choosing a transport company, you should focus on your needs and tasks.

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